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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card With Port in to Telstra's 12 Month Postpaid Plan ($65/Mth, 60GB Data) in-Store Only @ JB Hi-Fi


OzBargain's favourite Telstra plan is running again, and this time it comes with a whopping $500 gift card (use how you please).

  • 12 month contract
  • Unlimited National Calls and SMS
  • 60GB Data (no peace of mind, $10 per GB thereafter)
  • Port in customers only
  • $390 ETC. YRMV getting switched to M2M and avoiding ETC.

Look like this deal is running until Christmas Eve. Link HERE to the Critical Information Summary.

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  • +35

    "YMMV getting switched to M2M and avoiding ETC."
    Can anyone translate in layman terms?!

    • +30

      Your mileage may vary
      Month to month
      Early termination charges

    • +3

      Sorry, I meant 'Your Results May Vary' (YRMV)… modded the OP. Refer Trogan's comment for other acronyms. :)

      • +15

        Pretty sure YMMV is more common of an acronym

        • +10

          If we're getting technical it's an initialism.

          • -7

            @Tacooo: It's an acronym

            • +13

              @Nurcopolics: No, it's not. An acronym means you can say the initials as a word, like NASA or ASIO. If you don't say the initials as a word then it's an initialism.

        • +4

          That's probably why I said YMMV in the first place! Oh well, I'm committed now!

      • +4

        Why do you make abbreviations in the first place? 😂

        • +2

          Apparently I like making things difficult. LOL

          • +5

            @wellzi: I think you mean AILMTD

          • +6

            @wellzi: @seraph LOL is laugh out loud in case you ask in the future.

        • +1


    • +8

      YMMV is the dumbest abbreviation Ive seen online. ICYMI however is the worst.

      • They’re just made up abbreviations anyways 😂

      • +9

        It should really be YKMV in Australia.

    • +1

      I‘d like to share my experience. I ported to this deal on Thursday last week from the Optus network. Porting was quick and I was on board in about 20 mins. Also the JB staff (Parramatta George St) were super helpful. I got my gift card straight away.

      However I’m finding that the network seems to be little concerning. It doesn’t seem to be the top Telstra network but perhaps second tier similar to Boost. I’m finding only 3 bars on my iPhone and data speeds are worse than Optus. I have a friend who is with Telstra direct (also using iPhone) and his network is much better and data speeds are as you would expect from Telstra.

      I’m not sure if anyone else on the JB plan is experiencing this but it’ll be good if anyone could share as I’m genuinely concerned. Just a word of caution for fussy / business users.

      • Boost is no different from Telstra.

        • Boost doing 4gx now?

      • I’m currently with Optus and thinking about taking this deal as well. I mainly want to switch networks cause. Should I still switch?

        • Hey, me too!
          I'm currently with Optus and I'm really considering taking the deal- to get the iPad Pro 11 inches.
          If the network is horrid I might have to change my mind T_T

        • Same boat here. Any decisions made yet?

        • +2

          Can confirm, got the deal today coming over from Optus. Can say it has been a noticeable difference in download speeds and service inside shopping centre and inside my apartment

          • @feebo: Thanks for confirming, might actually switch across to Telstra

  • +1

    So I get new sim for $2, port it to Telstra. Get $500 gift card. Cancel service and pay Max $390. Pocket $108. :D

    • +9

      Not really. A JB gift card isn’t exactly worth as much as cash at the end of the day.

      • +7

        But if you need something from JB it's still profits?

        • +2

          Depends, I get a lot of benefits from my credit card that I wouldn't get if I purchased using a gift card.

          • +1

            @OzBrogains: $108 worth of extras off a $500 purchase?

            • @ONEMariachi: Easily. Price protection

              • @isthisreallife22: Interesting, How long does price protection last normally? I've never had a credit card.

                • @ONEMariachi: No credit card offers decent price protection anymore for new cardholders.

            • +2

              @ONEMariachi: Who says I'll be spending only $500? If I buy a $3k TV using $500 gift cards and $2.5k in credit cards, I'll be forfeiting those benefits for the sake of $108.

              • +5

                @OzBrogains: I was just trying to understand mate. That's all

              • +1

                @OzBrogains: I believe there is no limit on how many services you may sign up. So u can get 6 of these plans and get enough giftcards for the entire TV.
                On a side note I believe if you pay partially with a price protection credit card you still get prorated price protection. I've done it with the jb hifi oppo reno 10x deal.

              • @OzBrogains: Who told you to use the credit for big purchases?

      • +1

        it is if you then gona claim the tax back as well ;-)

      • True. I sold my Jb card for $450 last time this deal went around - June I think

    • -1

      One of my friends is going to work at Telstra after Christmas. And Telstra can provide him a free plan. So I'm wondering what will happen if he sign up this deal. Hahahaha

  • +51

    Still feel like $65 a month is too much. After discounting the voucher, it's $23.34 a month - but in reality you are still spending $65 a month, and you perhaps bought something from JB you didn't need haha.

    • I guess it depends on your personal needs… this might suit someone else's position perfectly.

      Someone might not have the cash upfront for a new fridge they need. Oh wait, here's a way you can get a new mobile plan and pay off the fridge over 12 months!

      • There's also 50 month interest free, then you can go on cheaper plans and save money.

        • +1

          Many situations. Many options. :)

          • @wellzi: If you get 50 months interest free you aren't locked into a phone contract too. Really the only real reason to get the jb deal is if the best price for a product you want is at JB and is of at least $500 value.

        • +4

          The 50 month interest free is bullshit, since it includes an account upkeep fee and an initial opening fee, I think? I did the maths on it a few months ago and it comes out to 5-10% depending on how much you're spending

          • @tofuofdoom: Yep I ended up paying $2.50 a month for account keeping for my Harvey Norman fridge purchase a while back, but it was significantly cheaper than any other store I tried, so not only did I get it interest free, but still cheaper even after admin fees. So they are not bullshit at all, they can be if you don't calculate the total cost and how long it will take for you to pay it back. With this deal, you are forced to buy from a single store, so you are restricted in terms of possible deals, unless the thing you want is the best price possible at JBHifi.

            • @onlinepred:

              so you are restricted in terms of possible deals

              JB HiFi are decent at price matching tho.

              • @serpserpserp: To eBay and Amazon prime cashbacks? Not in my experience

                • @onlinepred: You were talking about HVN.

                  What eBay cash backs are you talking about? The 1% you get from shopback and the like?

                  I've never found a big ticket item (outside of gaming consoles) that are cheaper on Amazon than a retailer on discount. Usually when a product is in cycle for discount, all the retailers have a go with it, you just have to wait for the right time to get it at the retailer of choice.

                  • @serpserpserp: Just bought LG OLED c9 65" from good guys for $2800. Jbhifi wouldn't price match as they were listed at $3450. This is one Example. Pretty sure there is no way jbhifi price match eBay deals.


                    • @onlinepred: Yeah you can get the odd product like that. But I wouldn't say it is wide ranging.

                      • @serpserpserp: I really don't know any instances people say price beat it at JB hi-fi. I buy the odd small product from them. Good guys has eBay at least, get some great deals through them there.

                        • @onlinepred: JB HiFi do good price matching is what I said. YMMV on big ticket items but generally they are very good. Or at least the ones near my place are (I suspect really busy/high turnover stores my not be).

          • @tofuofdoom: I've had a Gem Visa card for years, yes the annual admin fee is $99 but any purchase of $250 and over is automatically 6 months interest free and on top of that, you can get that 50 months interest free through JB with it and other places like Harvery Norman, Good Guys etc. I've done those interest free periods with it and as long as its paid off before the interest free period is up, no extra costs or account fees and no fee to take it up. Not sure what is bullshit about that?

    • +2

      I brought my gift card to work and let my work colleagues and friends borrow it and pay me back in cash (full amount). I used $500 within a month with people getting tablets, headphones, games. It works with the online store as well.

      The great thing was that I got my $500 back very quickly, on top of that, higher tax deductibles. I managed to snag the upgrade to $69 plan for $49 and kept the gift card, but this is still a great deal if you can get friend's and family to help you with the gift card.

      • 'let'?

        they're doing you a service using it and paying you back in full lol

        • Poor choice of word from my end, but my point is that,

          1) there are ways to turn that gift card into cash without spending on things you don't need like others have groaned about.

          2) $65/month is not a lot when you can convert that gift card into cash with a bit more effort and that gives you cash in hand sooner.

          3) $65/month as a phone bill can be used to your advantage comapred to an existing $24/month if you can use it as tax deductible as gift card is not in your phone bill

    • +1

      Well yeah, thats the whole catch. If you dont need to spend $500 on something at JB then dont get it. If you, or someone close to you is going to be spending $500 in the near future at JB then this deal is a no brainer. Becomes even cheaper if you are able to snag the $10 off port in fee via online chat. Bringing this down to $13 per month for a 60gb Telstra service.

      • Even if you do have to buy something, it's only good if JB has the best price.

        • Pretty easy to price match

          • +2

            @TightTerry: Jb doesn’t price match or beat if they don’t feel like it

            • @KiTau: They have price matched whenever i have tried, sounds like experiences differ

              • @TightTerry: their website claims they pricematch but in reality its hot or miss. u will get the ‘ohits below cost’ or ‘oh we dont match specials’ excuse. depends if they like you. but after having dealt with harvey norman orders whete they stuff up everytine i havta sayjb hifi are a pretty good and organised bunch overall.

                • @Garagesale:

                  u will get the ‘ohits below cost’ or ‘oh we dont match specials’

                  Yeah but you get that at HVN, Good Guys, Bing Lee etc. Even OW has done this too me. Not business is obligated to price match or beat anything. Their T&Cs usually give them options to not do so.

          • @TightTerry: Just tried on a washing machine (currently cheaper at GG using eBay code) but no dice. Otherwise would have jumped on this deal.

            • +1

              @Tiggrrrrr: I think you fail to understand how price matching works. It's not just JB, you can't price match items that are Clearance, Grey Imports and Online only prices. This is the same guidelines everywhere. So yes JB do price match as fair as anyone else.

              • @Justin9mm: I think you misunderstand.
                I was intending to purchase a washing machine. Sawbgood deal at GH.
                Considered getting this deal if JB could match price. They couldn't so no dice.
                JB can match any price they want at their discretion as they don't have a price match policy.

                End of story.

                  • +1

                    @Dealhunter967671: Sorry I summarised my point. They don't have a price match policy with regard to eBay codes or negotiated deals. As such they can chose to match at their discretion for those deals.
                    Previously they have matched prices even with the eBay discount codes (e.g. on a keyboard/mouse combo) but in this case they were saying the price with eBay discount was below their cost margin.

                    • +1

                      @Tiggrrrrr: Thanks for clarifying :)

                      True, codes are explicitly excluded:

                      “Exclusions apply for cash back offers and store credits, bonus and bundled promotions, coupon promotions, grey or direct import products not sold through an authorised Australian reseller, commercial orders, competitor advertising errors, and competitor clearance products or products with limited or restricted quantities.”

                      Admittedly I agree - their price match policy is lacking in its scope, and they’ll only do it at the Sales or Store Manager’s discretion.

                      Long story short - if the sale is price matched, the sales rep earns $0 commission on the entire sale. Therefore, if it’s out of policy, and they won’t earn any money, and they’ve hit their KPI/Budget targets - you’re outta luck.

                      Unfortunately compensation drives behaviour, even if it’s blatantly just the wrong behaviour.

    • +1

      This deal originally allowed customers to move to a $49/month plan, which is no longer available.

      • +1

        Yea exactly. Not sure of it's value anymore

  • +3

    I ported to Optus and have been in their crap system for the past two months waiting for this deal. Time to return!

    • Yew!

    • +3

      This isn’t as good as the deal I signed up to back in July which I could move down to $49/monthly though.

  • +3

    $390 et'cetera. You make me vomit getting switched to M2M and avoiding et'cetera.


    • This deserves a +1

    • +4

      Damn I was hoping to avoid Early Testicular Cancer.

      • +1, I'd rather vomit than get ETC

  • is there still a $10/month port in bonus?

    • No

      • There is if you get the right online agent ;)

    • After trying twice, Telstra said the offer is no longer available. After complaining that I received $10 back in September on my other number and saying that others have received the $10 port in discount I got $5 a month off .
      I seen others on other post last week receiving the $10 off . So maybe it depends who you chat with on Telstra chat . You can try you luck.

      • +1

        It was like pulling hen's teeth for me and that was almost 2 years ago

    • I was lucky enough to get the $10 port in bonus when I signed up on the Black Friday deals, although my first bill is still $65 and they can't do anything about that (according to chat). Does this mean I can switch to a cheaper plan another plan at the end of my first month and then cancel without any early termination fee? I remember people saying you could do that in the previous threads about this deal.

      • +1

        No, because you're still on JB plan not month to month plan.

      • +1

        I was informed countless times I was not allowed the $10 discount since it was a JB Hifi plan. I was informed by JB I could receive it so i made a complaint with Telstra. They randomly applied the discount after a week.

    • I got the $10 off on my 2nd go via live chat, signed up late November. Just told then that I was informed in store that there was a $10 porting in discount and they confirmed there was and handled it from there.

    • I got it last month when they had this same deal for 2 accounts.

  • +2

    (no peace of mind, $10 per GB thereafter)

    Jesus, that's (profanity). I hate Telstra. Or maybe I'm just not used to post-paid plans.

    • I have 80GB, rarely ever connect to wifi, stream videos liberally and have never even gotten close to using 80GB. If you're using your phone to torrent 1080p films, then yeah, I see your point.

      • The death of Showbox has saved me a lot of monthly data. Need to use 30GB by the COB today. Lol

  • +3

    Anyone know if we can change it to $45/month once we redeem the gift card?

    • +3

      would like to know this too
      any JB staff can shed some light

      • +1

        I just checked terms and condition. You can't do it.

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