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HD142X 1080P 3000 LUMENS 3D DLP PROJECTOR $271.63


I was looking for a decent and affordable 1080P projector and found this. I have no ideas about the seller though. If anyone has experiences with them, please share.


Plug:AU Plug/ EU Plug/ US Plug/ UK Plug
Color: Black
Size: Approx. 19.5x16.5x7cm/7.67"x6.49"x2.75"
Plug: US/EU/UKAU Plug
Projection lens: LED
Brightness: 3000 lumens
Effective scanning b and: 15.625KHz - 15.725KHz
Voltage: AC100-240V (± 10%), 50 / 60Hz (V)
Display Colors: 16.7m
Lamp color temperature: 9000K
Lamp life time: 20000hrs
Projection size: 38-100"
Projector consumption: 50W
Correction: Optical±15°
A single continuous use time: ≤24hour
Audio Frequency: 2W+2W
Signal Ports: VIDEO INPUT(1.0Vp-p +/-5%), VGA INPUT ([email protected] [email protected]), HDMI INPUTB(480i 480p 576i 720p 1080i 1080p)
USB TF Card Format: Video Format: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, RM, AVIRMVB, MOV, MKV, DIVX, VOB, M-JPEG(only unsupported 640*480),
Music Format: WMA, Mp3, M4A(AAC)
Photo Format: JPEG, BMP, PNG
Weight: 1272g

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  • +1

    This surely isn't actually a DLP projector, right?

    The model number appears to have been copied from a ~$2000 Optoma but from the pictures it's not the same at all.

  • +3

    Hmm… doesn't say what the native resolution is. After 3 mins of googling, found this:


    Not saying it is the same projector, just it sure looks like the same one to me.

    • +1

      Or if you prefer, you can just buy directly from China for USD67.50 delivered. :)


      Marketing material looks the same, specs are the same. Pretty sure it is the same projector.

    • +3

      Yeah if it doesn't say native 1080p, it's not 1080p.

      If it doesn't say 3000 ANSI lumens, it's not 3000 lumens. Especially at 50W power consumption.

      Rule of thumb with fake lumens is to divide by 6 to get a decent estimate.

      Around this price, there's a F500 projector from Kogan that's real 1080p (but not real lumens).

      • -1

        Man I hope OP didn't pull the trigger.

  • I call bullshit.

    Similar "model" and sepcs to optima but price and look seem to match the cheapo in ebay link by geek001


  • +1

    I am thinking i might buy one and compare the actual light output to that of a real 3000w ANSI projector, for future ozbargain reference when these cheap projector deals pop up.

  • Pretty sure i see the same projector on Taobao for ~400RMB. Bit of a price hike.

  • Doesn't say ANSI lumens or DMD size? nah.

  • Op opened this "deal" for consulting the product. There isn't any bargain here

  • +2

    I see from the above this is total garbage, and overprices garbage. So why no negs?

    The 9000K lamp is interesting :-) I believe that is the colour of the sky. At this point it becomes even more clear the specs are just made up.

  • Absolutely no deal

  • Shonky as (profanity). Mods are asleep.

  • +2

    Dodgy product. No deal. Dodgy dropship website.

    They can't even get their own email correct on the T+C page - is it [email protected] or [email protected] - make your mind up.

    • Doesn't matter as you probably won't get a reply Form either address 😜😂

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