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Google Pixel 4 64GB $199 with Telstra 60GB $65pm Plan (12 Months, Min Cost $979) Port-in Customers @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store)


It’s back.

$65, 60gb, 12 Months, minimum cost $979. Port in customers and in store only.

Listed as banner on https://www.jbhifi.com.au/collections/mobile-phones

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  • 🤣 Here we go again.

  • The other deal that has been unpublished now twice says "Pixel 4 $199 upfront or $500 credit towards "gaming" products". Can someone confirm re gaming credit?

    • It was mentioned but no details

    • The third just got unpublished that said gaming credit aha

      • Noticed that too. There are two banned users who's comments have been removed in comments section for this deal

        • Someone who works at a particular JB Hi-Fi store is continually making new accounts to attempt to post deals and comment within these deals to advertise their store (saying they just walked past it today and saw the sign up), as you probably saw. In the past they've not only sockpuppeted but falsely stated that the deal is only available at their store when it's a nationwide promotion. That is why a lot of stuff is being removed and why JB Hi-Fi are banned on OzBargain.

          The unpublish reason on those previous deals was changed from "Insufficient details for upcoming deal" to "sockpuppeting"


          • @hamza23: Thanks hamza23 for clarifying

            • @eyzonme: Sorry I should have also mentioned, the information the employee provided:

              $500 credit towards any gaming products - consoles, games, gaming laptops, gaming chairs, accessories.


              Pixel 4 64gb $199 upfront

              I can't verify it's exactly correct but you would assume it is.

              • @hamza23: Couldn't you just remove the store location…

                • @OzBargan: The posts and comments contained information that was likely false to mislead users as to its availability, to personally benefit the particular store. Thus initially removed as 'insufficient information for upcoming deal'.

                  JB Hi-Fi are also banned from store rep posts on OzBargain due to past sockpuppeting.

          • @hamza23: Wow that’s hectic. How can you ascertain that they work at a certain store? Or even that they work at JB generally?

  • This phone has pretty disappointing reviews, battery being a major drawback

    • +13 votes

      I was looking forward to getting this phone until I realised it wasn't worth the upgrade and it was missing a few features that I've enjoyed in the past; finger print sensor and the unlimited full resolution back up via google photos.

    • -3 votes

      Just read a review early today and battery was only slightly worse the iPhone 11 for how many hours use you get. Think it was The Verge.

    • i agree about the $hitty battery and that weak ass notch

    • I'm a former Pixel 2 owner, was pretty unhappy w/battery life, switched to a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, was happy as with it but lost the phone overseas 1 month later. Came back to Australia and didn't want to spend much, so couldn't pass this JB Hifi deal.
      In the reviews usually they say that they won't suggest buying it because of the pricing point (~800 USD), BUT, this deal is just too cheap for what you get. You can get a couple of wireless chargers to compensate for the battery life, and still it's a pretty good deal.
      But I still miss my Xiaomi, though

    • +2 votes

      Got the phone from the previous deal and a free nest hub, so essentially a free Pixel 4 on a $65 x 12 plan.

      I admit the battery life is not great, but not as bad as some reviewers are making it to be either. If you are an average user then this phone will last you through the day. I can comfortably get 3hrs+ screen on time with enough battery left by the time I go to bed. I don’t play games, but use it for watching youtube videos, browsing, music and calls. My typical screen on time is between 2 to 3 hours, and I'm left with 30%+ by the time I get home.

      While I don’t recommend this phone at its $1000 RRP it is definitely a good buy with this deal which technically brings the cost down to around $500 (assuming you stay on the plan) or ~$600 if you break the contract. IMO there is no other $500 phone better than a Pixel 4

  • Google realised that failed hence crazy discount traps.

    • You seem to think Google cares.
      They don't. The way the company is run is quite stupid, as the people in charge of these major mishaps are actually getting bonuses, and the engineers that were forced to design the device are simply shifted to other projects. Bad management throughout is what leads to a constant flurry of half-baked services and abandoned projects.

      The reason why there are discounts, is because the retailers are not buying them anymore. Once bitten, twice shy. Google dropped the ball big time with the original Pixel 1 and last year's Pixel 3. Retailer's now realise the tshowshi and demand has whimpered down, despite all that marketing budget. They're still forced to buy them cheaper, and want to get rid of them sooner than later. Besides, the holiday season is upon us and people are focused on buying other goods instead (TV, Electronics, Presents, etc etc), and shortly after that we will get the next-gen phones: Samsung S11+, Xiaomi Mi10, LG G9, OnePlus 8 Pro. And they seem poised to take on the iPhone 11 Pro, whilst making a mockery out of the Pixel 4. So now is really a bad time to buy a phone, unless it's on deep discounts.

      • Bad management throughout is what leads to a constant flurry of half-baked services and abandoned projects.

        It's also the premise behind Alphabet … bet on lots of projects at the same time and maybe some will come good.

        While you might call it bad management, there's probably someone a lot smarter than you pulling the strings in Mountain View.

        I'm not saying the pixel is a good phone, but there's probably lots of synergies with their other products, even if the handset is a complete flop.

  • +3 votes

    S10e deal back too??

  • I have a pixel 3 and the battery is not big enough. It gets about 3 and a half hours screen on time. Pixel 4 has a smaller battery for some reason.

    • Concur. As a pixel 3 owner I'm not upgrading due to the battery dilemma.

      Like who the fk in the marketing department at Google did the market analysis and interpreted that battery life was less important than high refresh screens.

      Just give me a clean basic android experience with good battery life please. How hard can it be.

  • I wonder if they closed all the loopholes yet?

    Otherwise it's time for another free pixel 4:)

    • I got stuck in the porting void so I'm glad the deal is back so I can reapply and have it go through smoothly

    • Care to elaborate? How's it work out free. I can understand people were swapping to m2m plans then cancelling, phone for $199.. Not free though

  • Good luck trying to change to m2m and cancelling. Pretty sure Telstra has shut all that down.

    • What a sad news

    • Are you saying I can't get a new SIM, port and then cancel?

      EDIT: Even if paying the $390 or whatever cancellation fee?

      • No problem if you are happy to pay the ETC, previously people were able to get moved to the month to month plan without triggering the ETC.

  • Still waiting on the Pixel 4 XL deal…

  • Been thinking about upgrading from my og pixel XL.. the 4 seems like a bit of a dud (not interested in motion control).

    What are peoples thoughts on any of the other pixels? I mainly just want something with decent battery life, good BT reception, and decent build quality. Vanilla android and long running updates are a bonus

    • https://youtu.be/yyqNR6W_MUQ
      Pixel 4 XL seems very average or a bit-below.

    • My preference is for the smaller pixels and so my opinions are based on that.
      The Pixel to Pixel 3 felt like a decent jump especially with the selfie camera coming in handy on my trip overseas - you can't go wrong with the photos on either the 2 or 3. However, I am not a fan of the notch of the pixel 3 XL but if you can overlook that, the screen is an improvement over the hit and miss of the pixel 2 XL. The battery life on all generations of the Pixel could be A LOT better but its done the job.

      BT and call quality seems to be better on the pixel 3 compared to the Pixel 2. The OG Pixel BT was dreadful. Pixel 3 speakers are nicer than the Pixel 2.

      My mate has the pixel 3a and he says its a great phone for the price due to the camera and software and the plastic build doesn't bother him. My issue with both the 3a and Pixel 4 is the lack of unlimited original quality back up. It doesn't bother him since HD is good enough for him but personally this was a feature that allowed me to not worry about expandable memory. You'd definitely want to get the bigger storage option moving forward if you go for the 4 but that could be an issue with the 3a since it only comes in at 64GB

      Maybe next year I might be tempted to upgrade but unfortunately the Pixel 4 (with its great back camera) is a miss from me.

    • Upgraded from my og pixel xl to the s10e from last deal. Love the new phone and managed to port out via mtm with no etc.
      Battery is good and so far has not required a topup during the day which my xl was very much needing, sometimes more than once.

      • The s10e was the other one on my short list but I am a little hesitant about the Samsung os..

        • An afternoon, theme and launcher change later and it feels very similar to my old pixel. Yes it isn't android 10 yet but it doesn't feel like that much of a step back in the OS regard.

    • Don't get the 3. I went through three handsets before getting one that didn't act as a disco strobe light. And the battery life isn't great. It barely lasts a workday.

    • Get a Galaxy s10. I got a pixel 3, and they're ok but leave a lot to be desired. The Mrs has s10 and its just better. I'm excited to jump over when this carks it

    • The 3a XL is good, and retains all the good bits of the OG xl . Battery is great

    • +2 votes

      I moved to the P4 from an Original XL myself. While its not a big of an upgrade as I hoped it would be, I'm not too disappointed either. Like I've said in a previous comment battery life is alright for me because I'm a light user. It performs on par with my 3 year old 1XL I know it is silly comparing to a 3 year old phone with a degraded battery, but that is what I upgraded from. BT reception and range seems to be better than P1XL (I can walk further with my BT headphones). Build quality feels solid (BTW I am aware of that bend test video on youtube, but IMO that is an extreme and unrealistic scenario). The microphones and speakers are significantly better than 1XL, I don't have to yell to invoke the assistant anymore; the speakers sound a lot louder and richer too. I also find the P4 better looking than the big old 1XL, again probably a silly comparison, but that is what I had. I also welcome the small form factor, refreshing to use a small phone again. Given everything I think the P4 is a worthy upgrade to a P1XL, especially since the effective price for me is around $500 because I am staying with the plan (i.e: you anyway have to spend more than $35 to get a similar plan, so when you factor that in the price of the handset comes down to around $500)

    • If you want good battery life a pixel isn't for you other than the 3a and 3a XL.

      Also pixels don't have "vanilla" android, they have a pixel specific version of android just like samsung have a samsung specific one.

      • Interesting. I thought pixels and Google one phones all had vanilla android (within the limitations of hardware like obvs other phones not having motion controls)

  • I subbed to this exact deal from almost a month ago, yet to be ported-in lol.

  • I was very interested in the pixel 4 but battery is a major letdown…

    Will wait for a huawei p30 pro deal instead. Much better battery life…

  • is it possible to ask for the xl in this deal?

    • No, but I took unopened unit back the next day and they happily upgraded me to the 128GB model so should work to pay for the XL as well?

  • Ask and you will not receive ;-)

  • Is this in ACT? Any jbhifi?

  • Been using the Pixel 4 for few weeks and was hoping that it would replace my s10e, but so far I'll grab the s10e with me every morning.

    I prefer the s10e photos, Pixel 4 just takes too realistic photos. Even my wife agrees when I took photo of her face, got a grumpy look back when she saw herself :D

    Pixel 4 feels more premium in hand and the screen size feels good. It has 5.7" screen compared to Pixel XL which only had 5.5".

    Pixel 4's screen and the phone feels larger than s10e, even though s10e has a larger screen. And watching videos on Pixel 4 is great, it sounds like you have 2 front facing speakers.

    Remember to turn off the radar for skipping songs and video, it constantly skips to next video on YouTube by its own.

    Wireless charging sucks on Pixel 4. It doesn't work on any QI charging pads that I own.

    But in the end I am happy with my Pixel 4, now I just have too many phones and don't know which one I should give up.

    • It is quite clear that you should give up the phone which can't be used to take good photos of your wife.

      Happy wife, happy life bro.

    • Just download one of those l camera apps which do dream photo adjustments for you. Hides all your wife's blemishes.

  • Sad that these JB HiFI plans doesn't come with peace of mind for data. My last bill is $65 + $120 for excess data usage :(

  • NO ONE should pay premium price for a mediocre phone, if it is not a 'shit' phone.

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