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Fishing 2 Pack Whiting Flasher Paternoster Rig $1.99 Delivered @ tackledirect168 eBay


$1 for each paternoster rig delivered is really cheap. Materials plus time it will take to make these on your own would cost more than this. There are 5 or so different colored flashers to choose from as well.

- Dual hook paternoster style whiting rig.

  • Recurved hooks for easy fish hook up plus the advantage of removing hooks with ease.

  • Ultimate strike action with a bait/lure combination attracts both visually and by scent.

  • Note: Do not use heavier sinker than necessary to get to the bottom and hold against any current flow.

  • Average sinker weight is usually up to 2oz maximum.

  • Try to avoid a heavy strike at the first bite as our circle hooks are designed to pull to the side of the mouth and do the hooking for you.

  • Sit back and let the attracter rig bring the whiting to your bait.

  • Can be used for both set and running rigs with appropriate adaptation.

Hook Size: Chemically Sharpened High Carbon Steel Sport Circle Hooks 2#

Line Rating: 15 LB Line

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  • What brand hooks and is it fluorocarbon or just mono?

    • +1

      ad doesnt say but i would expect it to be mono at that price and a non branded generic hook
      i ordered these couple days ago and they are coming soon hopefully before my trip to san remo!
      will let u guys know how they are

      • +1

        San Remo? Maybe gonna struggle sticking to the 2oz sinker recommendation? Lol usually use a brick out there with the tides :-) good luck!

        I ordered one set and am keen to try over the shallows out near wilsons prom

        • +2

          Try portarlington, heaps or king george there atm. Use squid for bait.

        • haha depends on if you know the spot
          the spot i go landbased at San Remo isnt too bad i usually go fairly light

          i ordered a few as well if they are good ill get more. Fish on the kayak a bit too, so these should do well hopefully on the yak

  • "PS: Hooks are very sharp and dangerous, keep them out of children." haha

  • Size #2 hooks are much too big for whiting

    • +1

      15lb line is pretty heavy too

  • +3

    Black Magic KL hooks are one the best hooks for KG whiting,
    they are made in Japan and have 99% hookup rate