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Complete TV Series Sale up to 50% off - Battlestar Galactica $35, Mad Men $30, House $30, Wire $50+ More @ iTunes


Some links might have referrals as got them from Cheapcharts website.

Mad men $30
Battle Star $35
HERO'S $30
House $30
Last man on earth $30
Entourage $40
My name is earl $30
The Killing $20
The Americans $45
Smallvile $90

and the best for last….
The Wire $50

Dont think you can get these in full on Netflix , Stan or Prime.

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  • The Americans for $45 is a good buy considering that physical media only comes in DVD format. Is one of my all time favourite tv shows. Wish it was this on play store.

  • Are these actually available in the Australian store.

  • This is the US iTunes Store. 99% of people don’t have a US iTunes account

    • Which one is US?

      They all coiming up in AU store for me?

      • Have you actually tried to buy one - it opens the Apple TV app and says not available in Australia

        For me, clicking the URL opens a page called "iTunes preview". Near the price is a link "watch on Apple TV", if you click it the "TV" app opens and says its not available.

  • I got the wire few days ago for $50 can confirm these worked for me. If you haven’t watched the wire you really should. Also My name is Earl shows up as $20 for me