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Bonus $10 Gift Card When You Spend $100 on Myer Gift Cards @ Myer Online or in Store


Bonus $10 Gift Card When You Spend $100 on Gift Cards @ Myer Online or in Store

Bonus Gift card Valid for 3 months
If purchased Online e-Gift card sent by email by 18th Dec

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    Why was this not available last week when I used the AMEX offer to pickup $1000 worth of GCs…

    • I had a feeling it will come back. That's why I only got 1 out of 2 hoping to get the bonus on the last one.

    • That offer hasn't expired yet.

      • Yeah, but they already used it …

  • Should be able to combine with the Amex deal?? Makes it a bit sweeter!

  • So glad I still have 2 of my AmEx offers left.

    Edit: Looks like it doesn't work on Coles Myer GC

    • Ignore my amex question

  • so if you buy 2x $100 gift cards in one transaction, will u get 2 giftcards or just 1?

    • No idea mate i only see limits of 10 but i dont know if that applies to the bonus voucher

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      Amex offer is spend $200 in 'one or more transactions' so I wouldn't risk it - buy two $100 GCs in two separate transactions and pay for each on the Amex. I will probably send the GCs to different email addresses as well.

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        It says in one or more transactions so as long as you spend $200 by Dec 31st you will get $40 back. If you buy $100 gift cards in 2 separate transactions you will end up with 2 $10 free gift cards.

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      I did this today. Purchased $300 gift card and got single
      Gift card $30. Bought gift cards before buying my items.

      Used it to Immediately pay for the presents I purchased. This way got a further 10% off the goods. I purchased clothes buy one get one 50% off.

      Works out to about 32.5% discount:

      Buy $100 items x 2
      50% off second item = $100 + $50 = $150
      Use gift cards with $100 buys $110 in gift cards so 10% extra
      Thus $150 x 10% less using gift cards = $135.

      Original value $135/$200 = 32.5% off

      Better than the 20% off on myer ebay in this situation.

      Also with clothing you can sometimes find stock which is sold out online because their stock management system is hopeless. Two stores I went to said they had no stock On the computer and it was sitting on the shelves.

      • How long did you wait until you received the bonus $10 gift card?

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          If you are in a store they issue the card immediately.

  • Darn. Just bought gift cards 2 days ago. Should have waited

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    will be interesting to see if it will work on coles/myer gift cards purchase.

    • Same here

    • Will the AMEX deal work with gift cards purchased online?

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        yes as per krapola comments on amex deal he got the credit after buying gift cards online.

      • Yes I got the credit 2 days after purchasing a $200 gift card.

    • I only see "Myer" gift cards on the gift card website.
      Where can you find the coles/myer ones?

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        coles/myer are only available in stores

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        Offer isn't valid with Coles Myer gift cards

    • Although you're not supposed to, I was able to. Really depends on the sales associate you get.

      • What has to happen for it to work with a purchase of a Coles Myer card?

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          You just have to get a sales associate who's willing to scan the promo barcode on your transaction. I've been lucky in the past with other spend $100 get $10 Myer gift cards as well. Luck of the draw!

  • Does the online myer gift card store work for AMEX offer? i noticed it was a different domain / web address to myer.com.au

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      Deal is for purchase a MYER Gift card.

      If you use amex deal and purchase Myer GC you end up at 30% off Myer prices ONLY.

      Buy a Coles/Myer card on Amex deal and you get 20% off food or fuel.

      Myer deal is better if you have specific purchase in mind otherwise I prefer 20% off food.

      • Coles Supermarkets, Coles Central, Coles Express, Myer, Target, Kmart, Officeworks, Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and First Choice Liquor

  • does it include Myer & Coles gift card?

    • +1

      Going on past experience: no.

      However worth to go try!

      • +1

        Going on past experience: no as well.

    • Can confirm that th
      is offer is only for Myer giftcards and not Myer Coles group ones

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      Went into store just now, and was told $10 bonus only applies to Myer gift cards, not Coles Myer

    • Thanks for confirming that Myer & Coles is not included.

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    my amex offer was spend 350 instead of the 200 and get $35 back. Looks like can actually get an extra $10 bonus gc…. winning!

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    I have two Amex card.. So I have to buy 7*100 coles myer gift card to get $70 Gift Card

    • +3

      Read comments above from grack

  • If I use a $20 gift card is my $100 purchase included ?

    • New policy, u cant use gift card to purchase the gift card if you want to be eligible for this promotion.

  • The terms and conditions states "Spend in one transaction, personal shopping only"

    I'm not familiar with the Myers's personal shopping process but are we not able to simply use the gift card and bonus gift card together in one normal transaction?

    • Yes u can use both of them concurrently.

    • Personal shopping in here means u couldnt buy it for commercial use. When you buy $100 gift cards, you will receive immediately the $10 bonus gift card. Remember, the bonus one only have 3 months expired date

      • How about gift cards bought online? How long until bonus gift cards are issued?

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    If shopback or cashrewards stacked with giftcard use, this would be a cracking deal. But does anyone really think this is that exciting? Maybe for clothes which have a lower cashback rate?

    For me, I was looking at lego:
    This offer: $100/$110 = 0.909
    Or Shopback: 9% on excl GST price = 8.19% on inc GST price [Edit: Shopback is 7% now].
    So.. only 0.9% cheaper than shopback

    Downsides of the gift card offers is that unless you go in store, there's alot of faffing due to delay in receiving the extra $10!
    Also the bonus expires in 3 months.

    I suppose there might be some benefit in delaying your "$200 spend" for amex if you have that offer. But buying gift cards locks you in to spending money at Myer.. (for me at least) there is very high risk of having nothing to buy from them.

    • -1

      Actually huge 10% in your hand vs SB promo 6% that might turn up in 3 mths .
      Nearly double not good enough ?

      • -1

        Seriously, how can you post and totally fabricate the numbers when I did the maths and it's right there to look at?

        It's not even close to double. In fact, it's closer to unity than double.

        When I posted and SB was 9%, the diff was 90c per $100. At which point, the faffing around with going in store or having to wait for the gc (which means until the current sales have changed) is absolutely worth considering. I've listed all the + and - that I can think of. If you read it.

        • Not sure what the 9% deal was, but Shopback is currently 7% on toys and 3% on everything else.

    • -2

      never got cashback for buying gc.

      Can you combine multiple $10 gc into one and give it to your boss as a xmas present?

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    ppl here are so neg vote trigger happy. $350 on the amex deal. Time to get 3x100 myer gc… what's your problem?

  • Has this expired? I thought it was running until the 18th?

  • How long did it take for people to receive the bonus gift card for an egift card purchase?

    • I purchased 4 X $50 e-gift cards on Sunday. Received the $200 of e-gift cards, but not the bonus $20 yet.

      • Just called 5 minutes ago.

        Person at the gift card centre was a little confused about the promotion. Said the gift vouchers have already been sent out and that only those that spent exactly $100 denomination will get the bonus $10 separately.

        Meaning if you spent $200 you are entitled to $20 but if you spent $101 or $150 you get nothing.

        Had to get a manager to confirm that they in fact are in the process of sending them out still and to call them on the 1300 number if you still have no received the bonus also any amount >$100 is eligible for the bonus but you get an extra $10 for every $100.

        • Thanks, I haven't received the bonuses either so gave them a call too. They said the bonus gift cards should be emailed out by 5pm (presumably AEST) today.

  • Received the email with the bonus gift cards 20 minutes ago. I bought 4 X $50 and received one $20 gift card.