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Sony STR-DN1080 7.2 Atmos Receiver $979.30 + $9.99 Delivery / Free Click & Collect @ JB Hi-Fi


Good price for this receiver, usually RRP is around $1400.
I have one myself and is a good receiver bought it from JBHIFI last year. Part of Christmas 5 day sellout promotion and ends on midnight today.

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  • Had this unit since launch. Best you can buy for this sort of money. Has been cheaper but still excellent value.

  • Very happy with mine.

  • Just came to add how good this receiver is, love mine!

    • Heard very good things but can't believe it's still around the $1000 mark on special. One of the big reasons for the great reviews is the price to performance ratio. In the States and UK it's normal price is $500/£500 (on special around 400) I know conversion rate isn't great but when this came out almost 3 years ago it was nowhere near the exchange rate we have now.

  • That's an extraordinarily great review. I'll be up grading my amp when I upgrade my TV as I'll be needing HDCP 2.2. Only need a 5.1 system so this is overkill, but seems to be an excellent price for what it is.

  • If you're in the market for a quality Receiver you should consider the Pioneer NC-50DAB.
    I'm stoked with my new one and they're on sale at AV Australia for $699 shipped (RRP $1499)

    • Did you use a discount code? It's $1297 at the moment.

    • Interested but it is not $699.. how can I buy for this price.

    • The Pioneer NC-50DAB is a completely different category of product as it is a network audio player and not an AVR like the Sony STR-DN1080. This means you can't connect all your HDMI consoles and players to it like you can with a traditional AVR.

      I bought the Sony STR-DN1080 at launch for this price and it has been fantastic. I will be upgrading to a HDMI 2.1 enabled AVR next year so I will soon be getting rid of the Sony but hopefully by then they release an updated model with HDMI 2.1.

  • From the manual:
    Connect speakers with a nominal impedance of 6 ohms to 16 ohms.

  • If you still have the Sony Amex offer, price match at a Sony Kiosk for another $100 saving.

  • I have had mine since June 2018 when I managed to buy it off Amazon UK for $711 then.
    Even at $ 979 I won't hesitate to recommend it.
    Great amp and sounds excellent when paired with the right speakers.

    • What speakers are you using with this amp?

      I have Q Acoustics 3090c as center + Big old and ugly Awia Floorstandars for Fronts + Polk T15s for surrounds + Q Acoustics 3020 as top firing speakers with SVS SB-2000 sub. Even with this ragtag speakers the amp really shines and is great.

      I should also note, that only the centre speaker is on desk rest are on floors and not even at right height.