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Tesmart KVM Switch 18gbps for Laptops / Consoles $129.99 Shipped (Was $149) @ Tesmart Australia via Amazon AU


TESmart kvm switch widely application,such as smart home appliance,office,bar,programmer,Computer room management,entertainment,discount in the product buying page
Hello,the discount without Coupon Code,I have done a promotion to my product

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    • Share your monitor, keyboard&mouse between your 4 computers

    How did you know I have 4 computers ???


    $120.99 for a USB hub and HDMI switch…


    Price is $149.99 - is there a code to lower or is this sold out Op?

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    It has a deal ,you buy it cost AU$129.99

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    I keep looking at these and then deciding against it. I want USB 3. Yes I know I could plug the device into the right machine, but I want to switch my KVM, mic and Logitech Brio between devices. I won't get 4K video with USB 2.

    OP, any news on USB 3 support?


    I just find the KVMs since the VGA days are super overpriced for what they are. Ended up getting a 4 way HDMI switch (buttons / hardware based switching) and an ATEN 4 way USB hub instead. Yeah, separate boxes, but worked out to be less than half the price of any HDMI based KVMs and sure that it is 100% HDMI compatible when switching.


    Hi guys,Could you tell us the reason why I did not choose this product, For the price,or product quality?Give us some suggestions to improve our product,service,and rereasonable price for you,thank you so much!!!


      Hi OP, I think there are a number of reasons:
      1) Your initial post wasn't clear about the discount being applied. Clarifying that the discount applied at Check out helped though I notice that clarification is gone in the latest post edit
      2) This class of product in the market is expensive compared to separate USB and HDMI switches (as per bchliu above)
      3) There are similarly functional products on ebay for AUD60-70 though only do 4K at 30Hz. I'm not sure on the quality.
      4) There are still some stability and latency doubts on your product with some Amazon review comments which makes me question your price premium even with discount

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