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iPhone XS 64GB $999, XS 256GB $1149, XS 512GB $1349 (Save $100) @ JB Hi-Fi


Just picked one from the store in Parramatta NSW. looks like the price has dropped by $100 while I was talking to the rep instore.

Was originally part of the iPhone sale @ JB HIFI. As of Friday 20 December, you'll save an additional $100 off the sale price on iPhone XS series.

Apple iPhone XS 64GB - was $1099 $999
Apple iPhone XS 256GB - was $1249 $1149
Apple iPhone XS 512GB - was $1449 $1349

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  • wouldn't $750 extra for the 11pro be worth it, if you can afford it (ie you're not watching every dollar of your spending)?

    • Only You can decide.

    • I look at this as sort of how a look at depreciation for a new car. Yes, you get the latest if you pay top dollar, but the drop off is steep. A new XS, is now, $650 dollars cheaper than release price. It is still a good phone and, as always, the rumours are that next years iPhone will be a significant step up from the current ones. Now I have a phone that will be fine for the next few years and when Apple release their next "come to Jesus" phone I will check it out then. I waited for the iPhone 4, to get retina screen, I waited until the iphone 6 plus, to get the bigger screen. I'm getting the XS because the bars on the iPhone 6 drive me nuts and I want to play around with an Apple watch - which needs the latest IOS.

      • So as a Xmas gift to myself, I went ahead and bought the 11pro.
        Oh boy, I am so impressed, especially with the cameras!
        For me it's definitely worth the extra $$$!
        iPhone 11 Pro is LEGIT!

        • Yup, and next year it will, probably, be $600 less and I will look at buying one. However, I do know what you mean - if you are keeping it a while, and it rocks your world, it is worth buying.

  • I have an X but am holding out for the 12 and 5G. I guess you can't go wrong for this price and you'll be able to sell it for a few hundred less later in the year when everyone will be jumping on 5G, or you could hold onto the XS for 2-3 years until the 12 is discounted to the price that the XS is selling for now.

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    thanks OP. bought it more than a week ago and got refunded the price diff of $100 in my credit card!

  • there's the assumption that "everyone will be jumping on 5G" in 2020, but even the network rollout is questionable.

    i'll give it 3 years before going 5G. my 4G ain't too bad, even when streaming HD.

  • Bought one at 949.05 from officeworks, thanks OP. Any suggestions for cover and screen protector ?

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      Look at Officeworks for the screen protector and have a look at some of the deals Harvey Norman is doing for cases, however, stock might be limited in your area.

    • Did you get it via Officeworks call centre? Seems no stock at any OW store

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        I got it from Adelaide store where lady at counter checked and said it is out of stock but I asked another guy who was looking experienced; Without looking in system he said he has 2 64GB space grey. Got one and while paying asked to beat the price

        It was in Rundle mall, Adelaide.

        • Ok, am in Vic but many thanks for sharing :)

      • wrong answer.

    • I could be late, but my Wife purchased an XS yesterday and got a glass screen protector and case from TK Maxx for $14.95 total. JB were after at minimum, $30 for a case and $30 for a screen protector.

  • Got one from Parramatta Westfield.

    • Prize from a balloon drop?

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        Nopes, missed the balloon drop luckily.

  • I've tried to order online 4 times but JB keeps cancelling it because it doesn't pass their stupid online ordering verification process.

    • Sounds like you might have to purchase in store, or try buying online with gift cards

      • I was trying to buy online with two gift cards (bought at 5% off) :(
        I managed to get the colour I wanted in store today - but it also meant I had to go today when half the town was also there.

        • +1

          Glad you managed to get one.

  • Hi all, I’m thinking of upgrading from my iPhone 6s. One thing I really don’t like is being unable to take good photos in darker environments with the 6s. The XS deal looks great but what is it like to take pictures or videos in the dark? Would I be better off upgrading to the iPhone 11? I don’t need the newest phone with all the bells and whistles, but would like the new phone to take much better pictures and videos than my current phone especially in the dark. I have a few overseas trips next year that I’d like to take lots of sightseeing pictures of and also I do take lots of pictures of my young kids. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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      I've read a few articles where they say the Iphone 11 has the better camera. So if that is your most important thing then you might want to do that. The other option is to purchase from Apple directly and play around with the 11 to see if it is what you want. You have a "customer satisfaction" period where you can return stuff without question and get your money back. Costco does similar. You can then see if it is what you want.

      • Thank you for this suggestion!

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      Download the NeuralCam iOS app. Night mode for non iPhone 11.

  • No more stock so cant price match in officeworks.just grabbed one from jb.

  • Does anyone know if this can be purchased in store with JB’s interest free?
    Typically “Apple Products” aren’t available for interest free type purchases at likes of Hardly Normal, I can’t find anything specific on JB’s website saying anything apart that purchases must be made in store

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