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Telstra 12-Month Post Paid 60GB $65 Per Month & $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card - Port-in- In-Store Only @ JB Hi-Fi


Looks like this deal is back on according to a banner I was just presented on https://www.jbhifi.com.au/collections/mobile-phones (https://images.ctfassets.net/i2qsnovxhn7q/59vYeF4YD6vvW0zcWH...)

My previous Telstra Family and Friends plan (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/342769) is up this fortnight so I think it's time for me to make the jump.

Does anyone have a preferred port out -> port back pathway that should work for me prior this deal expiry on 27th Nov?

Edit 12pm: Deal marked as expired as the offer is no longer a $500 JB Gift Card but $500 JB Gaming Credit.

>$500 credit towards any gaming products - consoles, games, gaming laptops, gaming chairs, accessories.

Update: 10Pm Monday 18 Nov

Deal reactivated again, and runs until 27 November 15th December

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  • It’s too early man 🙄😐 I mean it’s not even 7am 😂

  • Go aldi, its fast and approved

  • Many have commented that some stores will strictly enforce 30 days wait time since porting out and back in to Telstra. I just ported out from Telstra 3 days ago. I'm sure this deal will come back by Christmas/Boxing Day sales.

  • this deal is a cracker - who did this successfully? I mean port out and port back in, 30 days minimum is it?

  • Thanks Op!

    Does jb accept Amex?

  • Is the $500 phone credit applicable only for 24 months plan? Can't find info about the gift card under 12 months plan

    • Not sure if we can combine it because that deal ends on the 17th of November.

      Unless someone smarter can tell me how to?

  • I thought all Telstra plans now could be cancelled without a minimum term.. Does that mean you can port in, take the $500 voucher and port out the next day and just pay the portion of the first month you used?

    Surely I'm missing something here.

    • JB Hi-Fi Plans are for 12 months.
      Some of us from previous deals like this moved to M2M and then ported out or stayed on prepaid so it lapsed without paying the ETC.

      • What do you say in the online chat to be able to use this deal to our advantage? Just to get the $500 gc

      • Sounds great! One question though it might have been answered. Can you move to month to month from this 12 month contract, prior to expiry with paying the early termination fee? Cheers.

    • Would also like to know if I’m missing something

    • Is this what makes this deal a deal?
      Ie the ability to not have to live out the 12 month contract?

  • will have to wait until the 25th-26th to make use of this 😊

  • I also had an existing Telstra service. I done it by activating a Optus prepaid sim with new number, ported over to get the deal then cancelled my existing Telstra service and swapped my existing number to the new service. Also managed to get port in discount.

    • I'd be keen to understand this more. You didn't port your real number in, you created a new one and then "swapped" your real number. How does this work?

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        Correct, I ported in an Optus prepaid number that I setup 10 min before walking into JB to get the deal. That night got onto chat and recieved the port in discount, then cancelled my original telstra service and got my original Telstra number swapped onto the new JB service. This was all done through online chat. Seemed easy

      • I would be careful doing this. I think a few posts ago people did mention that is a huge hassle to do the new number thing.

    • We did the same to go to boost from telstra. When you call them they tell you about sending a blank sim nonsense.


      How much’s port in discount and still avaliable


    Is that gift card for iPhone only?

    • It's just a JB gc, you can spend it on whatever you like. Doesn't have to be a phone.

  • I'm in the exact same boat as op. If I plan to port out from Telstra, should I look to use up my Telstra Plus points first? Does porting out shut down your Telstra account therefore access to those points are lost?

    • Prob a good qstn for Telstra. Maybe order a free Sim and activate it against the same Telstra ID so the account stays active?

    • When i ported it my telstra then port back in , my account no still the same and my remaining points still there (not much points but)

  • Vodafone 2 dollar SIM, activate and put 10 dollars on it and then you can port from it, ports over within 15 minutes

    • I guess my concern is if I get stuck with whoever I port to for any significant duration…

      • thats not necessary, just generate a new number, transfer the new number over to Telstra 65 a month plan, and then contact telstra and say you want your 'old number' (current telstra number) on your 65 a month plan and they will transfer the number across and get rid of the new number

    • If you have A spare Kogan sim, you can buy this.

      • As a matter of fact, I got a whole bunch of Kogan Sims a while back that I never activated. Worth a shot

    • Go $2 Coles SIM. You can activate without needing to recharge.

  • My contract with Optus ends at the end of next month. What would you guys do? I don't know how it works because it's my first time to do a 2-year contract

  • How's the coverage and other stuff with Telstra? I don't know anything about mobile providers other than that my current provider Vodafone have been complete crap lately.

    • Then you are ready to jump on this .

    • Ported out from Telstra to Circles and I miss the coverage and data speed. Was hoping to take advantage of the 4 months free with Circles but this will make me go back to Telstra prematurely

    • I recently moved from Telstra to Optus, and it's like having wireless dial-up.
      Imagine a condom which works 80% of the time. That's what Optus 4G is like.

      Go with Telstra.

    • I swear JB Plans have worse coverage that standard Telstra plans

      Me and my partner are on Telstra
      me on Telstra direct
      partner on JB plan
      Same account, one bill etc
      EXACT same phones, JB Data speeds suck compared to Telstra and we notice in city particularly Telstra is far better etc than JB, on the JB plan we get "xxx called and did not leave a message" sms yet the phone never rings, Telstra plan does not have this issue.

      have swapped sims into opposing phones to make sure it was not just a phone issue
      Same problem no matter the handset

      just my experience.

  • Does anyone know if Telstra still offer shared data SIMs? I've been told they don't which is why I can't port out and back in :(

    • I believe it’s only offered on their business plans now.

      • I have a business, and they don't do shared data on business either. They're obviously not making enough money.. gotta squeeze out every dollar!

    • Confirm that you Cannot get Data Share on a 'Personal' plan.
      Im still on one but the plan is grandfathered and if I update then I lose the data share.

      If I update though, I can get cheaper per month now with a greater data allowance.
      So we will be changing, but am contracted until mid December, I could probably do it now and have any remainder waived.

      I have 2 phones and a data share sim in a Telstra Netgear aircard, its really convenient for what we need.
      It now means we will have to get internet at home rather than what we have now.

      I wonder if a Telstra chat might provide some discounts and greater data allowance to match existing deals?

    • +1 vote

      They don’t anymore :(

  • Does anyone know if this plan will include overseas calls to any country?

    • not included

    • Not included unfortunately. The last time this was posted I rang up both JB and Telstra, and they were both unable to do it as their systems are pretty rigid and don't allow customisations.

      Quite a shame as I was prepared to pay more or even accept lesser data allowances.

  • I ported a service out to Optus and a couple of hours later went to a smaller local JB and they just did it no questions asked. Probably helps if you find a smaller store with sales people looking for sales rather than larger mall stores who get sales up the wazoo. Telstra also put the number back onto my existing account that the number was previously on (I have multiple services).

  • What is the validity of these 500 gift cards?

  • 1 Question. If we get this $65/ month plan Telstra, can we cancel after 6 months for free? it says min cancellation fee $390, so we would have paid 390 in 6 months already? or are we bound to do 12 months?

  • I want to take advantage of this deal but I also want a new phone number. What's the best strstegy? Get a prepaid Vodafone Sim? Thanks

  • So I'm currently apart of a family plan with Vodafone, and the family plan isn't under my name. Do I need to get the plan owner to come in store with me to do the porting?

    • I tried to port in a number that wasn't in my name, they couldn't do it. You possibly could bring them in, but it would be worth maybe calling your store beforehand to check.

    • Depends who owns your number. If it's under your name, no. If it's under someone else, yes.
      Usually you can call up and ask.. then you can also do a change of ownership as well if needed.

      Keep in mind the number could be bundled within the family plan and making any changes (porting out in your case) could break everyone elses plan. Best to find that out too.

  • I did it for $400 last weekend :( got it with the S10E which was $800 at the time