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[PS4] Dualshock 4 Sunset Orange / Gold / Other Controllers $48 (Now in Store Only) @ Harvey Norman


Greetings everyone, Harvey Norman has dropped the price on this desirable Dualshock 4 colour which is now discontinued I believe.

Other Colours are also $48 thanks to RogueWolf, especially including the Gold colour which I don't believe is usually included for this price.

Price drop notification thanks to Price Hipster

As always, enjoy :)

Edit: Price increased online but reported as available in store until 29 Dec

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Where are those great bargain hunters on the $59.95 thread thinking its a great price lol .

    • That was me. It was! :-)

    • Right here chief, before this post too.

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      dags2016 on 17/12/2019 - 07:22

      just bought one from hardly normal for 48 dollars click and collect!!

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    …and if I wasn't boycotting HN…

  • Thanks..was looking for one

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    Amazon have price matched

    • Didn't saw it;( $49 is a nacon one

    • On the orange?

    • No orange, pal

    • Either way, thanks for the heads up! Ordered a black from Amazon instead

  • Anyone know what is a good price for PS3 controllers? Just got a secondhand console and have no idea.

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      I'd skip them. I feel like 4 controllers are much more durable, my DS3's all had horribly loose sticks so I'm glad I can retire them.

    • Dualshock are hard to find now and second hand ones are probably nerfed. You'd pay around $30. You can try asking at EB as they may have some behind the counter and some available online. Otherwise just grab a different branded wireless/bluetooth one and a pack of rechargeable batteries. They work fine.

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      You can use ps4 controllers on ps3

      • Cheers

        • Just keep in mind that the PS3 treats a DS4 as a generic controller. The middle PS button won't work and a few games are straight up non compatible.

          Having said that, I still vote you buy one because it is a great controller (the 90% of the time it works)

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    Good price. Also the Official Sony Dualshock 4 Dual Charging Station is on sale. $23.00 @ EB Games & Amazon AU

  • Sexy af colour

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    None in stock close to me for C&C so delivered it’s $53.95. It’s only $3 more from Sony delivered after cashback plus I’m not supporting Harvey Norman which is a small win in itself.

  • is this the latest version of the ps4 controller?

  • is there any difference with no-name controllers on ebay? except for the sony logo being absent. they're 10 bucks cheaper and lots of different colors.

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      Most of them are junk in my experience.

      • Legit? Is it battery issue or weird button feel? It's such a commodity now that I would think the quality would be as good.

        • Buying a fake one you will damn yourself everytime you use it

  • I picked up a blue camo Dualshock 4 a few weeks ago from HN for $48, sticker price was $98!
    Was hoping that it would work with the Vodafone TV for some casual gaming, but haven't had much luck yet. Does anyone have tips for Dualshock 4 and android TV?
    I've been using an 8bitdo controller that works perfectly… I was surprised the DS4 hasn't been as smooth a process.

    • I use an 8bitdo USB adapter for the DS4s on my TV and Switch. Never seemed to be able to get them right without it on any TV (Android and non-Android) but the 8bitdo adapters work perfectly. Got them for like $8 on some deal posted here a while back.

  • This is one sexy coloured controller..If only mine wasn't working 🤔

    • Mine is working fine too.. still got it as this colour is highly unlikely to be restocked .

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    Cheers Doweyy. Rang around few stores - Picked up sunset orange at JB Bondi Sydney price matched to HN - 2 more left for anyone up that way .

  • I would buy but the PS5 controller comes out to soon so I will wait

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      It's going to be one more year

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  • Just purchased one orange and one gold. Thank you!

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    all look to be $99 now

    • Just about an hour ago, I was at a HN store and also saw that the online price had been updated to $99. I decided to try my luck anyway and managed to grab two of these for $48 each. Still two left at the Loganholme store for anyone in that area.

  • Bugger. Just got email from Sony saying cant fulfil order so jump onto HN to grab one reluctantly (because HN) and now all back up to $99.

  • Expired. Back to $99

  • When I rang to see if one of the HN not so local to me still had stock of the Sunset Orange, the guy said that the special price @$48 goes until 29th.
    So it might be worth trying your local HN if you want one :)

  • I just called my local HN and was told that they are definitely still $48. They're sold out of Orange but have gold and others available.

  • Controllers definitely still $48 in-store. Was 2 Sunburnt Orange left on shelf at Harvey Forman flagship store Auburn NSW. After I purchased one this afternoon and left the store at 4.30pm. All the other colours are still available.

    Harven Norman $48 Sunbset Orange PS4 Controller Receipt.

    Web site showing stock for these stores and maybe more. So worth checking web stock and contacting store to confirm.

    • Auburn NSW
    • Bennetts Green, Newcastle NSW
    • Campbelltown NSW
    • Orange NSW
    • Wagga Wagga NSW
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    Also available at Target for the same price (in case you can't find it at your local Harvey Norman store)

  • I firmly believe that the price hike is permanent for the foreseeable future, unlike otherwise as some comments above have suggested.
    I shall affirm this statement by sharing my personal experience concerning this deal - as of 19.12.19 onwards.

    This story is rather lengthy, so please bear with me here as I provide some insight and context.

    Prior to this post, I had already had an interest in purchasing an additional complementary DS4, particularly in a special edition colour variation. I had first come by this post not long after its initial circulation but had held back due to personal engagements.

    It would not be wrong to believe that this remained $48 dollars. The nearest HN in my proximity that held stock of (Sunset Orange) was Moore Park, NSW. Nevertheless, I rang up to confirm that this was the case. They had only one left. Fine. Price? To my awe, $99 (could have expected it really). Same as the website.
    They stated that I could come over if I could 'price match' it to another/same retailer. Craving this particular model I showed up.

    Perhaps I'm exaggerating but really, I write this in the benefit of the consumer, but terrible customer service befell :(
    Not only was Harvey Norman adamant on the pricing, but this was also coupled with rather poor communication and product knowledge.
    Attempts were made to explain the situation - showing Target's price and this very OzBargain post - in a bid to lessen the premium.
    They stubbornly refused, shutting down, stating differences with the colour mismatch with the former and dismissing the previous price.

    The employee then went to see the manager, who seemed to know more about the circumstances. He labelled a massive price error as the cause for the brief reduction 2 days ago. I really do not want to lay blame and detest, they were probably just following guidelines and directions subscribed to them - they didn't do too much wrong throughout the process, but still, I was left overwhelmed and exasperated.

    Anyway, overall it really was pathetic. Safe to say I left with haste and newfound or more aptly reinvigorated animosity.

    Comparatively, right after I went next door to JB HI-FI Home. I tell you, it was night and day.
    It was neat that they had special colours in stock - not found on their website - and yet still priced at $49. Namely - ~6x Berry Blue, 2x Gold, and 1x Sunset Orange, and yes, I picked up what looked to be the final sunset orange left on the pegs.

    Helpful staff, swift service, absolutely nothing to complain about. They even were willing to price match the PS4 dual charger with EB games, win-win!

    Will not be doing business with Harvey Norman anytime soon.

    • +1

      Go Harvey Go!

      Thanks saved me the trouble of trying Moore Park

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