This was posted 2 years 6 months 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Apple AirPods with Charging Case (2nd Gen) $209 @ Big W ($198.55 OW Price Match)


Catalogue says Apple Airpods but Big W only have Airpods 2nd gen in stock.

Use WISH gift cards or price match at Officeworks to bring it down to $198.55.

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      • It's now tomorrow but the 'Add to Cart' button is greyed out.

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        You don't want to be seen wearing last year's tech.

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        I use to hate in ear headphones that's why I got a Airpod and a Bose QC35. Since I got the Airpods Pro for 2 weeks ago, I was expecting the that horrible feel with something stuck in your ears, but real life experience was great and comfortable.

        I found that the Sound quality, the noise cancelling, the comfort (Finally doesn't fall out of my ear) and the controls are all far superior. I like my QC35, but Queensland summer really killed it.

        For me, Airpods is to situational, it can't be used in all occasions where as Airpods pro is one for all.

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          I wouldnt say not worthwhile it's still good. I never had trouble falling out of my ears when I was using airpods 1. The pro, however, is the most comfortable in-ear earphones on the market. Second to none.

          If you can chuck in extra $$ get the pro but if you don't, this is a great choice.

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      If you dislike canalphones, then AirPods Pro aren't something you'd want to buy.

  • Are the pro's going on special?

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      Unlikely… out of stock in most places other than Apple itself.

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    Will the price reduce more during boxing day or Christmas? Or we should buy right now?

    • I would like to know too, not sure if I should wait or buy it now.

    • How can anyone answer that….

    • Seeing how they are often around the $198 mark it is likely. But then they would not be a a Christmas Gift.

  • Will Officeworks price match given the Big W site shows these as "home delivery only"?

    • that has been removed as of 8.00 am EST and now available pick up.

    • Just bought one from OW with price match.

    • got one from OW too with price match.

      • I also got it from OW price beat

        • My local OW refused to beat/match as there are no stock on nearby Big W's.

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            @Bjay: Show them the BigW catalogue (I used the online version). Worked for me. No questions asked on stock availability.

            • @atwilliams: I'll try that later. Thanks

            • @atwilliams: On the catalogue it doesn’t mention the V2

              • @smr23: Agree, but the on-line version of the catalogue clicks through to the Gen2 Airpods.

            • @atwilliams: what page is it in the catalog i cannot find it

          • @Bjay: No stock anywhere it seems…

            • @1st-Amendment: In stock in Lilydale, VIC around 9am but OW refused to beat the price as it was too far from my area

    • Urggh… Officeworks didn't price match for me as they couldn't find any local Big W stock on the website.

  • Craigieburn in VIC has stocks that you can price match with OW

  • Just noticed that Officeworks have lowered their price to $209, so price matching at Officeworks is no longer an option. At least when I got mine this morning, Officeworks had plenty of stock, so if you are happy with $209 (which is still $40 off RRP), it's an option.

    • they put their price back up, OW is fast in the out of stock game

  • theres no stock anywhere

  • office works put their price down to $209 too

    but now they have put it up again to $247


  • Just got it for $198.55 at Officeworks in Hoxton Park. They just got a delivery of stock this afternoon.

    • did they not check stock levels of nearby Big W stores at the Hoxton Park OW?

      • I thought they would but they just put it straight through.

  • Tried to price match at Auburn Officeworks but couldn't find any local big W that stocked it.

    So went to jbhifi and got them for $209.


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    Got one from Sydney Pitt St OW with price beat. No question asked.

  • The OW guy in Brisbane CBD store really didn't wanna price beat Big W, spent about 20mins stuffing around and checking the catalogue and whatever else. There was only one Big W store showing "low stock" left so I'm pretty sure he was hoping Big W would go out of stock suddenly. Which made me curious, do OW employees face some kind of penalty for accepting price beats? If I was working there I wouldn't care and just hand out price beats to anyone, really wonder why they try to make it so difficult.

    • I bought there at lunchtime. Stuffed around a bit but I did not pick up he was trying to get out of it. I told him Carindale and garden city BIGW still had stock.
      The only problem I had was I wanted two sets and he had to get a manager to authorise more than one with price beat.

  • Got OW to do the lowest price guarantee with Big W, but they only allow you to buy 1 set per customer.

    So my wife was getting a second pair so both our teenage girls could have a set for Christmas.

    By the time she asked them (a few minutes later as they took ages putting mine through), they had already re-lowered the price back to $209.

    • What time did you make your purchase at officeworks?

      • A few mins before this post.

  • Just bought 2x today ) with OW , all good Price 199,55 $ no questions asked in Melbourne , Highpoint office work

  • went to the glen waverley officeworks yesterday. The guy refused to sell it to me for 209 because out of stock at big w. google still showed the price at glen waverley at 209 but still refused to sell it to me.

    • Ended up doing online chat price match at Harvey Norman for $209. Picking up tonight.

  • Can someone tell me the biggest difference between the pro & gen 2?
    From the outside can you tell the difference?
    Need to get some for the teen & image is everything…

    • The Airpods Pro are better than the gen 2 in pretty much every way in terms of audio quality, comfort, noise cancelling.
      You can definitely tell the difference from the outside as the Pros are smaller and sleeker as you can see here

      The only downside is the price, if you can afford the Pros then definitely go for it.

  • Got one at JB today, price matched @ $209 and used Suncorp App to get 5% egift card off that.

  • Picked up a pair pricematched at OW's just then, seemed to have come back in stock in some Big W stores.
    They initially said no as they received an email from their headoffice to say all Big W's were OOS but they checked online, and called the store to confirm stock.

  • Hi guys

    I also just got a pair pricematched over the phone for click and collect.

    There is stock at Warringah (NSW) but they were happy for me to collect at Castle Hill.

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