Why are people so clueless at two-lane roundabouts? (image)


Close-up: https://imgur.com/a/Uhb175T

Full version: https://maps.app.goo.gl/ma7Z1YhS6xgqyM7k9

I've marked each lane with 1 and 2 for reference. I go past this roundabout every day and it can get quite congested in the mornings even though it shouldn't, and it's only because people are completely clueless and non-observant. Notice how Lane 1 is private and unconnected from the rest of the roundabout. Oncoming traffic from the right (ie, the white Ute) can only approach from a single lane.

Therefore, if you're in Lane 1, you can proceed without giving way. Traffic from the right cannot cross into your lane (they have no reason to anyway). If you're in Lane 2, you need to give way as normal as you're sharing a lane with oncoming traffic.

What completely baffles and annoys me is that, in situations as in the photo, people still stop in Lane 1 and wait for oncoming traffic to pass. They don't realize that they have their own lane to proceed into. Because of that, there are traffic jams stretching way back to the prior intersections. Call me road rage, but I'm compelled to honk at the car in front of me if they stop. They're clearly not focusing on their surroundings and environment so their lack of awareness needs to be pointed out, even if they're just being safe.

If I'm in Lane 1 I'll still look right and have my foot ready to brake just in case another common idiot is doing something unheard of, but otherwise I'm happy to proceed freely even if there is oncoming traffic coming. That's what 2 lanes are for!


    • If a car was turning left after the roundabout then they should get in the left lane BEFORE the roundabout.

      • There's only 1 lane before the lane markings in the diagram… But sure, if I was heading for the left of the lane marking, I would position my vehicle towards the left as I approached them

        • Even more reason for the car to stay in the right lane. I've never seen a roundabout that goes from 1 lane into 2 mid roundabout. Maybe the issue is that the lane markings weren't done correctly and badly need fixing.

  • Yet ANOTHER thread about this and the OP thinks there is now "Private Lanes" in a roundabout 😂

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    Next post: So I was hit at a round-about and my insurance company won't pay.

    Worst of OzB.

  • Key point is to enter the round about when it is safe to do so.
    If the person driving doesn't think it's safe to enter well bad luck OP.
    Sometimes people judge gaps differently.
    Other than that wtf is a 'private lane'?

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    im just impressed your last 6 posts has generated over 1000+ comments.

  • Can't read all the comments but it drives me nuts too. People can not use roundabouts. At peak hour every roundabout is a nightmare because 1 in 3 people seem to wait forever to get on, even if they can clearly enter like in Lane 1.

    PLUS People using indicators incorrectly on roundabouts really kills me. For that reason i cannot trust indicators near roundabouts and must wait till I see what people are doing. I feel your pain!

  • OP is wrong, but people here always fail to realise when people are overly cautious when in peak hour.
    I do sympathise with the OP as you have to be a lot more savvy with driving in peak hour, some people really do just sit there (in Lane 1 position) without moving watching multiple cars go by when there is a clear gap to proceed.

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    Ah good, someone who think they know the road rules but is actually incorrect. What you'll find is that people are allowed to change lanes in a roundabout, especially one like this one that goes from 1 lane to 2 lanes if they need to access something in the other lane right after the round about. the only rule you should be concerned with is give way to those already on the round about, especially if they are indicating left to show that they are taking the next exit

  • Isn't the point of giving way to all cars on a multi lane round about because sometimes those cars needs to changes lanes to exit the roundabout?

  • How is the ute supposed to know that cars coming from lane 1 are required to turn left and so the ute somehow knows to stay in the right lane to turn left when exiting…. ridiculous.

    Most ute drivers would move into the left lane straight away in order to make that left exit. (But OP doesn't want to give way to them).

  • Europeans in backpacker vans at a roundabout Omfg

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    A case of trusting instincts vs trusting the system.

    Some people have the instinct to not trust the system. Others, have the faith to trust the system.

    Ideally, everyone trusts the system and it works. If not, better they stop till their system works instead of having half commitment and potentially causing an incident.

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    Call me road rage, but I'm compelled to honk at the car in front of me if they stop.

    Calm down OP! These people are trying to drive a piece of machinery in close proximity to others and not die.

    People make mistakes on the road and anticipating mistakes is just good driving.
    You need to just get up earlier and stop blaming others for being late.

  • What is the rule if you have someone entering the roundabout at exactly the same time as you on the right but they are travelling 2 or 3 times faster than you and smash into your car? Going to be hard to prove that he had to give way to you.

    • By the sounds of this, if you both enter the round about at the same time, Car A has given way to traffic on the round about as Car B is only entering the round about now.
      It doesn't sound like an issue with Right of Way, it seems Car B (that enters on the right of car A) would simply rear-end car A and therefore be at fault. They didn't adjust to a safe speed as per the traffic in front of them.

      EDIT - Using the QLD rule of 'give way to any traffic on round about' for that justification

  • so what happens if that 2 lane roundabout merge into 1 lane just after exiting? are you still supposed to stop and give way?

  • Depends if the traffic coming from the right side has cars turning right from the left lane.

  • Once again a post that proves those who have no knowledge are often the most opinionated.

  • Therefore, if you're in Lane 1, you can proceed without giving way.

    While it seems to make sense here, you need to give way to traffic already in the roundabout. The sign on the RHS on your picture is a give way sign.

    You are legally allowed to change lanes in a roundabout - and in this case it looks like the lane splits to two inside the roundabout, meaning a driver coming from the right could choose either lane. If they hit you, it's your fault as you should have given way to them as they were already in the roundabout.

    It's a really poor design, but I certainly wouldn't go without checking twice for the above reasons.

  • SlavOz needs to hand in their licence

  • Sometimes doing the right thing is wrong for other people. If you need to go to your destination without overspeeding and giving way to someone who's already on the roundabout. Get up early and drive earlier to lessen the chance of accident.

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