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PPSR/REVS Vehicle Check - $2 @


As has been posted before, this is something that should be known more, particularly going into the holiday season and people shopping around for used cars.

Again, I'm also posting this because I just caught a potential trade-in that a PPSR check showed as Repairable Write-Off. This vehicle is on Gumtree without mention of that fact. A simple $2 is all it takes to save yourself a lot of hassle!

So, if you've seen this before, good on you :) If you haven't, bookmark it and check it when you go to buy a car!

The PPSR is used to find out if there's any money owing on a car, or if it's previously been written off.

This is the (new) normal price, there's no denying that, however many people don't realise how cheap and easy the service is. Many sites offer the same thing for $10 or more, when the standard government price is considerably less!

A few horror stories in the forums lately would've been sorted very early on if they had've consulted this site before buying/putting a deposit down.

Bookmark the site, after test driving the car you're looking at, sit in your car and generate the check, then decide from there if you want to purchase the car.

If deal link doesn't work, click through the main page here

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  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks, OP.

  • Thanks for the post, never thought about the this route before.

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      Thanks for the post, never thought about the this route before.

      Ya think so? Lol mate.

      Like, this is the only correct route to buy used. All other routes are some form of wishful thinking that may likely end in tears.

  • Another way to check details on a car is through Carsguide. They have just started a new program that if you enquire about a dealer-owned car it will supply you with all the details as per the PPSR. A good way to avoid the charges from a PPSR, just won't help you if purchasing a privately owned vehicle.

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      "all the details as per the ppsr" and a ppsr cert itself may not be the same. May be you've just worded it this way, but they issue an actual ppsr cert?

      If not, I'd rather pay $2 to get an actual ppsr cert.

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    I purchased my first car 6 months ago and these were great for looking at those 'too good to be true' listings on Gumtree/FB Marketplace. So many dodgy listings!

  • Good to get if you're selling a decent car too.

  • Seems like this would be best posted on OzNormalPrice

  • +1 is such an evil company.
    1) Ask the Seller VIN, while they list the car for sale.
    2) Try to sell $34.95 report to buyers using VIN number which is based on this report.
    3) Do not disclose VIN to buyers, so that they can buy cheaper report themselves.

    • +3

      not posting vin also thwarts car birthers and scam car ads.

  • This used to be free a few years ago.

  • There is a similar report that costs maybe $25 that I used for my last car purchase.
    Can't remember the vendor but it would also show km history at blue slip intervals so helps to know if the odometer was rolled back.
    This was for NSW so not sure if it applies to other states and mainly for older cars.

    • Beware of the sharks out there and use the link the op provided.

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    +1 as a lawyer many people come into my office when its too late. A $1,500 letter of demand can easily be avoided with a $2 PPSR Search.

  • THANK YOU op! There are so many ghost sites out there trying to extract big money just like ticket re-sellers.

    For a while revs was privatised and caused heaps of issues. In one case a debt collector got his first interest on a vehicle and the car got abandoned at Melbourne Airport. The debt collector took the airport to court arguing that he had the first interest in the car and demanded it back without paying for storage.
    The airport took the matter to the federal court arguing for a "repairers lien". The legal fraternity was stunned when the court ruled in favour of the airport.
    Turned out the debt collector was financed by a huge American Bank trying to break all rules in Australia. They just formed another company and kept on harassing the unsuspecting Australian public many times over small debts for stuff like unresolved ebay disputes or unpaid phone accounts. Good to see the ACCC prosecuting the unruly debt collector now!

  • IMHO well worth the $2. I've been saved a few times from buying repairable write-off vehicles from dodgy small used car dealers (asking non-accident) market rates and who never disclose the fact even when asked directly. Of course they feign ignorance when you show them the PPSR report. Not that there's anything wrong with buying a properly repaired vehicle if it's priced accordingly.

  • Does this report show an address of the car owner?

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