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SanDisk Ultra 32GB MicroSD - 3 for $15 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Shopping Square eBay


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  • $14.95 for delivery! And no, I am not interested in Ebay Plus.

    • You know there was a deal where you actually got ebay plus and profited $1?

      • Didn't see that one. I figured Ebay make enough out of me already, Lol!

        • I refreshed my Ebay app cache in android by deleted the cache data and then when i opened the app it offered me $50 gift card to sign up to ebay plus for $49 :) i did that and 4 days later i got emailed the $50 gift card so i got Ebay plus for FREE and they paid me $1 ontop haha

          Only sort of bad thing is that the gift card code can not be used in conjunction with a discount coupon codes but thats fine because there are always deals like this one to be had that dont require coupons.

          The offer appears on the ebayplus page in the ebay app and once you click on the banner you need to make sure it states join ebay plus for a $50 gift card on the very top in big text. ( Even though i saw this same banner in my ebay using the web browser the offer wasnt working and i didnt want to risk signing up without being sure i would get the $50 voucher

          Look at other peoples posts here for more info on how to get the deal working.

          • @vid_ghost:

            And no, I am not interested in Ebay Plus.

            So much more effort than I was bothered to exert. Nice comment.

            • @Flyerone: For how often i use eBay…Getting paid $1 to have 12 months of Ebay plus for free is well worth the trouble.
              I think overall I've probably saved around $300 in postage and ebay plus only promo's

              Amazon prime maybe a little better value for what it offers.

          • @vid_ghost: hey thanks i got the offer too by just loggin off (android app) and combine with $39 offer

  • OK so i ordered my 3 for $15 USB's from this same deal last week and they are still yet to SHIP! :)

    Dont buy these expecting them anytime SOON!

  • Is the charging cable mfi?

  • Thanks OP. Bought 3 for $15

  • I'm not sure what happened added all 3 items too my cart , it said buy 1 get 2 free next too each item in cart " offer applied" free shipping $30 discount so for whole 9 items was $15 shipped free eBay plus. ???


    Screen shot of checkout

    • The screenshot says Qty 1 for each item, and Items (3) at the bottom.
      So it looks like you got 1 of each item.

      To get 3 of one item, you have to increase the QTY to 3.

      • So I'm gathering the buy 1 get 2 free offer applied doesn't matter ?

        Here's the price when I change quantity too 3 of each


        • In your case, you still got the offer but for 3 different items (Discount -AU $30.00)

          In the product listings it says "BUY 1, GET 2 FREE (add 3 to cart)" above the item picture. I'm guessing if you don't add 3, then you probably only get 1 item for $15

        • Interesting. If you add 9 items to your Cart, it looks like the offer only applies to 3 items (-$30) and the rest are charged at full price (hence $135 - $30 = $105).

          If you want 3 of more than 1 product, try splitting it into separate transactions.

          • @1bug: If you want 3 of each for $15

            $15× 3 = $45 total.

            You will need to order them in 3 separate orders.. not all 9 items in one go.

            The buy one get 2 free deal applies to each single order of 3 items. But doesnt stack past 3 items.

    • You got 1 of each item. Looks like you can mix and match.

  • there are Lexar microSDs at the same price, I would choose them.
    And yes, you can mix the orders so any 3 items from the deal for $15

  • Avoid the Kingston Data 3.0 32GB, it's writing speed is max 12.2MB/s on USB 3 port and 4K is about 0.
    Basically rubbish TLC chip.


    Controller Vendor: Phison
    Controller Part-Number: PS2251-09(PS2309) - F/W 08.06.5D [2018-09-28]
    Flash ID code: 89C40832 - Intel [TLC]

    Got those from the shopping square last time.

  • And a proper made USB 3.0 drive is like this:

    Self made. Using high spec chips. Brand it as Legend, product name is realdamfast!

    Controller Vendor: SMI
    Controller Part-Number: SM3267AE - ISP 170911-0AE
    Flash ID code: ECDE94F3 - Samsung - 4CE/Single Channel [MLC] -> Total Capacity = 32GB

  • Great for any Raspberry Pi Zero's you might want to set up.