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[PS4, XB1] Wolfenstein 2 - The New Colossus $10 + Shipping ($0 with Prime or $39 Spend) @ Amazon Australia


Price match of EB Games one day sale. Better yet as you can now add cashrewards to your order!

PS4 version now sold out.

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  • what about Double Carrots?
    Is Amazon Matching that too


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      aren't they pretty much worthless though?

      • As someone who is Level 5 i find the perks for trade ins and the like worth it

        But yes… worthless mostly :P

      • I got $15 trade in value last month

  • PC version still $25

    • Thanks, edited.

      • PC version also $10 now

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    Just a heads up also on Xbox game pass.

    • Yep - Worth picking that up first for the $1 deal and trying it out, unless you want a nice physical copy.

      • doesn't that $1 deal with game pass lock you in for 36 months?

        • I had paid $1 for one month a couple of months ago. Cancelled before that ended. Haven't played a few weeks, didn't really have time and didn't miss it but now lets me pay $1 for another 3 months. I will probably cancel again at the end of the 3 months and wait for the next deal. Surprised it didn't have an issue with me already having been signed up before but only took $1 yet again!

          And to answer your above point - on the email I just received "We've charged AU$1.00 to PayPal for your 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You'll be billed every 3 months at AU$47.95 including tax. We'll email you ahead of time if that price ever changes. Manage your subscription to review the latest info, change how you pay, or cancel at any time to stop future charges. Enjoy!"

        • Abaolutley not, where did you get this information from?

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          You’re getting confused. People top up there Gold too 36 months (I only did 12) before activating the $1 trail because it converts existing Gold to Game Pass + the 3 months.

          I did:
          1. $1 Gold trial months.
          2. VPN for 12 months of Gold Brazil.
          3. $1 three months of Game Pass.
          4. Activated the Dicord Nitro deal, which then gives you another 2 months.

          All up I got 15 months of Game Pass Ultimate for under $50.

          • @PainToad: As above topped up a 12 month Xbox gold prepaid then added a extra 3 months Wich topped my gold to ultimate now I have 15 months of ultimate for a extra dollar then cancelled my PayPal out of it so it doesn't charge me in the future.

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    Damn wish the Switch version was that price :-/

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      try getting any game on the switch for that price even your worst shovelware

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      Not really worth playing on the switch. Graphics are very underwhelming and low fps is common. Still amazing that it can even play it though!

      • The Switch is going to end up like the Wii, sure it sold a cubic shit tone, but after a few years the under specs really hindered software.

        • Wii was targeting a completely demographic of people who just wanted Wii Sports and Just Dance.

          Switch has a demographic of people who want to be able to play their console games anywhere.

          With the Wii, even if you wanted to play a "AAA" port, most of the time you still had to mess around with motion controls.

          Switch has normal controls, a variety of touch, motion, and traditional based games, and some of the greatest games and franchises of all time on the system running perfectly well (BOTW, Super Mario Odyssey, Skyrim, Witcher 3, Dragon Quest XI, Doom, Super Mario Maker 2, Rocket League, Fortnite, Undertale, NBA2K, Tetris, Pokemon, Splatoon 2, Okami, etc, etc, etc)

          It's definitely got more variety and wider longer-lasting appeal than the Wii ever did.

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            @Ninternet: Yes, but like Wii, the Switch is extremely underpowered compared to other consoles in it’s generation. But it’s even worse with the Switch because a new generation is less than 12 months away.

    • Yeah I bought it recently for switch, but kind of regretting it. The motion blur is awful. This $10 deal for the other systems would have been far better. Oh well, wanted to see how the little guy could handle it.

  • Can I install this and play without the disc?

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      • Thanks, that sucks though :(

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          Welcome to 2013

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    This kind of shit makes me think about getting a PS4 instead of my switch

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      Do it. I now buy 90% of my games for my PS4 Pro, I have zero regrets — I save money and the graphics are so much better in 4K HDR. The only stuff I buy for Switch is exclusives.

    • The Switch is a great console but you have to know it's limitations and it's place. To me you always need a Xbox or Playstation (or both) in the house too. It's great that Wolfenstein and games like Witcher 3 work on a Switch but everybody would agree it's not the best place to play it.

    • Bought a PS4 during Black Friday sales and now have over 20 games, most of which were priced between $5 to $18.

    • Might wanna wait. Next gen consoles are less than an year away. Or buy a cheap second hand one.

  • Thanks OP.

    The first Wolfenstein was the first (cheap) game I bought almost 12 months ago when I managed to grab the price error XB1X from TGG and enjoyed it. Been keeping an eye out for this to drop in price.

  • Damn looks like ps4 version sold out

  • is it worth $10? genuine question

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      I've only recently got a ps4 and used to get used games from anywhere for $2-$10 used for the ps3.
      I am struggling to find games in this price range with the ps4, so for something brand new and shipped (if a prime member) for $10 i think it's worth it.
      Also of course depends if you like this sort of game or not…

  • Bah god damn it, I clicked on the link and ordered it without looking properly as the title said XB1 as well. I just received the package and i realised i had ordered the PS4 version :(.

  • Mine just arrived, first time a ps4 game hasn't been sealed from Amazon. No issue with the contents though. Out of curiosity did anyone else's come without the plastic film seal?

    • Just got mine, also no plastic film.