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20% off Blu-Ray, 4K, DVDs, CDs & Vinyl, 25% off Canon Camera Lenses, Extra 5% off Sitewide (Excl Apply) with Coupon @ JB Hi-Fi


20% off Blu-Ray, 4K & DVDs, CDs & Vinyls, 25% off Camera Lenses + Extra 5% off with Coupon @ JB Hi-Fi

5% Off Discount is for product purchases excludes: Apple Products, Contracts, Miele & Asko agency products, Dell Built to Order, Pre-Paid Cards & Gift Cards, Pre-Orders, Extended Warranties, & Delivery. Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon offers. Cannot be used at Airport locations. Coupon and barcode must be legible and surrendered upon use.

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  • That coupon may be unique btw OP. Mine was different.

    • Mine was the same as the OP.

    • +1

      My coupons were all the same as the one listed in the OP.

    • Mine is also the same.

    • I just used OP's code. Confirmed working.

  • I just bought a canon camera from camera jb last week. Damn :(

    • which one did you get

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      Ask for the price difference to be refunded back to your method of payment

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        If you bought on a credit card you may also have this facility via your bank.

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      Yes, just go in store and ask for the price difference.
      I heard the salesperson yesterday suggest that to the customer, buy it now while there is stock and if there is a price drop you can ask for the price difference. But there must be a limitation of the time period to ask for a price difference refund I would think. Last week should be fine.

      • Thanks everyone. The manager was a bit annoyed but I got the difference back. Happy days! 😊

        • +1

          Very good. Worth the effort.

          You could ask for refund and buy it back, that would be more hassle for them I would think.

          Items like a camera you should not pay sticker price anyway, just ask for their best price, they make take 10-20% off if you ask.
          Or find a price they can price match. Their normal sticker prices are usually RRP and maybe 10-20% more than some cheaper stores.

          Work bought two TV's, they mounted it on the stands, we had them up for 2-3 weeks and the boss did not like them. JB took them back and refunded.
          Lucky we kept the boxes.

          My experience in the city stores with JB is good. But if they are busy like today, or Black Friday they probably would find it annoying because the are flat out.

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    Title or description doesn’t stipulate date. Please modify OP.

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    Canon 70-200mm f2.8L $1,202.70
    Pretty good price.
    Note this is not the image stabilised version.

    • Is there a way you can tell this isn't the IS version? Seems odd that they would still sell the old model

      • +2

        It will say IS. This isn't old. It's just different. However the IS II only came about about 5 years ago.

        Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS II

  • The GoPro HERO8 Black Bundle is $549 at Harvey Norman .. here its $569 will the 5% work in this to get it to $540.55 ? Is this the best walk-in pick up price around anyone know?

    • +1

      You can try it yourself on their website. Add the item to cart and put code in. Just tested it works.

  • I believe you can stack this with a 5% discount on gift cards through RACQ.

    • Sorry, looks like its only 4% off gift cards at RACQ.

  • -1

    With this code, and the 20% off, it's a whole $2 less than Big W's normal price for It 2 on Blu Ray.

    Think I'd rather just pay the two bucks more and not have to go all the way to a JB tbh.

    • Brings the steelbook down to just over $30 - not a bad price considering what they are going for on eBay.

      • -1

        I hate steelbooks with passion.

  • +1

    Many of the lenses are out of stock and the web site suggests that "Arrives on or before Monday 20th January with tracking".

  • The plural of vinyl is vinyl not vinyls.

    • +2

      Imagine being awake at 3am on a tuesday night just to talk shit about other peoples submissions when you have never even posted one.

      • Yikes slammed haha

        • But some of like to listen to our vinyls while building our Lego's…

          I feel for the man. It's like nails on a chalkboard. Saw that spelling on a LEGO deal yesterday and needed a shower to get over it.

      • -2

        Did you lose your handbag?

  • How can we get all 4K movie disks at 20% off? The one I want is stuck with the '2 for $40' deal. ??

    • All the media is 20% off. When you checkout it will calculate the 2 for $40 purchase, deduct 20% then 5% if you use that.
      Comes to $30.40 after discount.

      Even after discount. Some titles may be cheaper at Amazon AU as part of there 2 for $30 4k Deal.

  • All I want is a Mavic Mini Fly More Combo.

    They seem to have dropped off the website (still shown in Google search), but the Mavic Mini is still there, just not the combo.

    The ~$40 saved would have swung me to buy one.

  • Anyone got a photo of the in-store barcode they can upload? ^^

    • +1

      It expires today so not sure you will get an opportunity to use in store.

  • Finally found something to buy with this - thanks OP!

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