New Mac Pro Is $50k+, Is It Tax Deductible?

Most expensive consumer pc ever. I think 50k is in USD. Not sure how much in Australia.

If I buy that, can I claim tax deduction on it if I use it for work purposes even if it is just Word, Excel, and such.

If I can, imagine how much I can sell after full depreciation in 2 years.


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    It is not a consumer PC, it is a workstation designed to be used by video editors and some other groups of professionals.

    It is also not the most expensive workstation PC ever, you can spec up a Dell to even a higher price.

    Read more about current limits for instant tax depreciation:

    If you sell something that was previously fully depreciated, you are supposed to pay tax on the amount you sold it for:

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      Not if I get cash for it :) but if guess you know that, because you said 'supposed to'

      Thanks for the other info.

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        I would guess any single deduction of that value for an individual would raise audit red flags at the ATO. They also weigh your claims against the averages of your job profile.


        Why go to all this bother to do tax fraud? Just make a fake invoice if you want to commit fraud.

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      Yeah people don't understand the difference.

      At work I had 2 SGI Tezros worth $35k each - later replaced with Dell Precision workstations with dual hex core Xeons with Quadros running linux with tons of ECC ram, ssd and hdd. They cost at least $20k each.

      Also OP doesn't understand what a tax deduction is. It reduces your taxable income, so you save by whatever your marginal tax rate is - the rest YOU pay for, the deduction doesn't pay for the whole amount.

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    Op is dreamin

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    would like to see someone claim TRS on it

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    I'd you claim the instant tax write off, from memory you can claim no further depreciation. If you were on the highest tax bracket, you are still paying nearly $27k or so for a computer. As you are asking this question, and about a $50k iMac, I assume you are not on the highest tax bracket.

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    Are you bored and trolling?

    Your past posts reflect an interest in Samsung and PC related gear!

    So why the sudden change, masked with "is it tax deductable"?

    Are you studying journalism?

    BTW not a consumer PC and not the most expensive either

    Award goes to The Luvaglio One Million Dollar Laptop – $1 million

    Or 1975 IBM Portable Computer – $19,975 ($96K in todays $)


    You'll still be left with an expensive paper weight at the end of it.

    Even if you sell it at the end, you need to add that onto your income..

    If you want tax deductions just donate money to a charity of your choosing.

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    a $50k computer just for word, excel? ha ha ha ha

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    Even with a tax deduction this is still going to cost you a whole lot of money. But please do it so we can all be entertained. Make sure you pay on credit for those sweet sweet frequent flyer points.

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      LOl OP doesn't understand what a deduction does. How embarrassing. Surprisingly common how many people (even well educated people) think a tax deduction is free money. Morons.

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    This from the same person who asked

    Is it even legal to make U-turn at the round about?


    Computer says no.


    if u just use it for excel word, that does not count as required for ur work since any pc can do it u dont need a $50k top notch workstation, and if u have private usage u need to subtract the % of usage from the total cost.

    and if u sell it u need to remove the sell price from ur tax deduction. and there's no way hardware fully depriciate in 2 years. on my tax returns i use 5 years for hardware which was wat ato website suggested.

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