This was posted 7 months 30 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Rockstar Drink 13/12, Kind Bar 15/12, Amplify Kombucha 16/12 + More Freebies in Dec/Jan @ 7-Eleven via Fuel App


Here again some freebie from 7-eleven app, not good as last year some are at discounted price

Offer valid for 24 hours only - single use offer that expire on the day allocated to that offer

Date Offer
Thurs 12 Dec $2 Drumstick Ice Cream Varieties
Fri 13 Dec FREE Rockstar Smashed Blue Raspberry 500ml
Sat 14 Dec $7.11 Krispy Kreme 4Pk
Sun 15 Dec FREE Kind Bar 40g
Mon 16 Dec FREE Amplify Kombucha 330ml
Tues 17 Dec $5 7-Eleven Christmas Sandwich
Wed 18 Dec FREE Slurpee Spider
Thurs 19 Dec FREE Pepsi Max 600ml
Fri 20 Dec $2 Red Bull Editions
Sat 21 Dec $2 7-Eleven Juice Smoothies
Sun 22 Dec $1 Nestle Medium Bars 35-55g
Mon 23 Dec $1 Dairy Farmers Yoghurt 150g
Tues 24 Dec $2 TNCC Lolly Bags 170-220g
Wed 25 Dec $1 Large Coffee ($2 Size)
Thurs 26 Dec FREE Large Slurpee
Fri 27 Dec $4 7-Eleven Wraps
Sat 28 Dec $2.50 7-Eleven Topped Muffins 200g
Sun 29 Dec $1 7-Eleven Ice Cream Sangas
Mon 30 Dec $2 Remedy Organic Soda
Tues 31 Dec $1 7-Eleven Snack Sausage Roll
Wed 1 Jan FREE Nexba Kombucha
Thurs 2 Jan FREE Powerade Strawberry Lemon 600mL
Fri 3 Jan FREE 7-Eleven Muesli Slice 80g
Sat 4 Jan $2 M&Ms Birthday Cake Bag 160g
Sun 5 Jan $1 Smiths Chips varieties 45g
Mon 6 Jan FREE 7-Eleven Nuts varieties 45g
Tues 7 Jan $1 7-Eleven Peanut Butter Protein Bar 40g
Wed 8 Jan $3 Premium Pies

7-Eleven Fuel App Promotion

From 12 December through to 8 January registered 7-Eleven Fuel App customers can enjoy a Daily Deal each day of the promotional period. There is a new offer available every day of the promotional period that is only valid for 24 hours.

Fuel App will be communicated on storefront across both fuel and non fuel stores and includes communication of the Daily Deals. This coupled will media support will drive an increase in Fuel App use amongst those customers who are registered with Fuel App.

The Fuel App offers listed above include a combination of AMAZING VALUE priced products along with some FREE offers. All are funded with no reimbursements to stores.

How the offers work:

  • Offer is valid for 24 hours only - one day
  • Only available for Registered Fuel App customers
  • Offer only available for customers who present the barcoded offer on their mobile phone
  • Unique barcodes are used enabling customers to only redeem their offer ONCE, even if a voucher is copied
  • Fuel App offers are only provided once per device and per account

Terms and conditions apply for offers:

  • Single use offer that expires on the day allocated to that offer
  • Not valid with any other promotion
  • While stocks last

For some offers we do only have a limited quantity available, these will be turned off on the Fuel App once this quantity is reached. This ensures that we are only redeeming the number of products that are funded.

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  • Enough time for them to hide the freebies 😍😍

    • What do you mean?

      • Ever noticed how on freebie days for some reason they've only got like two of the product? Yeah.

        • don't you think that other people might have gone into the store before you and grabbed some freebies?

          • +2 votes

            @nerd1: People don't clue on that much. Plus sometimes when it's a fridge item you can see it behind the see-through barriers so it's proof they try to hide them.

            • @Sage: Actually it is more likely that the store has not replenished the item once existing stock has gone.

            • @Sage: Then just go up to the people working there… and be like, "Can I have the free choco milk", and literally POINT right at it behind the fridge. Then they in a situation :)

      • Ask a simple question, get down voted.

        You must live in a dark world, voter.

    • It doesn’t make sense for store owners to hide the freebies. 7-eleven head office fully reimburses the owner for any freebie claimed.

      • Are you sure that is the case? The following kind of makes it sound like the stores are funding it?

        All are funded without reimbursement to stores.

        • Store owners have told me head office reimburses the cost of the product, but no compensation for stocking the shelves or the cost to have it delivered.

          I would say many people come in an buy other things too though.

          • @h4lcyon: I would also suspect by "funded" it means HO covers the COST of the product, not the PRICE. Meaning they'll get back the $1.72 they paid for it, not the $2.49 they charge (for example).

    • No need to be so negative, this can be used to our advantage.

      One strategy is to hide the FREE items in different places in the fridges a few (or just 1) day before the offer goes live. Quite possibly, they won't bother checking the fridge to put everything back into correct places, and when the special comes, just grab your can from that secret place and go to the cashier!
      Can do the same to non-fridge items too I guess, unless they have an expiry date of 1 day.

      • Dang it. Just got caught hiding a large Slurpee behind the newspapers and asked to leave. I was like "What??"

    • I picked up todays freebie this morning. The staff was like oh, I need to hide the stock. I said don't you get reimbursed? He said that the head office won't. So he went to hide all the stock.

      • I call BS, otherwise name the store, date and time then report them to head office!

  • 18th, 25th, 26th, 28th, 29th, 2nd, 8th, not bad!

    • How about 19th? Free bottle of Pepsi Max?
      Would be interested what a "juice smoothie" is also.

      31st not bad either. $1 snack sausage roll.

      • Those juice smoothies are just juice blends. Smoothie usually implies some dairy (or dairy-like) component. They are just juice.

  • OP are you associated with 7-Eleven? That doc looks similar to how 7-Eleven has formatted freebies in the past and generally they aren't 'released' to the public this early

  • +1 vote

    My favorite deal is the $1 Large coffee and $1 banana bread. Saving of at least $4 compared to local prices around the office :-)

  • All are funded without reimbursement to stores.

    No wonder they hide their stock..

  • All are funded with no reimbursements to stores.
    Do you know what it means by this?

    • It means that 7/11 don't pay them for the stock, the franchisee loses out.

      Say a product costs $4 and 100 of them get redeemed for free, the franchisee loses $400 and 7/11 gains more because stores have to restock.

      • +2 votes

        I don't think so. See the last line of the document. Limited quantity for some items to ensure only the funded quantity is disbursed

        So, it may mean they get cost price of the product back without reimbursement of lost margin/profit

      • Quoting something from the August freebie found in the staff document:

        All offers are either supplier funded and if not will be reimbursed as part of August financials.


        This offer is supplier funded offer. Reimbursements will be visible in store’s August financials.

  • Fuel App offers are only provided once per device and per account

    Err…since when?

    • It's not a problem anyway, doesn't really matter.
      Tho nice attempt from 7-11's side.

      • So we dont need to lock in fuel or anything?

        • From previous occasions where they give the stuff out for free, you don't need to lock-in, you just need to be logged in. I think what 7-11 meant was:

          • Coupon can be redeemed only once per device
          • Using a different account on the same device will not give the coupon again
          • Using a different device with the same account will not give the coupon again

          Both restrictions can be bypassed but I guess they will block ~90% of people from bothering.

          • @Blue Cat: Yeh coz I've never used the fuel side of it before, I just use it for the freebies. Just checking if it's 'business as usual' haha

            • @MaccDogg: I'm pretty sure that if you had say 3 accounts on your phone you can swap between them and use them at different locations.
              With 3 locations between work and home I guess I could "theoretically" get 3 lots of freebies.
              But would be constantly hiding stock to make sure it was there the next day…

    • FYI everyone, you may be able to get a second freebie using the Android app Parallel Space. (Needs the standard app and 64-Bit Support version as well)

  • +2 votes

    Sounds good on paper, but last time they'd hide all the items.

  • OK you got me. I was refusing to get the app because they only offered free junk calories, but I see some pretend healthy items on there now so I'll bite :)

  • The scanner at my usual 7/11 has recently been hit with a "does not work for e-codes" bug which coincidentally happens when a particular attendee is rostered…
    At the 7/11 half a block away the scanner seems to work just fine :)
    With no reimbursement for the actual cost of the product I can imagine why employees could do such things.

    • They're reimbursed for the cost (as in head office/supplier refunds them for the purchase) but not the profit.

  • FREE Slurpee Spider

    Dose is mean "Free spider ice-cream only" or "Slurpee and ice cream" ?
    When we had same deal last time, some of the shop guy said free spider but need to pay for Slurpee.

    • It's meant to be together, like I said last time.
      A block of icecream isn't a spider. A spider is where you have soft drink and a scoop of icecream in it.
      Look at the picture of the product if you don't believe me.

      • Stupidly the picture is just the icecream.
        Maybe the foreign store attendants won't know it's supposed to be a drink and will argue..

        • the foreign store attendants

          you sure about that mate?

          the anglo attendant who served me today thought the voucher was just for the ice cream and not the large slurpee as well. and conveniently for them, both of their slurpee machines were out of order.

  • What is a 7-Eleven Christmas Sandwich?

    • Previously " The sandwiches include: roast chicken, cheese and cranberry, and something called “Christmas Feast.” "

      The Christmas Feast contains Turkey, Pork stuffing and cranberry.

  • Our masterplan:
    1. Download app
    2. Collect Freebies
    3. Uninstall
    4. Feel like a true OzBargain member :)

    • What will actually happen:
      1. Download app
      2. Go to 7/11
      3. Find no stock
      4. Go to next 7/11
      5. Find no stock
      6. Try another 7/11
      7. Find no stock
      8. Feel like a disappointing waste of time :(

      • Lol maybe… But imma go just before school at 8:20 so there should be stock cause I'm early than everyone else

        • Oh it's not trying to get there before everyone else, it's a matter of them hiding the stock. Don't be surprised if it's just that flavour that's run out.
          Now my local is pretty good, better than most, but they've done it before for a high value item. Maybe it was the icecream tub.

      • *9. Report to 7/11 over Facebook Messenger.

        There are numerous Google Reviews about receiving poor service from a guy at my local store. After I make a report, he seems to reluctantly get the app to work.

    • But they have offers like this fairly frequently. You don't win by uninstalling the app.

  • i want all the free stuff before its gone, im in WA, so do they tick over local time or EST?

    • YMMV, but if your local doesn't hide stock it makes no difference if you go at 12am AEST or 12am AWST. If there's no stock when you look at 6am, there wasn't any to start with.

    • the freebies show up in the app according to your local time.

      but depending on where you go, you may encounter the night window. which isn't a problem for things like drink cans and small snacks. might be a problem for slurpees lol

  • Took second attempt at 6.45am to find one. Best of luck if you're trying to find one at lunchtime

  • Got mine just fine in the Melbourne CBD. They had had another left too.
    Price is $4.70 so this is a decent freebie, the Rockstar drink.
    Didn't see anyone else getting the offer, mostly coffees.

    • Melbourne CBD has about 30 7-11's it would be useful to know which one…

      For the record I checked both 600 Collins St (near southern cross station) and 26 King st with no stock at either.

  • got two cans and a pretty sunrise :)

  • Got the last Rockstar Can at Kent st

  • Got mine at George St Brisbane, about 5 left

  • Would not be surprised if they hide stock, didn't see this post but saw the Rockstar free drink when I got petrol this morning at 5:30am, was none in sight… A bit hard to believe they'd go oos that quickly.

  • Tried the spring hill qld store at 7am and they were out already!!! :0

  • $5 freebie from 7-11 at Riverhills, about 2x left

  • +1 vote

    the Kind bars should be on a shelf in-between the fresh fruit.

  • Plenty of stock of the Kind bars where I've looked. Having a good run this time.
    They have an announcement on the radio speaker in store advertising the promotion so I think they're less inclined to hide products.

  • 15 bottles of kombucha of various flavours (ginger, raspberry, pineapple) at Kent st city

  • Plenty at Melb Queen St, none at William St. (Kombucha)
    $5.00 value.

    • sour grapes?

      I couldn't find any rockstar in the fridge the other day and ask the attendant if they've ran out and she stood back and said she could see some in the fridge. I went back and had to bend down and see as they were on the lower shelf and the drinks didn't slide down had about 4 or 5 "hiding" out of sight.

      plenty of kind bars yesterday and plenty of variety and bottles of Kombucha today.

  • Lots of Kombucha at Chatswood, the Pacific Highway side store. (Anyone else find it weird they have two stores so close to each other?)

    • No bc its a convenience store. Their customers go there as they are passing by. Otherwise they would just go to woolies close by

  • Thanks for the advice . So we should all go back and just tell the staff to look in the fridge between the free Unicorn piss Redbull and the free Lochness Monster flavored Doritos.

    • yes, just ask at the counter. they will either say yes or no. I ask all the time, don't always get a positive answer but didn't hurt.

      at 3:30pm my local 711 store still had plenty of Amplify Kombucha in the fridge.

  • Free slurpee spider and a forecast of 39 in Melbourne on Wednesday. Great combo.

    • 39 then back to 23 the next day. that temperature drop is enough to give you brain freeze lol

  • King street, all products fully stocked except the Amplify.
    Southern Cross out too but they had lots of customers so maybe they sold out.

  • Plenty of stock for the Nexba Kombucha.

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