This was posted 2 years 2 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Google Pixel 4 64GB $199 with Telstra 60GB $65pm Plan (12 Months, Min Cost $979) Port-in Customers @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store)


It’s back.

$65, 60gb, 12 Months, minimum cost $979. Port in customers and in store only.

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    • Depends on how nice the staff are at your JB

      • trust me it does not work with the same response from all of them (about 10 days ago), tried 5 jbhifi's, it no longer workes, first few days it worked though (two weeks ago)

        • They may not exchange it for a different phone because the barcode shows the phone is post-paid and their system won't allow it

          However a nice JB staff member may agree to a colour change, giving you a nice new phone (with a new barcode…)

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    Thanks OP, got it!

  • telstra online chat doesnt do $10 port in bonus for JBHIFI Plans anymore

    i spoke to 10 agents but they say they dont add discounts on Jbhifi plans anymore


    • if you manage to switch to M2M, they do have a $10 discount on those plans.

  • Just curious, can we claim TRS on this phone cost?

    • Yes you can, full price on receipt

  • Managed to switch to month to month plan from app :)

    • did it say "$0 one-off fee + your chosen M2M plan"?

      • When i checked the order it stated: “Add plan termination cancellation waiver” So lets wait for the bill. The rep told me they would waive and in case i got charged just quoted the ref number for credit back

    • remember who you chat with?

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    Anyone took this deal after porting out from the previous deal?

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      Me but this time it was harder to switch M2M i think they were aware

  • hi

    i signed up 65$ plan and now i was trying to change to $60 M2M from online and its showing as below
    $ 0 One-off
    $ 60 Monthly
    Min cost $ 60 over 1 month

    does this mean i wont be charged any ETC?


    • Take screenshots of each step in case they charge you but they shouldn’t since their system allows you.

      • That $0 one-off is for the new plan, i.e. there is no joining fee. The exit fee from other plan is not shown here, no?

        • yep. thats exactly what i was thinking.

      • i am concerned that my telstra website shows below. so, later they might say that ETC was mentioned on my telstra webiste.

        Thinking about switching or cancelling your plan?
        Plan early termination charge$387.87
        Device buy out$0.00
        Additional charges may apply

        what do you think?

  • Thank for posting big fella. My xperia xz premium has been going to the dogs lately so I snapped one of these up. Very happy with it so far, and the battery life is actually quite impressive :S not sure why the ragging. I do however have dark mode on everything and a black wall paper for the battery saving gains on that oled screen. Smooth scrolling turn off, and all the sensor BS detects you waving your hands at it etc. If you leave that stuff enable i can totally understand why you'd have bad battery life.

    It is a tad annoying that all the camera features like wide lens selfie mode and night shot mode only work with the camera app but I guess that's the way the news goes. The wide lens does distort photos a fair bit too.. I don't really have much experience with wide lenses to have a reference point for comparison of if that's to be expected or not.

  • Do we expect a better deal, with only 12 months plan, during black friday or Christmas? Wondering if I shall grab it as today is the last day.

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      You could wait and see if they give it away for free.

  • Good chance this deal will be back in the next week or two.

    Can you stack with this?

    Let's say you can't waive the ETC and it is $390 (or so) - still a pretty sweet deal I think…

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      The Nest deal wasn't meant to work for phones not purchased directly from Telstra and is now patched. You'll also find it more difficult to waive the ETC or upgrade your phone in store now. Still not a bad deal. Heaps of info in the previous deal if you want to check the comments.

      • Awesome - thanks! Will check it out.

  • Still no invoice, three weeks after switch to M2M, two weeks after port out.

    Why's it taking so long?

  • I went through the process of moving to M2M using the app and then canceling. I just received a confirmed final bill of $15. No etc payment. All done via chat.

    • Sorry i cant find from the app how to move to m2m

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