Bonus Google Nest Hub (RRP $199) with Google Pixel 4 & 4 XL @ Telstra


Spotted this on the Telstra Homepage

Google Nest Hub

To claim your bonus Google Nest Hub:

  1. Text your Google Pixel 4/4XL 15 digit IMEI1 number to ‘851’ to receive your promo code. You can find your IMEI1 either on the box of the device or by dialling *#06#.
  2. Add the Google Nest Hub to your cart on the GStore and apply your promo code where prompted in checkout in order to have the device discounted to $0.
  3. Enter your relevant shipping details and complete your order to receive your device.

This offer is open to Telstra customers who purchase a Google Pixel 4 before 13 January 2020 through Telstra. The bonus Google Nest Hub must be redeemed from the Australia Google Store by 14 February 2020, and can only be shipped to an address in Australia. The Google Nest Hub device is for personal use only and not for resale.

To redeem the offer, obtain your promotional code, visit, add a Google Nest Hub to your cart and enter the promotional code during checkout to receive a 100% discount off the purchase of one Google Nest Hub. You must be signed-in with a Google account and enter a form of payment at the checkout. Limit 1 bonus Google Nest Hub per customer. Each promotional code can only be used once. Promotional codes cannot be sold, transferred to others or exchanged for cash or cash. The offer cannot be combined with any other promotional codes, other bundle offers or instant rebates running at the same time.


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    Preorder at Google gets you $150 store credit.

    Same same yet different, yet still the same.

  • +7 votes

    So glad I got the Samsung Note 10+ instead of waiting for this.. what an ugly phone in this day and age


    New gen Nest Hub Max released, replacing now old Nest Hub. FYI.

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    No more unlimited photo storage in original quality. Deal breaker.

    • +1 vote

      Not a deal breaker for me, but definitely something I have to account for when considering purchasing this phone! As in $43 per year for Google One 200GB cloud service if I wanted to avoid having my photos compressed.

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    Thank you, Telstra, for the useful spec page!


    Wi-Fi No
    Bluetooth No
    NFC No

  • +5 votes

    Max 128GB of storage, no MicroSD slot, dual SIM but only with 1 physical (and 1 eSim), no 3.5mm port.

    Hell no.


    Can anyone confirm if texting the IMEI to '851' works from any phone and provider? Or must it be sent from the Pixel 4 and the original Telstra plan?

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    I can confirm this works. I picked up my pixel 4 via the JB Hi-Fi offer that's currently available.


    anyone else get an 'Oops error' reply?

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    So not sure if anyone has tried or is aware but I was able claim the free home hub code from Telstra even though bought the phone outright at JB, not attached to a Telstra offer via JB or anything like that.
    Further, since the P4 has dual IMEI numbers you can redeem twice by sending the second IMEI number off as well.
    I only tested this with my partners phone who is also Telstra so it may not work if you are not a Telstra customer.


    Just picked my Pixel 4 from Jb Hi-fi today and it says, "Oops! We've had a problem issuing you a code". Worth a try tho


    This worked for me for the JB HiFi deal yesterday - where you effectively buy the phone 'outright' with a gift card and go on a BYO plan.

    If you SMS IMEI1 and IMEI2 from different numbers, you get two different coupons ;)


    Non Telstra purchased device loophole and sending IMEI1/2 looks to be fixed

    "Sorry, that IMEI is not eligible for this offer. Please ensure you send the IMEI1 (not IMEI2) of your Google Pixel 4 / 4XL, and that it was purchased directly through Telstra."

    No Telstra store that I contacted (corporate or franchise) wanted to sell outright, even though the total minimum cost was basically the price of the handset, so brought outright from another retailer.