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Apple iPhone XS / XS Max Models $300 off - X̶S̶ ̶6̶4̶G̶B̶ ̶$̶1̶0̶9̶9̶ @ JB Hi-Fi


JB Hi-Fi has reduced $300 off all the iPhone XS models

XS Models
Apple iPhone XS 64GB - $1099 Further reduced — See new deal
Apple iPhone XS 256GB - $1249 Further reduced — See new deal
Apple iPhone XS 512GB - $1449 Further reduced — See new deal

XS Max Models
Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB - $1249
Apple iPhone XS Max 256GB - $1399

Discounted gift cards or price match @ Officeworks for further discounts

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  • +1

    Is iPhone 11 a better option?

    • +8

      Depends. The XS Max has a bigger screen and XS models have OLED (better black levels) and more pixels (higher clarity). The 11 has an ultra wide camera, better selfie camera, and arguably better battery life (OLED in dark mode on XS should be quite good on battery).

      • -4

        The XS also has a wide (zoom) lens, which the 11 doesn't.
        I went from the 8 Plus with the zoom lens to the 11 with the ultra wide, and I miss the zoom sometimes but not that often.
        The ultrawide is really cool.

        • +1

          I think normal + wide angle is the best 2 camera configuration.

          • @onlinepred: Agreed.

          • @onlinepred: Would it depend on what kind of photos you're taking though?

            • @ShortyX: Yep, I find if you travel a lot, and love closer to real portrait modes rather than artificial ones, then optical zoom is really helpful. After having many phones with optical zoom/wide angle, I really think wide angle is the best second lens. Ideally I would prefer all 3.

        • +1

          The XS also has a wide (zoom) lens, which the 11 doesn't.

          The Xs has a wide and normal/portrait, while the 11 has an ultra wide and wide lens. The 11 also has better low light performance.

      • The 11 has much better battery life than the XS, just like how the 10R has much better battery life than the XS.

        • -1

          Also you don't have to worry about the burn-in effect of OLED if choosing 11.

          • +3

            @BennyHe2018: The 11 has the better A13 bionic chip. Unless you really want OLED 11 is better IMO.

          • +4

            @BennyHe2018: I don't think you have to wish about oled burn-in in general, the earlier issues have been mitigated

          • +1

            @BennyHe2018: Most people have OLED and still don't worry about burn in nor do they get burn in. Only really a concern if you use it for GPS every day for many hours in your car for years.

  • +4

    If you also need a phon plan, you can combine with this offer for further discount

  • -2

    Would pull the trigger if XS Max.

    • +4

      Get the card out, its included.

    • +9

      Would pull if 11 pro max

      • +1

        Would pull if galaxy fold

        • +2

          Would pull if Tesla CyberTruck

    • +5

      I’d pull the trigger if it was an iPhone SE2.

      Come on Apple, not everyone wants these huge-sized phones.

      • iPhone XS isn’t huge tbh

        • +1

          It's still much bigger than the SE, which is already at the maximum size of a phone I'd actually want to carry around all day.

          I guess I'll just have to stick with the SE for another year or two to see if Apple (or anyone) starts releasing reasonably-sized phones again.

          • @DisabledUser77742: The latest rumor is that we'll get a 5.5" iPhone 11S next September, the size of an iPhone 8 (alongside an iPhone 9 in March/April which will be an iPhone 8 with the iPhone 11 chip). So both the 'iPhone 9' and '11S' should have similar external dimensions, one with old school bezels and a 4.7" screen and one with no bezels and a 5.5" screen. A shame for those who want smaller phones, a bezel-less 4.7" iPhone the size of an SE with iPhone 11 specs would be a phone I'd pay $1,000 for.

  • I’ve got to upgrade from an iPhone 6 Plus and trying to decide between the XS Max and 11 Pro Max. They’re probably chalk and cheese though.

    • How much is 11 Pro Max? I just upgraded from 6S Plus to XS Max.

    • +7

      It comes down to a few items:

      • 11 ProM has U1 chip, full potential unknown at this time.
      • 11 ProM has better cameras (and one additional lens)
      • 11 ProM has better battery life (about +5hrs)

      CPU wise, it's claimed to be ~20% faster A13 vs A12. Which likely means very little for you day to day. So it's basically how you feel about the above 3 things.

      • Thanks.

      • Thanks!

      • Also 11 PM has better low light cameras

  • would officeworks beat the price?

    • They should, if you're able to find stock.

    • Yes, unless they've already beaten it.

    • +3

      Just did a price beat at Officeworks. Guy at register showed they had lowered the stock price to match internally … But it had NOT changed on the OW website as yet so he put it through.

  • Thanks OP, I have been waiting for XS Max price to drop and missed out on other sales.

  • +6

    Thanks OP. I purchased XS 250gb at the release, knowing that the price start dropping in an year with new release. Now, I’m claiming the price difference from Cloles CC price protection, so my actual cost of the phone came to $1,078 after GST claim, is a win. Just letting know if anyone is interested in Coles CC price protection insurance, which I think is great.

    • +2

      Handy but almost useless to those unknown of because those insurance are no longer offered to anyone

      • Is that right? I didn’t realised that, sorry.

      • Just got a BW Zero Platinum and it has price protection - but in the terms it needs to be " if you find a cheaper printed purchase price within 21 days you can claim the difference (minimum of $75)"… may as well not offer it really how often are the deals in a printed catalogue? Even this one if you'd just bought a XS you would struggle to match those terms.

    • I have Coles rewards platinum card but customer care says price protection is not available. Any way to check it?

  • For someone who regularly uses the 2x optical zoom, this is a fantastic price. The 64 is $650 cheaper than the 11 Pro equivalent. Got one, thanks OP.

    • What do you use the zoom for?

      • +2

        Pretty much every photo is better with the 2x zoom lens, removes a lot of useless garbage around the subject.

  • +1

    This is a crazy good deal. I’m annoyed I bought at Black Friday sales at $200 ish more

    • +4

      JB Hifi has 14 Day Price match policy.

      Go and ask Jb Hifi they will refund you the balance.

      • +8

        Thanks heaps for posting this! I was just about to leave the CBD when I saw this. I immediately turned around and went to JB and got my $180 refund.

        If you had posted 15 mins later it probably would’ve been too late.

    • Yes I know some have different standards .
      I can get iPhone 11 64GB cheaper than that .
      Needs around $200 - $300 more off to be acceptable and where it should be in comparison :)

      • I can get iPhone 11 64GB cheaper than that .

        could you elaborate please?

      • Yes looking for a 11 128 myself. Toby deals has then for $1150 but I've never shopped with them before.

  • Officeworks have changed price

  • +2

    JB ‘S E-gift card from RACQ WIll be 4% off. Can pick up for $1056

  • Can you combine this with the $500 port-in Telstra promo?

    • yes can do, I just got one today by signing up $65 plan for 12 months with telstra in jb store

      • Great. Time to get a Discounted JBHF gift card!

      • I'm after a 11 128gb. Do you have a link or any idea how much this would cost please?

      • Essentially you pay more. Unless you need that $65 plan

        • Actually if you cancel immediately you pay about $100 less, ETC $390.

    • How do you combine with $500 ?Thank you

  • nice

  • got one last night using gift cards hoarded over the years.. thanks OP

  • Thanks OP - signed up to the $500 gift card offer and grabbed a 256GB XS for the wife 👍

  • Hi all,

    I'm about to pull the trigger but not sure whether to go for iphone xs max or iphone 11 pro max.
    I know there was a comment above regarding this point but i want to know roughly what kind of battery life would you expect between the two?

    Those that currently have the iphone xs max, what's your standby time and screen on time with bluetooth, gps and wifi signals all on?
    (assuming you're an average user, play a little bit of games, youtube, messages, google chrome, phone calls etc)

    I'm thinking to keep the phone for 5 yrs, if that's in any way possible? so i want to account for battery degradation too.

    Thanks in advance!

    • not sure whether to go for iphone xs max or iphone 11 pro max.
      what kind of battery life would you expect between the two?

      On the iPhone 11 Pro Max: "The longest battery life in an iPhone; lasts up to 5 hours longer than iPhone XS Max"

      Also on the above webpage, select the two relevant models, then scroll down to see "Power and Battery".

    • +1

      If you want to keep the phone for 5 years, I would go for the best model, which is obviously the 11 Pro Max. You probably will have to replace the battery once though after 3 years of heavy usage (both models can benefit from the new 'optimised battery charging' tech built in to iOS13 but no one knows the long term effect of this yet). If you're after a powerful phone for the next 2 years with decent resell value, go for the XS Max. You'd still get good money for it in 2 years' time if you look after it well (50%), and you can then upgrade to something newer again (a 5G phone).

  • Not so sure does Jb offer after pay?

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