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Chivas XV Gold 700ml $65 (+ 2000 Flybuys Points + Free Gold Class Event Ticket) @ First Choice Liquor


First Choice Liquor currently have this whisky at $65, about $5 cheaper than the current price at Dan Murphy @ $69.95
There is also a promotion with this whisky that gives you a free Event Cinema Gold Class ticket. value at $30 (True value closer to $25 since it can be regularly purchased at that price)

You can stack that with the flybuys deal and net another 2000 points = $10 off your next shop or convert to Velocity Frequent Flyer Points.
Original Coupon Deal

Furthermore, Cash Reward is running an 11% cashback offer at First Choice. The cashback amount after excluding tax should be $6.50
Original Deal

All together, you are paying $23.5 for this drink.

As for the drink itself, i bought 2 previously and it is not a bad drop, on par or may even be a bit better than Johnnie Walker black, decent enough neat or you can mix it without feeling like you commit a crime.

It comes in a nice gold wrapper, make a pretty good Christmas gift as well.

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  • Beware they might conveniently be 'out of stock' and cancel your order after receiving notification it is ready for pick-up..Merry Christmas

    • I made at least 30 orders with them this past year. Never encountered this problem before.

      • Perhaps my most recent experience this week was an isolated case but nothing short of extremely poor customer service. Need to resort to plan B now for the old man for Xmas

        • Did you order from their eBay store or their actual website?

          I remember having a similar problem as your when I bought Abelour during this time last year from their eBay store. I bought the Aberlour and get pick up email but when I got to the store they were out of stock. Went on backorder and 2 weeks later, I received a text saying my order is ready for pick up. For some weird reason, eBay also end up refunding the order and i got a free bottle of whisky.

          Have not ordered with the eBay site since and only their official website never had any problem since.

      • If everything goes smoothly with their process, you won't find any issues. The true test of a company's service is how they handle a problem when there is one. I have been trying to call them everyday for the last 4 days, and I am yet to have my call answered. The most I have waited is 50 mins and minimum of 30 mins before hanging up. Sent an email too but haven't heard back yet.

  • the ebay store is at best dodgy - items show as available but when selected aren't - strange messages about the seller being way on some items etc…etc

    • Yes their ebay store is dog poop, but that is only because they have their own website and an ebay store. Ebay doesnt update when they sell something instore or on their own site. This lead to item showing as instock . Order from the firstchoiceliquor get number 1 priority so avoid their ebay store and order straight from their website.

      If you want to stack ebay deal and coupon then that is tough luck but this deal got nothing to do with their ebay store.

  • That's some high quality deal stacking.

  • Rippa! Thanks!

  • so its ok to advertise goods on ebay that they won't sell you because u can buy them at a higher price on their own website.

    this is ozbargain not ozgouging.

  • So this has been aged at least 3 years longer and mixed in cognac barrels but somehow is on par with Johnnie Black? lol wut

    • It is better than Johnnie Black, also age doesn't mean anything.

      I am use to drinking quality single malt and blended malt so this is not my preference. I might have underate it somewhat since I am bias against Chivas as they are usually overpriced for that they are. The only Chivas I really like is the Mizunara cask but only when I can get it for around $60-$70.

      I wouldn't pay more than $55 for this drink, but for this price and all the extra you can't pass it up.

  • A nice drop, and I had missed the flybuys offer so went and got another.

    As for the Cinema ticket, it's very limited if you want to use it for Gold Class unless you live in QLD or NSW.
    VIC only has Event Moonlight which is the outdoors cinema.

    • Thanks for that. I was going to go to town on this one, but am in Vic and moonlight cinemas won't work for me :(

  • ORDERED! thanks OP

  • ordered, thanks!

  • Had a 1000 extra fly buys points for over $50 spend at first choice as well. So chucked that in. Thank you.

  • Not available for delivery and the only store with C&C availability is about an hours drive over the other side of town

  • Is click and collect supposed to be within 60mins? Is anyone waiting longer than that currently?

    I placed my order 4pm yesterday.

  • Cheers OP. Ordered one for C&C . Limited edition with Limited stock.

  • It's showing $65 for me, Qld. :-(

  • Update on my order. No sms received so decided to go to store. They had heaps in stock and order was ready for collection. They couldn’t explain why I didn't get the text. So maybe worth going to the store if you haven’t heard from them.

  • Just rang chasing up my order that I put in nearly 24 hours ago.

    Got told that they have been flat out with Christmas and I just have to wait until I get a text message. Asked whether I could just come into store and they can process it but advised no have to wait for text message.

    Brilliant customer service and wouldn’t deal with them again.

  • I thought they come in a nice box but it's just in a wrapper.

  • Thanks! Picked up within 1 hour.
    Got Tanqueray Gin Gift Set box + Lindemans Wine for $36.
    Original Price $51
    Flybuys cashback $10
    Cash rewards $5

  • Anyone else have their order refunded? I was actually on my way to pick up today when I got a PayPal notification. I already submitted my receipt for the movie ticket, so might still have a win.

  • Is it one per person or can we purchase multiple under same name in seperate transaction?

  • Have anyone received their Gold Class ticket yet?
    The email says will take 1 business day… It's now 3 days…
    Been checking JunkMail too.

  • Sure

    inf[email protected]

    An evoucher for you

    • Thanks, but this is weird….

      I received an email from "[email protected]", details below:

      Dear Pumpkin
      Thank-you for your recent entry into the Chivas XV Gold Class Promotion.Unfortunately you haven’t purchased any Chivas XV products, at this time your entry has been deemed invalid. You are welcome to re-enter the promotion with the correct purchase criteria.We look forward to your resubmission. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to respond to this email.RegardsChivas XV Gold Class Promotions Team

      I have bought the whisky the same as everyone, using CR then FirstChoice. What is wrong? Hope someone can shed some light

      Well, I wasnt aware of the Ticket offer but now I am intrigued….

      • did your purchase the Chivas XV, not the normal one or some other?
        did you submit the actual invoice , and not the payment slip?

        • Ya, maybe I sent the wrong Invoice… there is no way for me to check. Had just resubmitted…
          It's also the email address that seems strange to me.
          Ah, there is no free lunch in this world.
          They made me work very hard for the ticket.

          Anyway, Merry Christmas All. Cheers,

    • Thanks mate, I actually received it on 30/12… was sent to Spam. Not very easy to pick out since it makes no reference to either Chivas or Event Cinemas in the email.

  • Yeah just try again!
    Nothing to lose

  • Is https://www.firstchoiceliquor.com.au/spirits/chivas-regal-xv... the same thing just a different bottle ? Already got a bottle of the gold and love it, looking to grab another one.

    • I think so but I'm still not sure. The Gold just seems to be some special edition wrap presentation of the same thing without the box for some reason. They gave me the wrong one when I went to click and collect and it was the one in your link in a box but when we looked at them side by side the guy said they were the same price but clearly on the website they aren't. So it seemed to confuse two staff members there too.

  • Is anyone still waiting on their Gold Class tickets? I put my invoice in last Saturday but haven't heard anything apart from the initial email when I submitted it (have been checking the junk mail).
    I'm guessing they may have a backlog of entries and/or may be on leave this time of year.

    • I was about to reply here asking the same thing.

      Still waiting for a response from them.

      Ordered and submitted last Saturday too.

    • Similarly waiting - submitted Saturday 21 Dec. Will update here if I receive it.

      • Gave them a call today on 1800 883 216 and they sent the tickets through again which worked (in the spam folder). They said a few others had issues receiving them and mine were originally send on 23/12 so not sure where they went back then.

  • Still waiting from the 19th of December here for my tickets…

  • Still waiting for my chivas and my tickets!

  • So many people submitted and not received.. it's been many days now.
    Perhaps someone can collect everyone's emails and contact the Merchant?

    Happy New Year 2020 bytheway….

  • Still waiting as well….

  • I received neither 2000 flybuys points nor ticket. Very disappointing

  • For any questions please contact customer service on 1800 883 216.

    Might give them a ring tomorrow about the ticket.

    I did read flybuys points would be credited within 4weeks. Not worried about that one (yet)

  • Also still waiting will try call. Any numbers for flybuys?

  • This is ben and jerrys all over again lol

  • I received neither the flybuy points or the ticket. Damn scammers!

    At least cash rewards came through.

  • Anyone have a number / email to use?

    This is ridiculous

  • Received my flybuys poin yesterday, still no ticket though.

  • Had this the other day and found it to be almost undrinkable. Had a very harsh taste to it (even after mixing with coke) and gave me severe heart burn. Never found this to be the case with the regular chivas 12 years, or the 18 years. I'm not a scotch expert by any means so yeah it's probably just a case of bad luck for me I guess.