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Samsung E3309T (Black) $19 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Green Gadgets via Amazon AU


Kids asking for a phone? Why spend an arm and a leg on the latest flagship? Grab yourself a burner phone for only $19 delivered

Offer available only while stocks last.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    As a kid, getting this for Christmas would be like getting Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge instead of Bonestorm.

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      I don't agree. If your child is old enough to understand that they can have a basic phone or nothing, they'll be happy enough to have any phone

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        If you are not getting your child an iphone 11 pro max. You should be reported to child services for child abuse.


      • my first phone was a nokia 5110. i freaking loved it. spent way too much on txts and buying those damn faceplates for it

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      I don't think any kids would get that reference…

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      thumbs up even though i have no idea what you just said

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      blessed comment

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      +1 for the simpsons reference.

    • Entitlement much…

  • Hi Rep. Is this locked to any Australian mobile network or unlocked please? I want to take it overseas. Thx

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      Hello, this mobile is unlocked! Thank you

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    Thankksssss Dad, my mates will be so jealous.

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    Does this operate in 3G only or 4G

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      Hello Maman, this device operates in 3G only!

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    Band28? :P

    • phone is fine.

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      NFC ?

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    Comes with endless bullying guaranteed.

  • Isn't 3G being taken off line in a years time?

  • Good phone for emergency

  • NFC?

  • Omar? That you?

  • Not free delivery ???

    • Good morning! It is free delivery if you spend AU$ 39,00 or if you have Amazon Prime

  • Was thinking of getting this to my father who would take back overseas and needs something basic but will it work overseas and is this any good for price? I know he does need or know how to use these fancy high tech phones in fact this might look too hard for him than his current. But how does on know if country ge goes to will still use 3G no point in getting if no use or soon afterward unless there is something better for not much more.

    • It's a very old phone.
      Will phone operate on the frequencies of those overseas countries?
      3G: 900 or 2100MHz required

    • Why not let him use his current phone. The "overseas" doesn't break your phone. Do you want people in the overseas to laugh at the man with an ancient phone from Australia?

  • Latest model๐Ÿ˜‚

    $3.80 in 2016 (locked to Vodafone) + Specs
    $19 incl 3 month Netflix in 2015 (locked to Optus)

    Specs & downloadable manual
    3G: 900, 2100MHz
    Screen 2"
    Resolution - 160 x 120
    Camera 0.3MP
    Battery 800 mAh
    Standby Time Up to 12.5 days

    • +1

      To be fair unlocked for $20 is hard to beat. Locked phones suck.

      • How much would people expect to pay for a phone released in 2013 with limited functionality now (no apps), won't work on Telstra, & limited life before 3G closes down??

        Telstra were giving away free 4G phones - some of us got those in a Deal! (Locked to Telstra)

        Unlocking many basic phones is easy & cheap. Often discussed in phone deals. Always check before buying. I've only paid less than $2 on eBay. Some are free to unlock.

        Unlocking this 2013 model would be difficult now anyway. So lucky it should be unlocked!

        This will not work on Telstra Network! Only Optus & Vodafone until 3G closes down.

        3G bands
        850MHz (B5) โ€“ Telstra
        900MHz (B8) โ€“ Optus, Vodafone
        2100MHz (B1) โ€“ Optus

        I've got a few unlocked phones somewhere from 5 or 6 years back better than these. No way I'd use them.

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    i really wanted one of these for my dad. Spent years trying to find something like it that's easy to understand for someone computer illiterate, and isn't network locked.

    He passed away before I could actually find one.

    • That's sad.
      Gave my elderly Father a similar phone - he refused to use it.

      Tactile keypads are easier to use for many older users. And touch screen can be more confusing than helpful.

      Phones like the $9 Telstra Cruise are reliable & easy to use, but locked to Telstra & can't be used with other networks - hasn't got the frequencies.

      But these are ancient phones now. This one was released in 2013!

      • I saw the Telstra $9 one but unfortunately they were Telstra locked.

        There was no way an elderly computer illiterate man was going to be able to figure out a touch phone so yeah the phone itself was ideal, but it was locked to Telstra and I'd heard conflicting reports on whether other Telcos using the Telstra network would work on a telstra locked phone so I didn't try.

        I don't care if the phone is old. As long as you can answer a call with a single button, it would have been perfect.

        I had never seen this Samsung model anywhere.

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      came to this thread for bargains and lulz…got feels instead :(

      sorry for your loss

      • +1

        Thank you for your condolences.

        It happened a year ago and I still think about him every day. Do be sure to cherish those who are still around while you can. That's my life advice to anyone.

        • +1

          Yes - we never know when those we cherish will no longer be around. Appreciate them before it's too late.

          My Father died just over 6 months ago. I was his 24/7 carer almost to the end. When shopping I still think - "Oh he'll love this.". (But he never did๐Ÿ˜‰)

          Christmas is often a hard time for people who have lost family. So drink a toast to the life they lived. And Live a great life yourself!

          • +2

            @Rather be Travelling: Oh believe me, I was his carer too and I faced an emptiness in any activity we used to do together. I used to take walks daily with him, and now I must walk alone. But I still imagine him next to me and the conversations we'd be having. I still stay on my side of the footpath even though people walking solo usually take the center. I stay on my side just in case he can be there with me in spirit.

            Everywhere around the house, seeing his belongings brings back painful memories. But I don't want to throw his stuff out, because memories are valuable.

            I did not make the most of our time together and only moved back in when he needed a carer. I wasted a lifetime of opportunity to have a good relationship with him and it didn't happen until he was on his last legs. Its a regret I will have to carry with me for the rest of my life.

            My dad died suddenly and unexpectedly (he drowned at sea when I took him to Thailand), so not even from his illness. You're absolutely right about that. They don't always die in palliative care.

            Since he passed 12 months ago, I have kept a dream diary of every time I see him in my dreams. I don't want to forget my dreams of him. Last night marked the 34th entry. And that's only the times I remembered to do it. Sometimes I fall asleep again right away and forget.

            Anyways, I wish I saw this samsung phone a few years ago. One where all he has to do is press the green handset button to answer a call.

            • @lostn: We were so lucky - his end was peaceful & fast. He died with wonderful staff in palliative care. I was with him when he took his last breath. I thanked them again yesterday.

              And my Father was very old, so death was not unexpected.
              My active neighbour went to the shops on his motorbike & was killed by a car. That was so unexpected for his family. Much harder to deal with. We were all shocked!

              Yes - memories everywhere!
              I am less affected - I have poor memory & he was not a nice person to look after. He considered being looked after was taking away his independence - so I copped a lot of verbal abuse. He was much nicer to paid carers who helped me. They referred to him as a "sweetie".

              My local Carers support service, Carers QLD, provided free grief counselling. Just had a free Christmas lunch with other male carers. We support each other as we lose our loved ones.

              I took up a Deal for a month of free online counselling - to help me clear the clutter. It's hard to do when everything brings back memories.

              ABC Pineapple Project podcast on Decluttering was my best help.

              Interesting use of a dream diary - to keep the memory of him with you๐Ÿ‘

  • grab yourself a burner

    is it even possible to set up a sim card thats not tied to an identity anymore?

    • Yeah. Could never understand that term being used here. In part of asia you can get sim card from a corner store activate it and never had to provide id to do so.

      • same in Germany (unless laws have changed recently.) i was told you have to be a German resident to buy a sim card. asked the guy at my hotel and he said you could buy sims from those phone shops at train stations etc. later found out it was registered to a Turkish bloke in Hamburg lol

  • Needed a burner thanks OP

  • So is there any cheap basic 4g phones that I could give to my dad,just more something calling and answer no silly apps etc which can be used overseas and is unlocked when purchased and cheap.

  • Looks like this doesn't do whatsapp (just facebook). Is there a phone that will do calls and whatsapp?

  • I came, I saw, I clicked, I added into cart - changed me mind (on amazon recommendation), ordered Nokia 8110 instead! How can you say no to Nokia 8110?

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