[PS4] Shadow of The Colossus $20 + Delivery (Free with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon.com.au


I was looking for a cheap copy and came come across this.

As per the comments below, also $20 at EB Games and $15 for pre-owned.

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    Same price at EB. $15 for pre-owned.

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      Which means it's playable, yeah?

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        What’s the point of getting the game if you just watch someone else solve all the bosses? Most the bosses aren’t too difficult to quickly figure out by yourself.

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          For hard mode time attacks, the time is really limited. Easy mode and normal are fine. In time attack, you don't get to accumulate the grip meter bar and you must use default weapons. Also, you cannot get exact same attack going most of the time.

          The gold coins are a lot of efforts from various people (for their locations). Honestly, if you don't keep track of your gold coin collection, it will be a pain to hunt down the missing last few ones. Some gold coins can only be obtained with items which you must obtain from doing sufficient hard mode time attacks.


            @netsurfer: Ah ok, I played through normal mode and didn't bother collecting the coins.

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              @FireRunner: Time attacks (normal and hard) are the only ways to get the special items. They are great for standard game play. Cloth of desperation (kinda like a mini parachute) is required to collect some of the gold coins. Some of the sword(s) can achieve 1 hit kill on a sigil. Cloth of invisibility means just walk through the first part of the final boss since he cannot see you to shoot you. All those goodies cannot be used in time attacks of course.

              Things I didn't realise until I watched youTube videos. There are different jumps (the circle meter - the one goes from inside to outside - the same meter that determines how much damage you can do to a sigil - also determines how much you jump up). Jump stab is something you will find very useful in hard mode time attacks for a number of bosses. Also, there is normally a spot in the sigil area where you can retain grip much easier (with exceptions as some bosses you must aim for the middle).

              Normal game play - sure, just enjoy it. Time attacks - might as well know how to do it the fastest possible way. It's not as easy as you think to emulate the fastest method on some of the bosses. Some youTube videos actually show you slower / less optimal ways.

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