Phone for Mum.

My mum is looking for a phone around $300, that has a good camera and battery life, but we need it before the 22nd of December.

She would prefer it to come from an Australian retailer as it's much easier for warranty. If there's another way for easy warranty on imported phones clue me in. But I've experienced it myself. The charging port on my imported phone broke and I replaced it myself since the shipping would be more time and costly.

I've had a look and I'm thinking the Nokia 6 is a good option, as well as the Asus ZenFone zoom 3 but couldn't find that locally… But is there any better option with our situation?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Forgot to add my mum has the iPhone 6s currently so she wants one as similar in size as possible.

A20 also looks a good option, Harvey Norman nearby and the Post Office stock it. Other than the size of it for her, she's 5ft 2, and so we're going tomorrow to the retailers to check out the sizing on some the phones we're considering.


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    What's wrong with the 6s?
    At a $300 budget, the new phone might be a downgrade.


      Battery life, only 2-3 hours SOT

      A new phone with a 5000mah battery like the Asus one I mentioned would get at least 7 hours SOT. She is very frustrated with it. Feels like she always needs a battery pack and having her cable on her at all times.

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        You'd get more than 7 hours on the iPhone 6 with a new battery, more than twice that.

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      This, 6S, the battery is relatively cheap to replace in that model too due to Apple's 'apology for making your device slower because it has less battery life' program. Changing the battery may improve performance as well. Especially if I had a parent used to an iPhone I wouldn't want the tech calls that come with changing them to a cheap android phone that is likely worse in most if not all respects.


        Oh, I thought that finished that's what I told her. Good to know. I used it about a year ago to get my iPhone 6's battery replaced since it expanded under the screen. $60 was a good deal.

        She would take a downgrade with much better battery life. The battery life should be doubled with the Asus Zenfone 3 zoom.


          I don't think it's quite as cheap as it was ($80 perhaps now? was $39), but those models are still cheaper than the newer ones. Still heaps cheaper than a new phone. The battery case on the iPhone 6/6s is decent. I used to have one when travelling, really made a difference. Looks a bit weird but actually feels good in the hand.


        Yeah I hear yah on that one, changing her from iOS to Android will be difficult for us. But she said she's willing to do it if the battery life is much better.


      Cheers, mum's hesitant to buy the locked version. Still she might not like the size even if we were to buy it for $225 unlocked. Going in store tomorrow.

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    I got a Moto G7 power for the battery and it has delivered on that front. Wasn't expecting much from the camera but it's better than I expected. Your can search a deal on the site here for $300 direct from Moto.


    For $300 lol may as well throw it on black. Wouldnt worry about warranty whatever you get will be a throw away and worth $100 soon as you leave the store.


    I got my mum a20. More than good for her, especially the battery.

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    I bought two A20's from the Telstra website on deal for $179 each with free delivery
    Locked to Telstra obviously but you can pay to have them unlocked if don't want to remain with Telstra

    I bought two for Xmas gifts and they look fantastic phones especially for $179

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    Both the easiest and best - not to mention cheapest - solution is to simply replace the battery. That’s all your mum wants and needs. Don’t make her life more difficult by having to learn a new OS, not to mention the rest of the ecosystem, including apps. She will be more than happy.


    Go Samsung A anything… I recently purchased an A80 (not in Aust) for a gift, and it is amazing.

    You don't worry too much about "warranty"… phones are much cheaper to buy on eBay and offer warranty - Aust sellers, shipped in 24h.

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