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Xiaomi 20W Qi Fast Wireless Charger & Xiaomi Dual USB Car Charger $29.49 US (~$42.98 AU) Delivered @ GeekBuying


With all the frequent 10W wireless charger deals posted here it's time for a 20W wireless charger. It supports the Qi Extended Power Profile (EPP) standard that allows it to charge phones that have Qi over 10W. This includes the Mi 9 at 20W, Pixel 4 at 11W and the LG V30/V35/G8 at 15W.

It also supports the standard 10W Qi charging found in other phones including Samsung, 7.5W found in iPhones and 5W in older legacy Qi phones. You can check here to see if your phone has wireless charging.

This charger can either be mounted in the car with the sticky base or air vent mount. It has an inbuilt fan for heat dissipation and includes a Dual USB Car Charger for powering the wireless charger.

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    Xiaomi 20W Qi Fast Wireless Charger & Xiaomi Dual USB Car Charger $29.49 US (~$29.49 AU) Delivered @ GeekBuying

    If only the AUD was on parity with USD :(

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    I’ve got one of these bought in China for like $30, great product very well made but I keep forgetting removing the phone before switching off the car and it doesn’t allow you to open the side grapples

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      Yes, me too! Turn off the car, try to get phone, curse oneself, turn car on, eject & grab phone, turn car off again…. I do this so much I'm contemplating some sort of power delay circuit (like a turbo timer) that keeps power to the device for 90 seconds or so after the car is off.


    Ordered with priority shipping

    Order Subtotal : AU$ 75.32
    Shipping Cost : AU$ 3.77
    Coupon Amount : -AU$ 30.89
    Grand Total : AU$ 48.20


    Just purchased with priority shipping also. Let's hope it is good.


    I just purchased this during the black Friday promo, love it!

    I worked out that with the Note 10+ you can still slide it out with no issues, so if you turn the car off it aint a bit problem :)

    I changed the vent connector to the suction cap one, as the vent connector on my Isuzu MUX is just not usable.

    High recommend this unit, worth every dollar.


      Which suction cup did you use? i also cant use the vent mount.


        Any word of which suction cup? Thinking of purchasing it too….


          Sorry guys I had been caught up in real-world nonsense and didnt know you all commented.

          I ended up taking off the suction cap from my old Samsung windscreen holder, it has been the best one and has gone on every single windscreen holder I have purchased in the last couple of years, still to this day it is much stronger than other cheaper brands.

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    these kind of sensor-based grippers are never reliable nor fast enough. in the end I went back to charger holders with gravity-spring mechanisms.

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