CAUTION: Do Not Buy from

I ordered 2 Raspberry Pi 3 Premium Kit on the 6th of December with this deal:

I received an email after order saying being processed:
"Your order placed with the Co-op on December 6, 2019 2:23:43 PM AEDT is being processed at the University of Adelaide store."

Have been charged but no update since… My order is still "Pending" in my orders on my account.

I tried to contact them multiple times using the website but the links provided on their website or in email confirmation always returns 404…

I tried to contact them by phone but nothing, it is like they are dead:

  • 08 6282 1170: No reply
  • 1300 617 181 (customer service enquiries): They said to use the website due to "technical difficulties" but the website returns 404 pages when I try to contact them with the links provided.

That's a joke or a scam website!

Does anybody know how to contact these guys?
Do you think I should go to my bank and ask them to cancel transaction explaining my situation?


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  • did you use a credit card? If so, chargeback…..

  • Hi OP, I contacted them last week at [email protected] and received a reply a couple of days later.

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    From what it looks like, there was a price error ($29.99), which I assume is why you bought it. They probably were overloaded with orders and aren't fulfilling them….. They definitely aren't scammers as I doubt they'd be positioned in universities around the country otherwise.

    • That was a discount, not a price error.
      Even if they were overloaded with orders, that does not explain why you have NO WAY to contact them.
      I also haven't got any update from them for 10 days!
      Maybe I am the only one, maybe not but CAUTION…

      • That was a discount, not a price error.

        This made me laugh. What do you think a price error is? A too good to be true discount they don't want to fulfill. They are notorious for doing this, and many have paid the lifetime membership of $25 to get these. That's $25 that won't be refunded. You should've done research beforehand. Look at almost every deal by Coop on Ozbargain.

        You're $30 is way down the list of their priorities right now, sorry to say. They've got $15m to repay.

  • At the very least the administrator appointed should have shut down the website on 5 December 2019, or made it plain by updating the website to say that the company is under administration. The website is still up even today though?

    I would contact the administrators Phil Carter, Andrew Scott and Daniel Walley of PwC and get your money back. Note that you do not consider that you're a pre-appointment creditor because you paid after they were appointed and see what it is that they propose to do.

    • You think they are personally going to intervene to refund one random unsecured creditor ? That is some crazy expectations.

      • Administrators are personally liable for debt incurred during the trade on period. They have a duty at law to report to creditors. These are not crazy expectations at all. It's all in the Corporations Act. The name of the company during administration should also record on public documents that it is in administration. The website should have been updated by now. You're also assuming that a creditor who paid after the appointment date is an ordinary unsecured creditor treated the same way as a creditor pre-appointment - which is, as I identified, incorrect.

        • Administrators are personally liable for debt incurred during the trade on period

          And did McGrathNicol personally repay customers when they decided not to honour Dick Smith gift cards after the latter went bust? No.
          Unless Co-op get bailed out there is 0% chance of OP getting money back. If you actually read the Corporations Act you would know employee entitlements and secured creditors come first

          • @canyoudoitcheaper: You’re not reading right. The OP bought AFTER the VA/administration commenced. Your comments are misinformed. Gift cards issued pre appointment mean that those holding them after insolvency are ordinary unsecured creditors incurred PRE appointment. In this case the OP paid AFTER the insolvency commenced - ie during a period which the VA is personally liable. Plainly different circumstances.

          • @canyoudoitcheaper: OP isn't an unsecured creditor. kipps is 100% correct.


        I wouldn't want to be an administrator of a company trading whilst insolvent.

        • There's some very strong protections for administrators in this regard because otherwise no one would take the job.

          OP bought before it was placed in administration. Very arguably the administrators had a duty to collect from OP as the outstanding invoice counts as an asset.

          • @HighAndDry: OP did not buy before VA. It went into VA 5 December and he says he paid on the 6th. The website still appears to be operational even today.

        • Literally one of the first jobs a VA does at appointment is make a call as to which business units continue to trade. Unless it is clear that they will be profitable in the short term then the VA will not trade them on. Leases get disclaimed. Employees terminated. Etc. tonnes of powers.

    • They are still trading now as the administrators are still looking a potential buyer to "save" the business. If OP bought the product after the appointment of the administrator, then it has a better chance for the order to be fulfilled.

      Chargeback would be easier than being in a limbo for sure.

      • They can't really sell the business due to the company structure. They'll just be trading and offloading all stock and assets before likely entering liquidation.

  • I know you will not get to the end of my sentence bc I find you impatient- it is Xmas… do you understand

  • Ordered on the 6th of December when the report on it going into administration was on the 5th. Should they have been accepting orders?

  • chicken coop

  • It's similar issue I've had with Shopwoah. They cut off completely after notifying them of non-delivery of my order.

  • I would say the Uni Co-op has shut down since the University year has finished.
    Still if thats the case there should be an automated response or answer machine service.

  • So I called the Springfield (Qld) store and Toowoomba had my order but the number is disconnected lol. It says it's been sent but I haven't received it yet. Springfield said they will email toowoomba and get back to me. 2 days nothing but it's only 2 days. I'll call again tomorrow.

  • I got my email saying order cancelled and i will get a refund on monday. Today i get an email saying order was shipped but its not showing tracking details or anything in the email.

    Anyone else had the blank tracking details in their email?

  • PWC advised:
    On 24 November 2019, University Co-operative Bookshop Limited (the Co-operative) who operate Curious Planet, was placed in Voluntary Administration (VA).

    So if @kipps is correct then PWC will be finding the $ to repay us.

  • i've been advised should only buy in store with cash when a shop is in trouble like this. thats why i resisted their online sale.

  • Anyone get a refund or their parcel?

  • That's crazy there's one opposite my office, though tbh I've never/rarely ever seen it open…

  • Refund finally came through yesterday. Glad it is solved and not going to shop there again