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Free Pepsi Max 600ml @ 7-Eleven via Fuel Lock App


Greetings everyone, 7/11 has a free Pepsi max available for today only (starting at 1AM AEDT) via their Fuel App :)

All credit to Trush for sharing the original deal, thought it was worth sharing this separately as it's a great offer.

As always, enjoy!

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    Finally a 7-Eleven deal for those of us who avoid sugar & carbs.

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    Ah, it's a shame my local 7 Eleven is run by a crazed maniac who goes and hides all the free drinks in the back room so no one can redeem. When confronted about this, he gives me vibes like he wants to kill me.

    • Surely there’s another like 2 minutes away?

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      Haha thats stingy as. When I went to claim my ice cream today the guy looked pretty salty. Idk if 7/11 actually reimburses the store owners the money though.

      • according to t&cs, they do. whether they actually do or not i don't know

        • Cost price, not RRP.

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      The only one in Parramatta did the same. The last time I found an Amplify Kombucha was hidden behind a few remedy kombucha. When I took the Amplify to the counter, the guy behind the counter exclaimed "How did you find it!".

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        It is indeed the Parramatta store that I am also talking about. I'd recommend you also complain about him/this store to Corporate. They gave me a $10 voucher which I used on fuel.

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      You should call their head office about this

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    Good luck finding stock in some stores. Just have a casual chat with the night staff, he was told by his boss not to put out anymore PespiMax until the next day because its FREE item. We picked up the last two.

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    Picked one up, Went down well after the midnight screening of Rise of Skywalker.

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    Sneaky app. The free drink promo disappear once I arrive there. Had to pay so I don't look stupid in the middle of the night.

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      lol but now you look stupid on ozbargain for paying for it instead of just walking out.

      next time, take a screenshot of the barcode ;)

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    Sold out at my local by 6am. Other varieties of Pepsi Max don't scan, only regular.

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    Perfect for tomorrow’s scorcher (in VIC).


  • All gone at 5:30am at my local…

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    Had plenty still at 7-11 mulgrave

  • Plenty in Braddon, ACT

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    All gone Clarence St Sydney

  • Plenty left at North Ryde 2113.

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    I've seen seveneleven staff took all the free can of drink off the fridge. Once she realised the free can of drink was on promotion/a customer in front of me just claimed it

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      Seen staff in the 7/11 servo in Bankstown do the same thing.

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    guy who recognised me from last Friday when i got the Rockstar asked me if i got the free kombucha as well. told him i didn't and i could see the disappointment on his face lol.

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      • I at least had the decency to enter my full barcode number… I don't drink this shit so if someone wanted a second for a friend they could use mine (I do however like the actual sugar Pepsi)

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          "5318008" is "Boobies" upside down. Thought everyone had done that in primary school.

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    Plenty of stock in Albert street store in Brisbane CBD right now. Pretty sure they are replenishing them too as my drink is warm (even though I took it out of the fridge)

  • Just checked on at 711 Elizabeth Street Melbourne no stock lol

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      I only like it with… Lemon

      Wouldn't drink it by itself

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    It was missing at 711 Exhibition st/ Bourke st. When I asked the salesman about it he apologised that it is not on disply and kindly brought me a bottle from inside. I took a free regular coffee from him as well.

  • Not showing up in the app for me? Anyone else? I’ve had all the other bonus offers just not the one for today.

  • I got mine! It was fully stocked but I don't think he knew it was on free list till I pulled out my phone

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    Artarmon has stock, however when i went to pay the cashier he said i can only use it with any purchase. I asked where it shows this on the voucher and he mumbled something like you need to get fuel or buy something with it blah blah. Sounds dodgy.

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    Been to three different 7/11 conveniently empty aisle where the Pepsi Max should be sad days :( Melbourne CBD

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      The one at Exhibition st/ Bourke st.has plenty.

      I've just been there 5min ago.

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    Got mine, it was out but I asked the staff and he immediately restocked the fridge again

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    Nice worker gave me one and he refilled Pepsi Max bottle in the fridge. His boss told him not to.

  • I grabbed one this morning at the one in Emu Plains. There was maybe 4 or 5 left in the fridge when I did so.

    The cashier seemed stunned when he scanned my phone and the price changed to $0. My workmate with me couldn't believe it either. Nevermind the endless mentions of OzBargain to him.

    • Yeah I don't know why they're so surprised after practically a week of these offers.

  • Got one in 3204, not sure how many left, 4? I think other stores just hide them.

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    I didn't even want a Pepsi but I tried anyway after seeing the "this offer has ran out" message that replaced the voucher.
    It actually worked. The message doesn't mean anything.
    I took screenshot before they pulled the offer.

    • same, i took a screenshot before they pulled the offer and can confirm it worked. thats what i'll be doing next time.

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    7/11 Kellyville never ever has the freebees, Im sure they put them behind the counter