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Kogan Mobile | $9.90 for 90 Days | 20GB Per 30 Days | Unlimited Talk & Text (New Customers)


• Free SIM card included
• 20GB of data per 30 days
• Unlimited standard national calls
• Unlimited standard texts and MMS
• All for use within Australia
• 90 day expiry
• No hidden fees
• Vodafone network
• Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEDT on 12/11/2019. Activation must be made before the voucher expiry date.

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Referee will receive $5 credit to spend (min. $200 spend). Referrer will get $5 credit after the referee has made a purchase (minimum $200 spend, within 14 days).

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  • Excellent. Just in time after Amaysim dropped their $10/365 day top-up and the plan was ending. This takes us to the post-Christmas offers.

  • Good offer, I'm on their 14.90 for three months deal and runs out in a months time. Just waiting for a Lebara or someone else's deal so I can port my number out to them :/

    • I had problems with kogan the last time i did that - ported out to telstra and tried porting back to kogan - request was rejected. Turns out, the kogan policy has changed and it requires you to be out of their network for atleast 30 days in order to be considered a new customer.

      • ⏫ THIS ⏫ I had the same issue a while back which means I have to plan ahead a bit more when SIM hopping.

      • Thanks - good to know. I was with Kogan for this plan then ported to Catch for their own 90day plan. To your point, it seems like I can use this after my 90day Catch plan expires. Hooray for 16-20gb for $5 max per month

        • How do you guys finding porting out of Catch?

          The only time I was with Catch last year and tried porting out after one of these 90 day deals, I had the worst porting delay ever that took nearly a week and even lost complete service to my number without being able to receive txts or calls. Took a few calls and patience to escalate twice, but still took so long. I have been porting every 28-35 days for years and this was my worst/longest port and reluctant to go back.

          Was that just a one off bad experience, or is this common with Catch?

          • @ozhunter68: Just ported from Catch to Kogan last night. Submitted the port request at 9pm and received confirmation at 6am today. Should be straight forward if your details match in both accounts.

            • @Chillzy: lolllll

              if your details match in both accounts.

            • @Chillzy: I am glad to hear your recent port away from Catch went smooth, that is Usually how it should work ( from 10 minutes to 24 business hrs ).

              Like I mentioned above, I have been porting for years ( close to 100 times ), and if my details were not correct both accounts on my side, I would not have asked the question here, as clearly as regards to porting I am not a noob ( but am human and do make mistakes, but not here this time lol ).

              I have had porting delays before for 24-78hrs mainly because I ported on a Friday afternoon/Saturday/over a public holiday and for some reason unknown a port can Hang/Get Stuck.

              The other few times it was to do with Kogan as I might have had too many active Kogan numbers in their time allowance.

              Most of the time a port is held up ( as long as all details are correct and done within regular business hours ) for longer than usual, it seems to be a problem on with their system, or/and they mention something to do with security investigation ( maybe they see how often some of us port and that raises a flag ).

              • @ozhunter68: For a smooth port, always always always try to port on a working weekday, preferably from Mon to Thu. Friday mid-days, weekends and national holidays should be a complete NO. Learnt it the hard way.

                • @slashoholic: Yes, after a multiple smooth attempts Friday arvo/Saturday/even at night Mon-Friday without hiccups, I eventually ran into a few hurdles and Yes, learnt the Hard way.

                  Sometimes you have something important coming up and need to make calls/txt from your regular number and end of plan runs into a Fri/Sat and you take the risk and run the gauntlet lol. ( If you don't mind working around a new/different number than the Kogan XL/30 day sims $0-$4.90 come in really handy as an emergency as well as extra data on the cheap ).

      • same here. got to chat with little bit angry Indian support guy who said next time they won't do this ( my voucher expiry date was within 30 days of the day when I switched from Kogan ot amaysim)

  • I’m gunna hop on this and then grab one of those JB Telstra deals when they swing back around again

  • Damn… My plan expires in Mar..

  • So this is the type of deal people take advantage of to rejoin Telstra post 1 month in order to get gift card & good Telstra deal?

    • im hoping so, as this is exactly what im going to do.

    • Can you elaborate regarding what need to be done to take advantage of the Telstra gift card/deal? Are you referring to the Telstra Plus?

      • +1 vote

        Gift cards for porting in. A regular offer.

        But you need to get off Telstra to port back in.

      • Pretty sure to be eligible for that jb/telstra deal you need to be with another carrier and port in ( or new

        customer/number ). So people currently on telsrta port out to something like this and then get the deal.

  • Can you only redeem this offer once, or can you buy several an recharge every 3 months?
    Also will the Kogan Sim work in a locked Vodafone prepaid?
    Thanks for help!

  • Tempting to do this before activating Boost 365 day from the recent Coles deal

    • good idea why not

    • Yep, I will be using this before that stupid Telstra/Boost porting issue is completely fixed, so my son can still have connection for 3 months. In fact this deal is a life saver for all those who wants to jump across to Boost $150 at the moment. Hope after 3 months later Telstra will fix this annoying issue.

  • paypal doesnt seem to work for me, laptop and phone. Anyone else?

  • when i just bought the February 2020 ones for $14.99 …

  • Great bargain. I just ordered this 2 weeks ago for $14.90.

  • Any music streaming unmetered data included?

  • What happens after the 90 days? Do I pay the same price again for another 90 days? Please inform a newcomer who is looking at buying their first phone plan.

  • Errrr

    Just bought 1 month for 4.9 40GB data yesterday!!

  • ordered one, just in time, thanks OP

  • enjoying free 4 months from Circles, was thinking to take this one for next 3 months but looks like it expires if not activated by Nov '19.

  • +1 vote

    Does it matter if you have been a customer before? I only just ported from kogan to aldi a few weeks ago.

    • Not sure now if you need to wait at least 30, but could even be 60 days to be new customer.

      Unless you activate a new number.

    • Yeah 30 days wait if you were a customer, ported out, and want to port the same number back. If you just accept the new number on the SIM pack though, you can sign up immediately - several SIM activations the same day even if you want to.

  • Can’t see anywhere that says only for new customers - even says in the terms it is available for recharge.

    • What happens after I purchase my voucher code?

      After purchasing this product, you will be sent a unique Kogan Mobile vouchers by email within 24 hours and a Kogan Mobile SIM Starter Pack by post. If you are activating a new Kogan Mobile service, visit the activation centre to redeem a voucher. If you are already a Kogan Mobile customer, simply login to your account and use your voucher to recharge. Each voucher can be redeemed for a LARGE 90 Day Plan without any additional charge.

      • So new and existing customers.

        • correct. Guess must be Kogan knows about this terrible telstra porting issue and try to have this life saver deal to keep their current customers for 3 months, all of sudden they are so sweet !!!

        • OH wait a sec, I just received the voucher email, but it said 'The voucher is valid for new customers only' WTF??? But i won't use it till next month, so need some existing kogan user to confirm if that's the case.

          • @kaikor: Due to the contradictory wording they'll have to waive/honour it anyway. i.e. "This said this, but that said that. I bought it assuming this was correct. Now fix it (please)."

            • @GregMonarch: Think we are screwed if you want to just recharge your existing account, found this # on the page … They are very confusing with this and that said all on same page

              Valid for new Kogan Mobile customers only. Personal use only. Discounts available on Kogan Mobile Prepaid LARGE 90 day plans purchased before 11:59pm AEDT 11/10/2019 unless sold out prior or extended. Discount does not apply to subsequent recharges. Not available for commercial or resale purposes. Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. Not transferable and not redeemable for cash.

  • Where does it say only for new customers

  • This activation expiry is just too early for those already in Circle.Life…

    Anyone in the same boat and have plans how to make use of this deal also?

  • wat happens after 90 days are done? whats the $/month?

    • Make sure you don't have auto recharge setup in your account, then after 3 months all credits will expire and you cannot dial out or use internet. By that time you can jump to other provider or just recharge with another plan.

  • I was with Kogan 3 months ago and then ported out to belong. If I buy this package and bring my old number, will it still work or it does recognise the old number and don't let to avail this package?

  • thx, bought one

  • I'm using Kogan atm. Am from Brisbane. Signed up to their 365 day deal at the beginning of the year. Generally it is solid as it uses the Vodafone network, but I'm pretty into camping and going on bush hiking, and that's one area where it fails me as the network coverage and reception are limited. When that happens I have to switch to my other sim (dual sim phone) which uses Telstra network.

  • Yay for duel sim phones - all these cheap data plans to jump on without having to port numbers! Thanks OP just as my data ran out from Boost.

  • Hello, I am interested in coorperation with you, but I can't message you, can you help us post discount post on this site? if you are also interested, can you reply me?

  • After 90 days and no credit left, how many more days can I use the sim to receive calls and text?

    • Recently changed to just 20 days with Kogan, used to be 6 months. I found out the hard way after coming back from overseas holiday and my Kogan sim was "suspended". Tried porting to Amaysim but could not receive the confirmation SMS so I was stuck. After talking to Kogan support they were nice enough to reactivate my sim for 24hrs, which then allowed me to port to Amaysim. Hope this info helps others.

    • Due to experience with Kogan 30 day SIMs, I believe the answer is 60 days. i.e. 30 day SIMs expire (cannot be recharged) 90 days from the day you activate. So these should similarly expire 90 days after day 1 of your third/last 30-day 'activated' block.


      • Day 1-90 (all 3x 30-day blocks) = make and receive calls.
      • Day 91-150 = only receive calls.

      Note: I'm ASSUMING that's how things are. Someone else may know different.

      • WRONG! See my comment above, sim becomes "suspended" (effectively inactive, and unable to receive calls or sms) 20 days after credit expires. Contact Kogan live chat if you don't believe me.

        • WRONG! See my comment above

          WRONG! See MY comment (higher) above. ;-D (You posted while I was still typing.)

          Anyway, I've just put a spreadsheet on my desktop to remind me to SMS to a SIM every day until it fails. Only problem might be I always select 'no more than x active SIMs'… which might kill the old SIM sooner and muck up the experiment.

          • @GregMonarch: please stop making stuff up and spreading it as gospel.

            This is from the KoganMobile website


            If you do not recharge your account after your plan expires, you will still be able to receive incoming calls and text messages for 20 days, and make calls to emergency services for 90 days. To assist you to recharge your account, you can call the Kogan Mobile Customer Care team anytime on 12612, even if you don't have an active service.

            Please note: Your mobile phone number will be reserved for 90 days past plan expiry. If you do not recharge within 90 days, you will not be able to keep your existing mobile phone number, and your account will be deactivated. Once your mobile number is lost Kogan Mobile is unable to retrieve it for you.

            • @billy_bob: Ok so they must turn off the SIM but you can still recharge it for 90 days from the last time you paid/recharged. Oh, wait… Why then the 26 days about 7 messages above? Ah, who knows.

      • "Note: I'm ASSUMING that's how things are. Someone else may know different."

        As a great man once said: to ASSUME is to make an ASS out of U & ME.

        Check my comment above

  • If I port my current number from ALDI does this count as new customer?

    • You are counted as a new customer (new account) unless THE NUMBER you're porting-in was with Kogan less than 30 days ago. If you are going to accept the NEW NUMBER on the SIM pack - it doesn't matter - you can sign up as many, or as soon, as you like.

  • How is international calls charged on this plan? Can you even call international nunbers on this?