This was posted 2 years 5 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Youfoodz Flash Sale - Many Meals down to $5.95 + $1 Snacks (+ $20 off Code)


All meals discounted. Many down to $5.95. Snacks down to $1.
Plus a further $20 discount with code XMAS-SALE.

Minimum spend $69. (Edit: previously wrote $49)
Expires tonight.

Use code THANKYOU-30 for $30 discount instead.

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Referrer gets $50 credit. Referee get $30 credit.

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    Minimum spend in the email I received is $69 (before discount):

    Min spend $69 (before discount). Available online (not the YF App) until December 11, 2019 11.59pm AEST. One code per order. Single use only. Not valid for use with Gift Cards. Select meals from $5.95ea until December 11, 2019 11.59pm AEST

    Good deal regardless.

  • 12 Meals for $51.40 ($4.28 each) is a great deal.

    • This is the cheapest I ever remember it being.

      • Apprently there is another code that takes off $30…

        • +1

          Yep I just used it and got 12 meals for $3.45 each delivered! The code is THANKYOU-30.

  • +9

    Waiting for the first racist comment

    • beat me to it.

    • +12

      I think the fad has gone and noone can be bothered to make the same comments… but by the same token, it was enough to make me not bother ordering from Youfoodz anymore and will wait and see what other options spring up.

      • Try the frozen Weight Watcher meals at low $3 when on special that are terrible vs this mob . I have a freezer full of the rubbish for when these offer stop my taste buds will suffer .

    • +7

      Don't buy they discriminate and make fun of Asians. Shameless. There you go

      Supporting a racist company is supporting racism. Boycott youfoodz for life!

      • -6

        Are the YouFoodz workers racist? How is the whole company racist? Your statement lacks logic.

        • The logic is someone wants a racist comment there they have it.

          • -5

            @neonlight: There's no such thing as a racist company, how would that even work? The company is made up of hundreds of individuals some of which were possibly born overseas. All of the workers would have different morals and values.

            Think about the office workers, the factory workers, the delivery drivers, the store clerks. Some of these workers live week to week and can't afford to be out of a job. How does punishing these workers benefit anyone.

            People think they're "woke" but really they need to wake up and see the bigger picture.

  • Probably the best deal that I have seen for Youfoodz. I stopped ordering after the price has gone up with quality gone down but this price seems too good to pass

  • This is great I'm getting cheaper meals every round :)

  • +2

    Ugh! They’ve just increased the prices.

  • +2

    Be carefully - The creamy mushroon cannelloni and the Mex beans with Quinoa show as $5.95 on the menu but increase to $9.50 when added to cart.

  • +4

    Prices have gone up while I was ordering :(

  • +2

    The price went up on me without noticing and paid.
    Contacted them in chat and got refunded the difference.
    10 meals for $31. Thank OP!

    • I just used it and got 12 meals for $3.45 each delivered! The code is THANKYOU-30 to get $30 off your order instead of $20!

      • Sorry, I did use that code too!

        Not all my meals were $5.95 mind you. I got a couple of $6.95 for variety.

        • Awesome!

      • Thanks, good deal

  • Use this code for $30 off which is better than OP's code: THANKYOU-30

    • -1

      This did not work on my order of $63.50.

      • Minimum spend of $69 before the voucher, just like OP's code.

      • Min order $69

  • +1

    Many… or 3? Most are over $7 still. Only the boring ones are cheap now :(

    • My thoughts exactly. It's 5 of their 41 meals. 12% is hardly what I'd call "many".

  • +13

    Racism from the top and no public apology since. It's a neg for me

    • yup

    • They did apologise. Not sure if that makes up for it, though.

      • +6

        Thanks for the link.

        Still believe deep within they're a bunch of racist, just corporate bullshit

        • +2

          Hard to argue that from the video. They are facing the consequences now.

      • Not making up for it. Unless they give out free meals.

        At this stage even if youfoodz pay people to eat, won't even do it

      • +2

        Yeah fcuk these bogans.

        Why were these racist remarks described as misjudgements? They couldn’t even bring themselves to say they were wrong.

        Gonna try My Muscle Chef instead.

  • +2

    What racism?

  • +1

    Racist santa

  • +3

    Company discriminates on the basis of race as reported by itself. Do not support such charlatans, there are a lot of other good Aussie companies offering better or similar meal plans.

    • Please provide a link to where I can buy similar meals for $3.45 each (or better) from an Australian company?

        • +8

          This is a bargain website. You have directed people not to purchase from Youfoodz and claim to know of a better bargain but will not provide the details or proof. How can your claims be trusted?

          I will continue to buy from YouFoodz until I find something of better value.

            • +3


              there are a lot of other good Aussie companies offering better or similar meal plans.

              name one

    • +5

      Kinda lose any credibility sourcing a article. It's trash media and just as unethical as the company your upset about.

      • -4 is the source of all knowledge for most of the imbeciles who will argue that Youfoodz is not a racist company. Hence I quote them as a source.

    • Discriminating how?

  • +2

    Thanks OP. 11 meals for $40. Mixing it up a bit with the $6.95 ones. Still very much worth it

  • +6

    Bad overpriced food

  • +9

    I was saddened to learn that this company is racist. No deal!

  • +6

    Neg for racist company

  • +6

    Sorry OP, not negging you but negging the company for obvious reasons

  • +11

    Last meal was terrible quality. Also, why does ozbargain members jump on the moral neg bandwagon?

    There's plenty more businesses we could add to the list that often get no criticism from the community?

    • -1

      Name them

      • +5

        Apple, Nestle, BP - god the list is a long one. Merely pointing out rightfully criticising a business yet the ones listed (among many more) have done much worse to their workers, customers and environment.

        Wouldn't you agree? Or is it their size that escapes all criticism?

        • +2

          Mate, you cannot apply any sense of logic or perspective when it comes to the sport of virtue signalling. That would involve getting out from under that big ol rock. The owners deserve the flack for sure and people well in their right to vote with their feet. Whether they are allowed to redeem themselves is more the question and a reflection on the rest of us imo.

          • +1

            @Xizor: Yeah it's fascinating to be honest. Bandwagon jumpers come in all forms I guess

          • +1


            you cannot apply any sense of logic or perspective when it comes to the sport of virtue signalling

            damn, contender for my 2019 quote of the year

    • +5

      They have to feel superior about something. Making fun of people is low on the list of things to get upset about.

    • +1

      Exactly. Welcome to OzVirtue. In saying that, they certainly did fu*K up. But why only they get criticised for something small in comparison to what some of these larger companies do such as slave labour, is beyond me.

    • +2

      If we don't stand up against such behaviour, it becomes the norm.

      • I highly doubt your consistent with 'standing' up for unethical behaviours as there is simply too many companies that we all use day to day that do atrocious things on a much more destructive scale.

        I enjoy that people are calling this company out, but see the same users praising apple products, Nestle and BP which is the tip of the iceberg

  • +5


  • +7

    Voting with my wallet, and the neg button, due to their racism.

  • +4

    Sorry OP, any youfooz deal im gonna downvote due to their inferior food & racist CEO

  • Ye origami mate ye

  • +3

    Trash food run by trashier people

  • +5

    Awful racist company. I regret buying from them in the past, and that's when the quality was better too.

  • +7


  • +6

    Nah, i don't buy stuff from confirmed racists.

  • +5

    Racism should never be tolerated.

  • +5

    Racists. Will avoid ever buying youfoodz again.
    Pretty concerning that it’s embedded in their culture if that’s what they do when they’re on holidays in someone else’s country.

  • +3

    Oh another one?
    The founder is a racist, which means I have a Major issue with the retailer.

  • -2

    Good deal. Lol at the offended generation..

  • +3

    Major issue with the racist CEO (watch the video). For the record, racism against all races is bad

  • +6

    Racist Company - if they’re openly mocking Asian’s in Asia while on business and voluntarily posting videos of it thinking they’re doing the world a favour, imagine what they think of some of their own employees, I’m sure there’s a good multicultural mix working for them who the owners of YouFoodz are disgusted by or feel vastly superior to.

  • Neg cos all the cool kids are doing it. Oh and the company is racist or something.

  • +5

    For all the band wagoning, morally riotous Ozbargainers condemning this evil, racist company, can I just point out one thing. The CEO’s trophy girlfriend made some idiotic, drunken comments. This does not equate to “systemic racism” as some people have said (get a clue, and educate yourself on the term) it does.

    I have worked near the Youfoodz factory in Virginia, Queensland and can say for a fact that a significant portion of Youfoodz employees are not your run of the mill Caucasian Australians. So by boycotting the brand in an effort to combat abhorrent racism, you’re actually cutting back the ethnically diverse Youfoodz employee’s casual shifts. Bunch of (profanity), neg away.

  • +5

    Sha Shing! Thanks OP

  • +1

    Thanks OP GREAT DEAL!

  • +3

    Imagine what the world would be like without racists.

  • +3

    Major Concerns with retailer. Racism, not paying staff superannuation, not paying suppliers. Would not support.

  • +2

    Doesn't deserve our money and food quality has dropped significantly last time I ordered.

  • Do they deliver in the weekends like the hellofresh? I can't imagine them leaving the box outside in the summer heat.

  • +2

    Racist company

  • +2

    Have a look at the ingredients. Too many additives that shouldn't be there

    Ingredients: Ranch Potato Salad (53%) [Potato (23%), Sweet Potato (23%), Mayonnaise (Contains Vegetable Oil (Canola and Soybean), Egg Yolk, Water, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Lemon Juice, Natural Mustard Flavour, Preservative (385), Natural Colour (Paprika Extract)), Dijon Mustard (Contains Food Acid (260)), Crushed Garlic], Chargrilled Chicken (36%) [Chicken (34%), Brown Sugar, Paprika (0.7%), Lemon Pepper Seasoning (0.3%) (Contains Food Acid (330), Flavour Enhancer (635), Spice Extract (160c))], Smokey BBQ Sauce (10%) [BBQ Sauce (9.5%) (Tomatoes, Sugar, Water, Cornflour (Contains Wheat), Food Acids (260, 330), Salt, Glucose Syrup, Colour (150c), Pectin, Spices, Tamarind Paste, Yeast Extract, Onion), Orange Juice (Contains Soybean), Sriracha Sauce (Contains Stabiliser (415), Thickener (1422), Acidity Regulator (260), Natural Colour (160c)), Smoke Flavour (0.1%) (Contains Sulphites), Cajun Seasoning (Contains Acidity Regulator (330))].

    • +2

      This. It’s not good at all.

    • +1


  • THANKYOU-30 is invalid now.

  • +1

    Do not wish to support a company headed by racists.

  • +1

    High in sodium, meals portion sizes way to small for an adult.

  • -1

    Say No To Racist.

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