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Honeywell 1015846 Disposable P2 Mask Superone Valved (Pack of 20) $11.11 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


A great deal for the family this Christmas thanks to Sydney's current smoke problem, don't know how long it's going to last but stay protected. P2 Face Mask, Good brand and reliable and currently only $11.11 for a pack of 20.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks op ordered 2 of them, i hope 40 masks last long enough.

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      Glad you're gonna wear a mask……your face is scary.

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    They really should be sending out health warnings about the smoke, it seems most people are oblivious to how bad it is right now. Especially kids and older people should avoid going outside completely.

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      Then we'd have to start acknowledging how diesel fumes and other pollutants kill thousands every year. How the rates of heart and lung disease are highest in their respective states in Latrobe and Hunter valleys.

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    Much more effective than those stupid masks people wear in the name of "fashion"

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    Why are some people still afraid to wear these when the air quality clearly (no pun intended) calls for it? It’s no different to wearing warmer clothing when the weather is cold. It’s human nature to adapt to the changes in the environment to survive.

    What amazes me even more is that I see people exercising (ironically) and sitting in the park amidst the smog like it’s of no concern to their health.

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      It’s never happened before and people don’t understand the health impact on long or short term exposure.

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        If people are aware of the effects of smoking, then this should be no different. Maybe they don’t care enough who knows..

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          Air pollution to this degree is relatively new so it's not well educated/discussed here IMO. After living in Asia where I became a convert to air purifiers and wearing masks on bad days, it's nothing new to me but I can appreciate that when I was new to it, I thought it was unnecessary too.

    • Simply put, it's optimism bias (a form of cognitive bias) - people tend to downplay the likelihood of things happening to them, and the severity of events if they do occur

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    India: Our air quality is pretty bad

    Beijing: yep, I know what you mean

    Sydney: Hold my beer.

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      That's not a smoke cloud…..that's a smoke cloud

    • As much as it's a joke, but also very true. I still am concerned, how we choose to turn a blind eye to this health issue. Health for me, is quite up there in terms of importance.

  • Would this classify as fashion for the highest tier shopback cashback?

  • P2 Carbon would be better

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    Thanks OP. Ordered 2.

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    That's a great price. Bunnings is such a rip-off, when I last needed some I paid $8 for 2 similar masks there.

  • Bought 2 packs, thanks OP

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    Thanks very much for this! I bought 2 packets. Can't find any around where I live or work in Sydney. All sold out & yet I hardly see anyone wearing a mask. Strange.

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    Mask without carbon filter possible will not help stopping the smoke getting into your lungs, bought a pack only to try them.

  • Great deal. Bought a pack. Shame they only filter 95%.

  • Seems like this disaster is an opportunity for terrorists down the track.

    • Who needs terrorists when you have plenty of home grown arsonists that have been doing it for years?

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    This might sounds like a prick but ain’t majority of NSW people voted for a government that ignores climate change and slash funding for fire services? This fire and smoke haze just keeping blowing to Gladys and Scummos face but guess what, they won’t be in Sydney to smoke it, lucky they have other priorities to take care such as attend News Corp party and open a zoo. Down vote me if you want but a lot of people just have to suck this up and pray! Yeah right just pray like ScumMo always does!

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      NSW people voted for a government that ignores climate change and slash funding for fire services?

      That's because NSW people only care about high house prices, hating minorities, negative gearing, business tax cuts and basically anything to give themselves more $$$. Can't really blame people for wanting a more secure financial future for themselves and their kids.

      • It looks like a new norm for fire season to extended to 6 months a year and I hope they could clinch their high value properties otherwise emergency services will have lots of fun catching people jump down from high rises!

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          At the end of the day, most people are driven by money. Start squeezing their cash and they'll do anything to get it back.

    • Changing governments isn’t going to stop the fires. Remove the need for council lopping permits may.

  • This is exactly why Melbourne is most livable city, coz we get freaking crazy winds to blow away the pollutants, lol

  • Thanks, bought 2.

  • This is a good deal for these masks regardless of smoke - ideal for sanding, dust etc etc. Note - I live in Glenbrook so have lots of smoke so appreciate that many are struggling.

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    5 mins too late. Back to full price of $27+

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      Yes…I was looking at it, 15-minutes ago, and it was AU$ 11

      Now, I was rubbing my eyes, thinking if the smog to my eyes, as I was seeing AU$ 27 and not 11 ?!

      • It's down to $12.39 right now. They're messing with us…

        • Went to dinner and came back and I missed it again! WTF?

          Do I need to check OzB every 5 mins?

          • @zzzman: You don't live on OzBargain!? What's wrong with you?

  • $27.82…

    How to get for $11

  • Must be expired. 27.82 for me

  • Deal got smoked.

  • Deal seems to have expired - its showing $27 now

  • currently $12.39

  • $12.39 now

  • Stock is showing up again but price is $12.39

  • $12.39 now!

    • Gone up to $27.82 now. It’s always been $12 before the discount too!

  • Hahaha and people often ask why do you prep?
    I welcome you all to the prepper club!

    • Speaking of prepping, would masks like these store well for a long period of time?

      • Yea keep them dry and clean. I store them in a snap lock bag. Also try not to crush them.

  • Thanks OP. ordered @ 12.39 x 2

  • Anyone getting charged delivery? I bolted and bought it at 12.39 but didn't notice it charged $21 for delivery, plus gst, despite free delivery for orders over $39 showing below the price.

    Turns "free delivery" was a link to some terms 😑.

    • You got a screenshot? I think you've made a mistake.

      • Oh it may have been my mistake but could've sworn there was no option for free delivery showing or I wouldve clicked that shit. Instead, selected standard as the other options were expedited etc.

        Anyway, called them and they changed it to free, card doesn't get charged till dispatch so hopefully the right amount is charged.

        • Time to get prime :/

          • @hotrod01: Hahaha I'm used to buying on ebay, but will likely sign up for a prime trial next time I see something worth buying on here.

  • Health minister, experts say smoke advice is for everyone
    The elderly, and parents and carers of young children should stay inside with doors and windows shut, where possible, and postpone outdoor activities, NSW Health said.

    How bad is bushfire smoke for your health?
    Add to shortlist
    NSW Health boss Dr Kerry Chant said that people with underlying heart and lung conditions should also try to spend more time indoors whenever the smoke is lingering.

    “People in high-risk groups should also avoid strenuous activity. People with existing lung and heart conditions can also protect themselves by following their disease management plans,” Dr Chant said.

    “If you’ve got asthma and are prescribed a preventer puffer, it’s really important to be taking it at the moment. And make sure you keep your reliever medication to hand.

    Health Minister Brad Hazzard also urged people to follow NSW Health’s advice on precautionary measures until the smoke clears.

    “When there are public health issues like this in play, it is important people follow the expert advice of our many agencies coordinating the response efforts.”

  • Bummer of the increase.

    Where to buy a similar one in northsyd or Sydney Cbd?

  • +1

    Gone! Now i will have to suffocate or use a towel!

    • -1

      come down to melbs fresh air no problems

  • Mine just got delivered today. They look really good and it's a tight fit on my face.

    Also, the same pack of 20 on Seton UK is $49 AUD when using

    $168 Locally…

    • What is the expired date for the one you received? Mine is Mar 2020.

      • 07/2020 but they don't really degrade if kept in their box and sealed.

    • Slightly unrelated note, but for those that have received their deliveries are you based in the Sydney CBD?
      Still haven't received mine and ordered around the time this deal was posted too :(

      • Marsfield . Just arrived today.

  • +1

    These seal well on my face too! Bought spares for free delivery, so if anyone local interested, just shoot me a pm!

    • I'm happy with mine! I should have bought more!

      • Super happy with mine, thanks for the post! Just don't think I'll need all 80 of them 😂. If I had prime this wouldn't have been an issue.

        • Correction: I tried it again for longer than five seconds and it seals very poorly around my nose. Put cotton round there to restrict air flow, but it's not doing a great job. Still feeling air and steam come up to my eyes and glasses. Wondering if I can put anything in the gap to improve the seal. Bluetack or something similar.

  • Check the expiry dates on yours - I received a 2019/12 and a 2020/01. Will be returning them.
    Expiry date is pressed on one side of the box.

    • They would see you through bushfire season..

      • I still have some 3Ms I had bought from Amazon US. :)

    • Wow, I wonder why masks even have an expiry… Going to check mine!

      • +1

        I think its to do with the breakdown of materials. Eg, if the elastic is no longer tight, you won't get a good seal

  • 2020/01 expiry date on mine, will return

  • +1

    For those with 2020/01, is that the manufacture date or expiry?

    Edit: seems like expiry! Need to return this then, and seems the air has clear a bit

    • That's what I thought first, then realise how can you manufacture a product for 2020 when it's not 2020 yet…

      • +1

        Do these actually expire though or is it just a scam to get people to buy new ones every few years?

        • -1

          Are you willing to risk your health over $1.50 if it is a possible scam?

        • Elastic weakens, nose and other seal areas won't be as tight, therefore might be useless.

      • +1

        Arn't cars like that ;) Build Date 2019 and Release date 2020?

  • Received today, 2020/03 expiry.

    • same

  • Did anyone try complaining to Amazon about the near expiry dates on the masks? I wouldn't be surprised if they give you a full refund if you did.

    • Yes, I complained via chat. Took about 3 minutes to get a full refund. No need to send anything back.

      I take that as free masks. If the rubber bands fail that's easy to notice, no risk in using them. Doubt I will have problems though, expiry dates have to assume worst case storage conditions, i.e. sheds with massive temperature fluctuations. I bet they were stored in AC warehouses all along and perform like new.

  • +1

    Alright, time to use them today in Sydney.

    • How’d it go?

      • Sweaty

  • Where is the used by date? I've check the box over but can't see any. There are some numbers that are stamped in blue on the bottom but its not a date. Can anyone help me out with this? ta

  • +1

    Looking at the expiry dates it says Date of Manufacture + 3 years so I would interpret that as expiring in 2023.

    • Not possible since the date of manufacture was 2020/05 + 3 years which wouldn't make sense since 2020/05 hasn't happened yet.

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