Which Secondhand Sport Car Is Worth It for The Money (for Weekend Drive)

my current situation
I have a mortgage of 250k left
Recently married
26 y/o
Geo engineer
I make 95k a year (with tax)

I got a 4x4 car/ute from work to drive to work and to site
I own a ford fiesta 2015

Misseus gave me permission to buy a sport(ish) car, nothing over 50k and have to be secondhand and it is going to be finance

I need advice which car to get, im not really good with cars but i know the basic, like type of engine

Im thinking maybe something like mustang, 370z or porsche cayman(2011ish)

I really wanna know what you guys think

*edit please keep the thread car related only..
thanks for the life advices everyone, but that isnt what i need it at the moment..
*edit i have deleted my comment regarding my life situation because i think that some people think that thats the reason why im buying a sport(ish) car.

*edit i have decided to get something for 20% of my annual income so around 20kish, a secondhand 370z or a miata. thanks for suggestion everyone..


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    mustang, 370z or porsche cayman(2011ish)

    All great options (and general Cayman servicing is not that far off the others if you find a good independent guy).
    With all of these cars get a good pre-purchase inspection beforehand to minimise the chance of major issues (and also give you some bargaining power if small things that don't bother you or are easy to fix).
    I would add to the list the Porsche Boxster S (basically a convertible version of the Cayman) & Toyota 86/BRZ (much better bang for buck than the 370Z).

    Once you have a list I would try to do a test drive of each of them - this is really the best way to find a car you like best & I think you will be surprised at the differences in handling & comfort between each of these.

    I suspect that once you get into a true sports car you will be addicted for future purchases too…

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    AU Falcon.


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      Brake failure is bad mmmkay

  • I have a mortgage of 250k left
    What rate?

    I make 95k a year (with tax)
    Is that before or after?

    My wife had a miscarriage a month ago and we decided not to have kids anymore
    People change, you both may want kids in the future.

    I got a 4x4 car/ute from work to drive to work and to site
    Do you pay for this?

    I own a ford fiesta 2015

    Misseus gave me permission to buy a sport(ish) car, nothing over 50k and have to be secondhand and it is going to be finance

    Any other debt besides hecs?
    What's your monthly expenses?

    And finally a car won't make you feel better.

    Knowing all of that if you had 50k would you buy the car, or
    a new pillow, a holiday, psychology sessions and have money left over? A miscarriage is really hard sorry that you are going through it, looking at this from an outside perspective a 50k debt on a depreciating asset is a bad idea. The extra stress from the debt will have the opposite effect of what you want.

    Grab two of these (don't forget cashback and prime trial) https://www.amazon.com.au/Luxurious-Classic-Medium-Profile-D...

    And then see a GP for a mental health care plan, you'll get free psychology sessions. I wish you the best OP.

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      Agree. Take care. Seek psychology sessions (6 free per year if referred by GP). You never know how deep life event like this hit you.

      Your missus seems to try to please you by taking care of your early midlife crisis.

      Take care of hers too.

      I have a 86 Manual for 5yrs and got it in my late 30s

    • bills internet, mobile phone, electricity, gas $440 monthly (my dad pays the water lol)
      foods maybe $500-/+ monthly
      eat out $400? monthly
      i get around 2800-3200 fortnightly,i do get extra because of the site and meal allowances
      ohh and the rego on the fiesta should be $100 a month i think

      my misseus is paying for the petrol on the fiesta and shes the primary driver on that car, and sometimes if im around we just used the work ute to get to anywhere

    • we've been to thailand, japan, singapore, maldives, and all that it was fun but the last thing we want right now is to be in the airport waiting for a flight and be stuck in another country.. currently we just wanna chill in the house watching movies all night, cruising with a sport car during the day and just repeat till the holiday is over :D

      i just think that i have been playing too safe on this life game, i just want to get a nice sport car drive it on the track maybe twice a month and take my wife with me, just cruising…………………………………………………………………………………………………………

      • Please talk to a very close friend or parents or just someone outside you and your wife.

        If you want rent a car twice a month, if you stick at it for 5 months in a row but one.

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    Subaru WRX or WRX STI(previous gen)
    All wheel drive, turbo charged, practical and fully sick brah

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    • yeah i always wanted an e92 m3! i wont be able to keep up on the maintanance, and those things are known to break down alot

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    Dont worry about the budget get a Mercedes C63 AMG on finance brand new none of this second hand rubbish!

    • ahahah i cant afford $150k car, my house is only worth $350k lol, thats almost half the price of my house

      • Nibble it bro!

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        You are burning half the current equity in your house on a weekend toy. Being a long term slave to the bank won't make you happier either

        My advice would be to learn to turn a spanner on something much cheaper.


        • But you wont have that respectable AMG badge bro!

          People might not automatically recognise your high end status! dont you want to feel better then your fellow man?

          Dont you want to breath at rich man paid for air!


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    I would not bother with the car because material possessions are unfulfilling compared to experiences, and you have a 2015 Ford Fiesta already.

    But if you're going to bother, Kia Stinger.

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      Sunny day, a twisty road, a capable car. That’s an experience.

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    RX7 FD series 8

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    Mazda MX-5 hardtop 2017+ models. Cheap + Fun + convertible. If you go manual, they're pretty reliable.

    Sad for your loss over here too.

  • $50k can get you a lot of other things vs 1 car. Holidays, hobbies. All kinds of things. Are you sure this is how you want to spend it?

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      You do realise cars are hobbies right.. if I could pick between a 50k travel voucher and 50k car only voucher, I'm picking car every time. It's just what I find enjoyment with.

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        Yes I do. But you can get a lot of value for the price of one car. Given lasolaso's stated income and mortgage, and given that it's going on finance, it is a question you have to ask. It's his money and he can do what he likes with it, but to me not even knowing which car you want is a GIANT red flag.

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          To be honest with you, 50k is nothing in this day and age.. my dad is a civil engineer my mom is electrical engineer they both are lecturers, ive done the math with them, they have given me the green light and so does my wife.. i did my homework, choosing the right car is another story..
          Bare in mind im only 26, im going to progress more in my career.. i have to find the work life balance, getting a new hobby is one of em and im choosing to get an entry level sport car.

          • @lasolaso: It sounds like your wife and parents want you to be happy. You can't buy that for any price.

            As I said, it's your money, not mine. That I would do something else with it is neither here nor there. I am not you. What makes me happy will not make you happy. The reason I'm concerned is that I know that when I want something I get very very specific about what I want. I do a lot of research and dreaming if I'm going to spend $1k never mind $50k. By the time I commit money I'm very passionate about what I want and try my best to get to know the details and trade-offs. I am not saying I always get it right or never have regrets but I have a very solid idea of what I want to spend my money on.

            That is why So I simply don't understand how you could decide "Want sports car, no idea which one" and questioning if it's the right move. You sound very sure and if you are, go for it and best of luck.

            • @syousef: thanks man, i dont think i should be explaining it more than i should, but i do appreciate your inputs
              thank you

              lets get back to the thread,

              ohh and bare in mind 50k is my budget doesnt mean i have to spent 50k on a car, maybe i might be able to find something for 20k ish on something that i like on paper and in person :)

              • @lasolaso: If you can find a cheaper car, and maybe spend some money on your wife who has already had it rough, that sounds ideal. If you do it right and your luck isn't terrible your wife should last quite a bit longer than your car. ;-) Let us know how you go with the car.

            • @syousef: Totally agree. My experiences tell me if I don't know what I already want and need help with spending a big amount of money, I know for sure I'll regret later.

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            @lasolaso: 50k is not nothing in this day and age, though it is all relative. Did you know the average Australian adult saves only 6k per year? Thats in one of the richest countries in the world, whilst in 50% of the world the annual avg salary is less than 6k. 50k is over 8x that amount.

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    I would go for the facelifted FN Mustang GT which is a V8 (being serious). You'll find many that arent new and if youre lucky you can bag one still under warranty. I've always wanted one, and perfect car for that type of money and usage.

  • I get a lot of enjoyment from driving (always manual) so I get it, but why $50k?

    Just seems that you can achieve your objective for quite a bit less than that. $50k car does not mean double the enjoyment of a $25k car, IMO.

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      i have a budget up to 50k, doesnt mean i have to spend 50k.
      did anyone say that 50k car is twice the fun than a 25k car xD
      used 370z is around 20k, brand new one is around 45k.. doesnt mean the new one is twice the fun :P

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    You should seriously consider a Megane! I’ve got a 2010 model, the top spec “Trophee” .. with 19” wheels, leather recaros etc. I picked it up for 10k! You can buy a late model “275” with super low k’s in the 30’s and you’d never wipe the smile off your face. The way they turn in with the diff is amazing.

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    I owned a VEII SS commodore throughout my early-mid 20s, and now own an ND MX5.

    Personally, I have 50 times more fun in my MX5 than I ever did in the SS.

    Once you're used to the hard acceleration, the SS generally feels like any other large sedan. I've driven the mustang a few times and it feels very similar to the SS, albeit in a cooler looking package.

    There is far more fun to be had in a sharp-handling sports car with a slick manual shift that you can rev the guts out of, compared to a brutish muscle car that will see you lose your license for 3-6months if the needle even climbs beyond cruising speeds.

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      This. Ive owned several cars, and while the high powered twin turbo car was insanely fast, its not that fun either, as like you mentioned, you can literally double the speed limit in seconds. The most fun car i had was a regular manual vw polo. Handled like a go kart on rails and because it didnt have too much power, you could actually have fun and rev through the gears. 3rd gear in the turbo car would be about 140kph. 3rd gear in the polo would be about 50kph!

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    VW GTI / R. BRZ / 86. Kia stinger. Renault Megane.

    I think you need to determine if you're after the sporty look or the speed. I loved driving the GTI which was obviously super speedy but not necessarily a looker.I currently drive a BRZ TS and it looks amazing I always get comments about it. Not as fast but is a lot of fun to drive.

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    Get a used BMW 235

  • Take weekend test drives of as many cars as you can.. for free?

    Get sport car rentals and track days from redballoon etc.

    These are better options than committing to one sports car and the underlying debt as they are money pits.

    And you'll need another car parking spot, so your work vehicle might be parked inconsiderately for your neighbor etc.. Etc..

  • Get a Kia Stinger brah. Do some doughys and impress your neighbours.

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    Toyota 86
    Nissan 370z
    Fiat Abarth 124
    Mazda MX5.
    Subaru WRX - from any year you think looks nice.
    Various hot hatches but not really sports car styled.

    All fairly affordable. All second hand options. All should be fairly reliable. All good to enjoy at normal road driving speeds.

    If you want something that looks awesome and sporty, but isn't really, then a Lexus RC or a Ford Mustang

    If you really want some performance I'd vote for 2nd hand Toyota 86 and get some work done on it for more performance - eg Supercharger install.

    Don't feel like you have to justify actually spending some money on a car to Ozb. There are many on here who would see anything more expensive than a $1000 2nd hand mazda 2 as being a total rip off. You're allowed to enjoy nice things.

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    second hand….. sports car

    your problem right there

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      Blanket statement… no context
      your problem right there

    • Bought a used WRX in 2004 with 40,000km on it. Never had issues with it in the 15 years i owned it including track days. Only sold it to upgrade and depreciation was only 50% over 15 years of ownership.

      So no, makes perfect economic sense. Trick is knowing what you are buying.

    • I also bought a 2004 Mitsubishi EVO 8 MR in 2012 for $29000 with 34xxx klms. It's now 42xxx klm and no problems since apart from routine maintenance.

  • Can be hard to find a good one and potentially maintenance could be tricky but a Honda S2000. Relatively collectable and potentially you could even get some 'appreciation' in the price when you eventually sell it if you look after it.

  • CLA45
    TT RS
    C63 (Older one)
    RS4 (Older ones)
    1 Series bwm

    Depends on what you like in a sports care tho.

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    This is Ozbargain so I cant avoid the elephant in the room of depreciation. I'm sure youve seen the depreciation curve of new cars which essentially has them losing most of their value in the first year of ownership. if you watch that curve it flattens out over time. After several years down the line it is negligible. I bought my mid-life crisis car at around 40, I bought a Porsche 928 S4. It cost me around your budget and i loved it. I had it for 4 years and, if you exclude the maintenance costs of ownership I actually sold it for about $5K more than I bought it, that's 'appreciation'. As a daily driver I have had a hot hatches etc over the years, WRX, Renault Sport etc. The WRX wasnt too bad but all of the newer cars I've owned have depreciated considerably, some worse than others (tip, dont buy a Volvo!). I think if you need a car as a daily driver to crawl around in gridlock on the freeway, leave parked at a Westfield carpark or leave at the station etc then something pedestrian and utilitarian. It sounds like you are after somethign exotic that you can afford to keep for those Sunday drives with the Car club in the rolling hills. If you are clever and buy the right one you can probably at least avoid losing money over the years of ownership.

    I've recommended a Honda S2000 above because I know there aren't too many of them around, they are loved by their owners/collectors and the prices for a 20 year old sports car are still pretty stable. The downside is that many have been flogged on a track or modified by previous owners. Apparently the engines can be tricky to service particularly if anything goes wrong. If you can find a good one I reckon it would hold its value and maybe appreciate. Of the options you mention I think the Porsche Cayman would be my pick. There is often a strong Porsche enthusiast community, maybe an owners club that organises drives. If you take it to the Porsche centre for servicing you will need to takeout a second Mortgage. if you are clever about finding a good independent mechanic and maybe buying parts off ebay etc you can keep the servicing manageable.

    Nice cars but I wouldnt buy a Hyundai I30N or a Kia Stinger. in 10 years time if they are collector cars I would buy one then.

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    another vote for S2000 - bang for buck.

  • Do you and your wife both own cars? Or is the ford fiesta shared between you?

    If it is yours alone, how often do you drive it? Is it actually worth keeping? If you are buying a newish vehicle with decent reliability (say for example a mustang, 86) do you really need to keep your fiesta? Yes you will keep the KMs lower, but are you gaining much by doing it? Unless you go for something a little bit nicher like an mx5 which doesnt really have practicality do you need it? Or could you use your wifes car primarily?

  • I bought myself(as a “retirement” present) a 2017 GT Mustang,no regrets @ all.Great to drive,very comfortable,goes like a “scolded cat”.It puts a “smile” on your dial every time you drive it.No issues with it either.Just “do it”!Plus the fact no other car mentioned here gets the “look @ me” factor!They turn heads everywhere. Mine is not a daily,just occasional use.

    • +1

      im not retiring age yet (only 37), but agree, i love my mustang so much… its like my third child

      • Yup,they are great fun,nothing on the market comes near it for “bang for your buck”.Would not touch a Euro,with a barge pole.But that is just personally my opinion only.Lot would disagree.

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    Euro - RS3, A45, Golf R (the golf is a bit on the lower end in comparison)
    Jap - 86/BRZ, 370Z, WRX
    Other - Mustang? i30N? Focus RS?

    Depends what you're after, you could probably pick up a W204 C63 for around the $50k mark

    I own an A45, but A45 or RS3 would be my go to

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    I think best value is an Abarth 124 Spider.. Good fun drive retro looks new around $40k


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    MX5 - hairdressers car
    Mustang - Small genitals car


    • what car should I get if I have average sized genitals?

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      Why is an MX5 a hairdressers car? A hairdressers car is something that looks sporty, but isn't.

      An MX5 is the definition of a pure sports car. Manual, RWD, light weight. The power to weight of the latest ones is 134kw per tonne

      Compare that to the latest golf gti. DSG, FWD, heavy(ish) and with a P/W of 127kw per tonne.

      If hairdressers drive MX-5's than I'm in the wrong profession…

      • +3

        Actually latest MX5 cant be a hairdressers car because it doesnt have enough internal space to transport a hair straightener, Blowave Dryer and large bouffant hairstyle.

  • This is a little different to other suggestions, but what about a Renault?

    The Clio RS is a fairly affordable second hand hot hatch and its big brother, the Megane RS is great too.

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    Have a look at an M140i - RWD, 6cyl 3.0 turbo, 500nm - a real weapon. Put a JB4 chip and its over 400hp.

    • -1

      RWD though so pretty much useless unless your in Germany

      • +1

        I don't think you know what rwd means. Also "you're"

  • -1

    Kia Stinger, there are 2nd hand nowadays for around 40 grand

  • Don't waste your money on something that old.

    They are sink holes for money.
    Steer clear!

    Do you really want one? A less expensive hobby??

  • -2
  • I'm confused why you gave so much life background…why not just after about the car and the price range…?

  • +7

    I have spent A lot of money on cars in the last 10 years.

    Owned. R34 Skyline, v8 Commodores, G35, 2 Renault sport clios, Renault sport Meganes, Porsche Cayman 987.2, 2 Audi TTs, 2 alfa romeo 159s, alfa romeo Guilietta QV, have driven the V8 mustangs, and owned multiple mx5s from both the new ND and old generations. Majority being manual transmissions. Only thing thats left on my bucket list is a S2000, but they are far less comfortable to an Mx5.

    If your interested in the Cayman. Don't fear about repairs, they are almost on Lexus levels of reliability, as they are surprising simple. And the 987.2 is perfect as it's not as complicated as the newer models. You also have two boots, so a surprising about of space. A great car which looks fantastic.

    Renault sport Clio/Megane would be the choice is you needed more space.

    However after having all these cars, I have settled that the best car (taking into consideration value, reliabilty, ergonomics/comfort) is my current NC2 MX5 Miata PRHT. The ND is far superior in all aspects, besides passenger legroom. If my partner was shorter I would get another ND in a heartbeat. NC MX5 has far surperior passenger legroom.

    Before buying any of the cars suggested in this thread, please go drive a new or used ND Miata. It's an amazing car, nothing drives better on our crappy Australian roads then a MX5. Especially an NC or ND.

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    IMO, best sports car either new or used under your budget is the Mazda MX-5. Yeah Cayman would be nice, but maintenance cost is high too. I personally have a Brz, but in an ideal world I'd choose a MX-5 no brainer.

    86/Brz is a really nice car. It doesn't have big power, but you can appreciate how the car handles track days and mountain driving. It's meticulously designed to the point where you'll feel confident even when your tail starts to slide a bit.

    Good luck finding your car!

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      I also love the 86 but I'm put off by the boxer engine and two head gaskets.

      • +1

        Every v engine has two head gaskets. Do you worry about them?

        • Y'know it had never occurred to me. Turns out that every engine I ever cared about is straight!

          RB25 / 26

          Never realised it but I've never wanted a car with a V-anything in it.

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    Stinger. Hands down. 272 kws. looks awesome. great interior. boot. Back doors for family or mates. 7 yr warranty. your missus will think it's a family sedan. but goes like the clappers. Best thing I've bought.

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    Hey I'm late to the thread and I hope you read this. You're young, so's your wife. You're in a hard situation and I feel for you. Perhaps, and it's not my place to instruct anyone, but perhaps - consider buying a sportscar that is much, much less expensive than $50000. You will increase your earning power and progress in your career. You and your wife may also have a change of heart regarding little ones. The extra money left in your mortgage today will be worth 10x in 30 years. It's just how it works. Anything you manage to scrape together in your 20s is literal gold and not to be wasted.

    Yes, live your life and enjoy nice things. But maybe consider a sportscar that will not reverse the good financial progress you've made so far.

    For my vote, I suggest this -


    The NC MX5 has all of the safety features of a modern car, but has depreciated significantly from its launch price. It won best car for many of its years of manufacture. It will keep you on track financially and be heaps of fun.

    • +2

      +1 for the advice and MX5, however also consider that the ND MX5 GT 2.0L can be picked up for around 24k if you're willing to get it in black or white (as opposed to the red or blue that go for around 26-27k).

      • +1

        +1 Go ND MX5. They have depreciated extremely hard and are close to the same price as a low mileage NC2-3. I have owned an ND and now own an NC2 PHRT. Only get the NC if you need the passenger legroom, or you don't like the active bonnet safety system on the ND.

        Edit: I have seen a lot of ND GT RFs in grey under 28k.

  • I think you mean Porsche Cayman 2008 or earlier, because you're not getting a 2011 Cayman for under $50k. No how, no way.

    Edit: and lol, 'financed' means expensive insurance. Get a toyota supra or an MX5. Live within your means.

    • I had a Porsche Cayman for a bit (sold it just over a year ago). 2009 987.2 Manual. Paid $55000, 19000kms on the clock, perfect condition in aqua blue metallic.

      Sold it a year later after doing 10000kms for $55000.I had my fun and needed money for a house.

      The cars on Carsales are way overvalued. I reckon he could find one.

      • +1

        Did you buy it privately? That's absolutely the most excellent value I've ever seen. They must have been desperate to shift it and you got a great deal. Colour matters too. I only wanted silver and there's a lop sided supply of black.

        Yeah, of course they're all over valued and I bought mine from a dealer with 2 years warranty. It did have some things go wrong with it so that was good. And I just bought 2 more years warranty because, i don't want to work on it. I just want to clean and drive.

        I asked the guys at the shop and they said the trade in value is really low at a Porsche dealer so that's why people are trying to sell for higher. I've seen private cars higher than the dealer. I've also seen cars in there that have been for sale for over 2 years now. In the next two years I will probs trade up to a 991 911 and just because of the expense, it will prob also be a Porsche approved vehicle.

        • Mine was from a dealer, not a official Porsche dealer though. I did call up as soon as it was listed as I knew it wouldnt last long. Purchased and shipped it from interstate without an inspection. (Living dangerously).

          This was at the time when there was only maybe 1 or 2 987.2s manuals listed.
          Looking at Carsales now, there appears to be a lot more PDK 987.2s. And not many manuals, but the market constantly shifts. And some of the cars on there, even on the lower price range ones have been for sale for well over 6-12months.

          I wish I could of kept it, but $200 a month for insurance, being my only car and in my mid 20s. It's just not worth it, even if it appreciates. Regardless, it was a great thing to tick off the bucket list early, especially being able to buy it, then sell it for the same price after a year of adding kms etc.

          • +1

            @Commander Shepard: I swapped to autos a few years ago and now i wouldn't go back. My golf has the double clutch auto gearbox like the PDK and you get used to it. I don't feel like i'm missing out on anything now. Then I had an accident and my left leg is rooted so good and lucky choices they ended up being.

            I'm old, have two cars and don't pay insurance. Back in the day, insurance was way too expensive (i always had bikes) and so i got used to not having it. Bank on myself instead I say.

            I've bought a lot of bikes sight unseen and had them delivered. I bought the Porsche like that too but I picked it up, so not unusual to me :)

            Yours was a huge bargain. One day, when you're a multi-millionaire you can buy it back!

  • Fiesta ST. Do it!

  • I would suggest, stick to a Jap car, personally get a Honda Civic Type R 2017 or 2018

  • i30 N (have driven a couple of them and they're awesome from the factory) or Kia Stinger GT (TT variant)

  • so very glad only a few people mentioned the Mustang.

    In all seriousness get the MX5 you'll have loads more fun than a mustang, or get a Diesel Renault Meganne, they got leather interior, lots of buttons and stuff to play with (hang on keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel) and you will prove to the world that you have large genitals (also you'll get about 1300km to the tank which might get your wife a little upset thanks to all the extra cash you'll have floating around which will attract more women), unlike driving a Mustang which has the opposite effect, small gentials, always broke paying for fuel, and chicks are eco friendly these days.

    On another note… why not spend a few weekends go to a bunch of car dealerships and try out a bunch of different cars. You will know the car for you as soon as you get in it. I did and I ended up with a Mustang, a small penis and no wife.

    • Did the Mustang shrink your penis?

    • +1

      A diesel megane doesn't sound too sporty..

    • “Always” broke paying for fuel? What planet are you from?Stupid comment!You really have no idea do you?

      • +1

        This is true if it's your daily driver and it sucks juice. My Porsche costs around $100 to fill up from near empty and you can see if sucking the dial down if you like to heavy foot it. But i don't drive it every day so i don't care.

        • If you buy vehicles like these(whether a Porsche or a GT Mustang) you should be aware of associated costs with hese vehicles.Mine gets used occasionally(not a “daily”) more for the enjoyment factor.Best thing I ever did!

  • +1


  • https://www.carsales.com.au/cars?q=(And.Service.Carsales..Price.range(..50000)..(C.Make.Volkswagen..(C.Model.Scirocco..(Or.ModelVersion.2016+May+MY17..ModelVersion.2016+MY16..ModelVersion.2015+Jun+MY16._.ModelVersion.2015+Jan+MY15.))))

    Scirocco are sporty, 4cyl and turbo’d. Good fun for well under your budget.

    You’d easily find an older Golf R for under $50k as well

  • +4

    This is going to infuriate the people here who don't know how to do this, but if you get a sports car, for the love of God please get a manual.

    Nothing worse than having a slick powerful car with a beasty engine and then letting the CPU do all the fun stuff for you. Shifting gears in a sports car and being able to play with revs using the clutch is just pure glory.

    • +2

      If you are playing with rpm using the clutch you are slipping it, and doing it wrong.

    • Don't you play with revs with the throttle? lol.

    • Yep, nothing more fun than never going past 4k RPM and shifting at 2k. Real sports car enthusiast you are.

  • 26 years old
    wife allowed me to buy a sports car


  • +1

    Have a 2017 mustang, 5.0 v8, (profanity) love it, so much fun to drive, looks so good, would highly reccomend.

    • I agree, but for someone looking for a pure sports car, the 370 is a better choice in both performance and style. It's low, solely driver-focused, and handles like a dream. Won't go as fast as the Mustang but a very nice V6 engine with its lightweight stature makes for a very zippy driving experience.

      Also, dat ass…

    • Yeah just make sure it's a manual. Flappy paddles or auto will rule out the weekend "fun"

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