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[PC, Mac] Humble Filmmakers Bundle PWYW US $1 - $30


Make the videos and films of your dreams with our newest bundle! Get movie-making software like HitFilm Pro, packs from ActionVFX and Triune Digital, music from Filmstro Pro and much more.

Many people will be drawn to this bundle for HitFilm Pro which is included in Tier 3. HitFilm combines a lot of functionality from Adobe Premiere and After Effects in the one software package. It looks powerful and easy to use, however one YouTuber commented that it's not the best for editing 4K content. Apparently it's not optimised well enough for 4K. For 4K you can look at DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere / After Effects. HitFilm is also available as a free version named HitFilm Express which has fewer effects and features.

Ignite Pro (a visual effects and presets plugin suite) will be of interest to users of other video editing software.

The combined stock footage and weapon FX from all 3 tiers adds up to about 48 GB of content.

Tier 1 US$1 (~AU$1.44)
  • smartREKT Adobe After Effects script
  • Controlit Adobe After Effects script
  • ActionVFX Stock Footage - Smoke
  • ActionVFX Stock Footage - Debris & Impact
Tier 2 BTA Currently US$27.59 (About AU$39.89)
  • All of Tier 1
  • Action Pro (software program used in conjunction with HitFilm)
  • ActionVFX Stock Footage - Particles
  • Cinematic LUTs V4 (Lookup tables compatible with many video editors)
  • Modular Lower Third Kit - Corporate Style (Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro Template)
  • smartL3RD (Adobe After Effects Template)
Tier 3 US$30 (About AU$43.38)
  • All of Tier 1 and Tier 2
  • HitFilm Pro (software program)
  • Ignite Pro (visual effects and presets plugin suite compatible with many video editors)
  • Filmstro Pro - one year subscription (Music library with keyframeable momentum, depth and power)
  • ActionVFX Stock Footage - Fire
  • ActionVFX Stock Footage - Explosions
  • ActionVFX Stock Footage - Gun FX
  • ActionVFX Stock Footage - Blood & Gore
  • EXTINCTION Sci-Fi Weapon FX Pack (4k) - Muzzle Flashes
  • EXTINCTION Sci-Fi Weapon FX Pack (4k) - Energy FX
  • EXTINCTION Sci-Fi Weapon FX Pack (4k) - Electric FX
  • EXTINCTION Sci-Fi Weapon FX Pack (4k) - Bullet Trails
  • EXTINCTION Sci-Fi Weapon FX Pack (4k) - Impacts
  • Modular Lower Third Kit - Flat Style (Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro Template)

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  • wow.. FXHome are still going with their SFX animation / keyframe software.. I remember using a really early version maybe 15 years ago? I'll probably pick up the bundle just for their software.

    • Did you end up getting it and is it any good?

      • haven't bought it yet, but it allows easy keyframing and rotoscoping of laser fire, light sabres, gun muzzle flashes etc. to be added in to videos. great to do something with the kids (though admittedly when I was looking at it the first time it was years before I HAD kids!) over the holidays.. shoot a short action movie then add in explosions, blood etc. check out Freddie Wong's channel on youtube for LOTS of videos where he's added in the after effects with FXHome.

  • Any good for FCPX?

    • I don't see why you couldn't use the stock footage in FCPX.

      Not sure about the After Effect plugins and scripts. Probably not.

      169 of 185 [Ignite Pro] plugins are compatible with Apple Final Cut Pro X.

      Trial of Ignite Pro

  • They have recently improved several features in HitFilm;

    • Hardware acceleration is greatly improved, including timeline scrubbing - not sure how Nvidia compares to AMD on this front
    • Hitfilm can now use many plugins written for Adobe Premiere

    Additionally, most of the HitFilm plugins (That's what Ignite Pro is) will work in Adobe Premiere, Vegas Pro, and many other video editing programs, as mentioned by the OP.

  • Is this worth getting? I just want a video editing software that I could easily set up and use - also does this have any subscription or is this a one off payment product??

    • +3 votes

      One off payment, non-subscription.
      I'd suggest downloading a copy of the free Express edition and seeing if you like it. Watch some YouTube beginner tutorial videos to get a hang of the basics. If you're happy with HitFilm and the Express edition meets your needs, stick with it. If you'd like additional features, consider buying the bundle. The bundle is available for another 17 days.
      HitFilm Express

      • Exactly what I would have said…

      • Shows that it expires in ~20 hours for me.

        EDIT: Nvm, that's what I get for reading on a tablet … not enough screen space :/

  • They don't seem to specify which version of HitFilm Pro this is….

  • Heads up… after buying this I was stunned to find there are expiry dates on the serial keys. For example Hitfilm Pro key expires in March 2020. I'm p1ssd if this means I can't install/reinstall software at a later date, say if I upgrade PC or have to reinstall operating system. I also don't have any immediate plans to install software, just bought for possible future projects. Sent a query to Humble and asked for refund if this is the case. Hitfilm Pro is also limited to 1 machine installation.

    • Normally Hit film Keys get connected to your login at FXhome, so I imagine once installed it will be connected to your account from then on.

      I think normally Hitfilm installs on 3 PCs, so the 1 PC install might be wrong, or it might be because it's part of this bundle.

    • They refunded me so I assume the serial keys actually do expire in short time. Either that or it was easier for them refund me rather than find out for sure.