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Breville Nespresso Vertuo Plus Solo (White) Model BNV320WHT $159.20 (Plus $100 Cashback) @ JB Hi-Fi


I was browsing through the jb site for coffee machines and found this for $159.20 use the coupon code to take off another 5% plus $100 cashback which brings it down to $51.24. Hopefully this helps someone looking for a coffee machine. Enjoy.

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    Enjoy your DRM coffee pods.

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      I think people buying these don't care that they have to buy Nespresso pods.

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        So go and enjoy your DRM pods then.

        • Can you guys explain what DRM Coffee pods are? or what you mean when you say it.

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            @DisabledUser329963: The Veturo pods have barcodes on them indicating extraction times and other details I believe. So you can only buy them from Nespresso as other coffee makers can't use 'these new pod system'. But I am aware there are already hacks that have the codes etched on SSteel pods which you can fill yourself.

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              @pegasusx: wow that turns me off getting this machine. Thanks for educating me!

          • @DisabledUser329963: DRM digital rights management, some nerdy acronym for people who like spinning capsules like a hiclone makes extra fuel that is of course if you believe in father Christmas. I keep getting freebies at hardly normal, yeah
            BTW the yanks have a system called Keurig with huge pods making interesting dishwasher waste liquid…

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          I'm not even buying this machine. Sorry this upsets you so much, hope you can recover.

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            @smartazz104: I think you're the one who needs to recover.
            Little emotional over a joke there bud

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              @DisabledUser329963: My reply was for garrat, not you.

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                @smartazz104: "smartazz104" Comments claimed by alternative comment makers can be avoided by adding a name. I have made mistake in past too few times.

  • Amazing find!!

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    Nice deal +1 - thanks OP

  • Can we use it with any brand capsule?

    • Interested in this as well.

      Hopefully can buy "Nespresso Compatible" pods from eBay?

      • I have the aeronchino plus model and no aftermarket pods fit these

    • I don't know if the new capsule that Nespresso calls it Vertuo is patented.

      If you're after a Nespresso machine where you can buy any brand capsule, this isn't the one, unfortunately. I'd suggest looking for the models that support the the other capsule format.

  • Is this the big capsules or normal? Can’t see if it includes milk frothier or not?

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      as far as I can tell it is without the milk frother

    • Vertuo is exclusively big capsules 'pucks'as we Canadians call them ..

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    $79 at costco for this
    And $149 with aeronchino plus

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      T&C's of the cashback offer have now been updated to specifically exclude Costco as a participating retailer. Keep that in mind

  • This or the Espressotoria machine (free with capsules purchase from Woolies)?

    By the way, looks like the Nespresso cashback deal is not just limited to JB:

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    This is a larger pod that is Nespresso only as far as I know.
    Won't work with compatible pods.

  • I wonder can the Costco one be redeemed $100….that would be a good profit lol

    If not I have to return it …bought it last week

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      No $100 if u got it st Costco

    • When the promo started it was possible, they've changed the terms and conditions now though so the boat has been missed.

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    The alternative is to get this machine for $1 with a 12 month $50/month subscription - since you’re going to be locked into their pods anyway.

    • This is a good point. No point paying upfront for the machine if you're locked into their Pod ecosystem anyway

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    Reviews said the coffee is weaker than normal pod due to the brewing method.
    Have anyone tried it?

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      I have this unit at home as well as the original style machines. I prefer the Vertuo line for its flavour and crema as I can get a larger coffee from a single pod. The strength varies based on the rating but after going through the sample pack they give you it can get strong if you stick with the espresso range (40ml).

      I prefer 6 or 7 strength with milk and the 237ml mug sized pods.

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        I can get a larger coffee from a single pod

        Hence these pods are more expensive than original ones. Is the price proportional to amount of coffee?

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          Yes the price of the pods increases depending on the size of coffee you want.

          Espresso Pods (40ml) start at $0.80 each
          Grand lungo (148ml) start at $0.94 each
          Mug (237ml) start at $0.97 each
          Alto (414ml) at $1.06 each

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        Yep I have a Vertuo and an Inissia espresso machine. I prefer the Vertuo. Odacio serves me up a nice long black after work

    • Not true. There are several sizes and I found all of them to be as described in the intensity range. I.e Intenso is 230ml and it's quite strong. If your taking about Espresso texture then the 80ml Espresso pods and 40ml Altesso pods are great for thick / doppio consistency.

    • Definnitely didn't find this to be the case. There is a very wide range of pods though so maybe they tried a weaker one?

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      Thanks guys… Will give it a try at Nespresso shop

    • The new bianco is 'designed for milk' but I find it perfect as a long black, doesn't have a bitter flavour at all. Possibly my favourite coffee!

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    costco price still $149 for the virtuous aeronchino plus I price matched at hn and claimed $100 cash back

    • Can you provide receipt copy pls?

      Also how did you show them the costco pricing.

      • I took photo In store at Costco then showed them at hn
        Not of discussion about how cheep it is at Costco
        But managed in the end

        • Could you please pm me the picture you took of the costco price and the HN receipt?

          It would be much appreciated!

        • Could you please share the photo? Cheers

          • @andrejgr: I’ll get new pic when I’m in Costco as price still same as November special

  • You'd have to wait for those Coles/Woolies special to buy the pods, otherwise just way too expensive.

  • I wouldn't be buying this if it doesn't come with the aeroccino frother. I feel it's essential. Love mine.

  • I got one of these from the David Jones post last week, and I'm actually quite happy with it. I drink with milk, and other pod machines I've used without a frother in the past have been really bad. With these, you can add the milk in first, and the coffee is still quite frothy without having to use an external frother. Obviously, for cappuccino and whatnot it won't be that great, but overall I'm quite impressed by the quality.

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    Great find OP! Thanks!!!

  • Got one from JB DFO, came with 12 coffee pods. Think not a bad price cuz you still pay $50 for 12 coffees if you buy from cafe but here you can get a free machine. And saying it has 12 pods and $1 each so you actually pay $40 for the machine.

  • Anyone got their cashback?
    Do you see the title '100 Free Coffee Capsules Progress' on (after logging in)?

  • Has anyone got their cashback? Still waiting for mine :(

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