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Philips 272M8 27" FHD Freesync IPS 144hz Gaming Monitor $249 (Was $298) @ Officeworks


This is amazing price for FHD IPS 144hz monitor which I believe is one of lowest price for a 144hz IPS monitor that is not a flash sale, coupon or discount code etc and even cheaper than some TN and VA 144hz monitors which are usually cheaper than IPS monitor. It also cheaper than the comparable monitor being AOC 27G2 which sells for around $315-$329 where the main difference is the AOC monitor has a better monitor stand but I believe it uses the same Chinese made Panda IPS panel.

At the time of posting there is roughly 400 stock across various Victorian stores and 30 available online (VIC) please note I cannot check stock levels of other states please call Officeworks call centre 1300 OFFICE (633 423) or your local Officeworks to determine stock availability.

Disclosure I work at an Officeworks store as a team member and I am posting this deal because it great deal for a gaming monitor. Note I do not represent Officeworks and all of what I have wrote in this post is my opinion and experience using the monitor.

Here is my small review of this monitor below.

I bought this monitor for my brother and what I have seen of this monitor is very similar to his Acer Nitro VG271P it has very similar motion and response times to the Acer monitor with it having the same Freesync range 44-144hz though I believe the Philips monitor might be better at using Freesync with response times because the Acer one has annoying problem of Freesync locking overdrive to normal.

Looking at the colour accuracy I calibrated both to sRGB using my X-Rite i1 Display Pro colour performance both look very good displaying colours though even though I calibrated both to the same brightest and colour space (sRGB) there is some minor colour differences between the two displays. I am not sure if it because of not getting calibration right due both monitors I believe having slightly wider colour gamut than sRGB, have different backlight Acer 400 cd/m2 Philips 250 cd/m2 or due to inaccuracy in monitor panel variations.

Despite these colour accuracy issues I had the monitor performs great for gaming and has good enough colour accuracy and performance for media and everyday use and could be used for graphic design work though because it is a cheaper monitor it generally not suitable for colour critical work and it better to buy colour accurate monitor from Eizo or BenQ as opposed to a gaming monitor which are generally not designed for optimal colour performance.


• Good to great response times observed using Blur Busters.
• Cheap price (one of cheapest for an FHD IPS 144hz display).
• Is a relatively new product and has fast price drop.
• Is an IPS monitor so you get good motion with good viewing angles and colour accuracy.
• VESA compatible so can replace poor quality stand with better a monitor arm or stand.


• Poor stand only has tilt
• Cable in box only comes with a HDMI cable(provided HDMI cable works for 144hz and Freesync for AMD GPUs) (Nvidia GPUs need to provide your own Displayport cable to use adaptive sync).
• Backlight is only 250 cd/m2 so not suitable for very bright environments.
• Has a non standard IEC-C13 power cable, has an external power supply.

Edit fixed title and wording on HDMI Cable.
Edit 2 added one con.

Philips product page https://www.philips.com.hk/en/c-p/272M8_69/momentum-lcd-moni...

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  • can this be used as an office-gamr environment. im thinking to start working from home. not sure if it will suit the office apps.

    • +2 votes

      It can be used in Office/Gaming environment though as mention it has bad stand so you might want to replace it with a VESA mount and the only downside is if your home is very bright environment where the weaker brightest might have some problems though fixed with using some curtains or blinds to reduce room brightest and sunlight. Otherwise is great for office work because it is an IPS, 144hz and flicker free monitor making web browsing and work objects on screen more alot more smoother.

  • Darn, shame this one isn't 1440p

    • Yep.
      My phone has better res.

      FHD in 2020 should be reclassified as VGA

      • According to the Steam hardware survey 65% of users still use 1080p. Also 144Hz is a great refresh rate to drive at 1080p. VGA isn't even in the realm of 1080p yet even in 2020. It will be around for many years to come.

  • For people who are clamouring to get money together, the AOC 24G2 is also a thing around this price (and likely less when it goes on sale), and offers a slightly more pixel dense and pleasing experience for those who are sitting at a standard monitor distance.

    There's no rush, especially with Boxing Day sales in 5 days.

    • Thanks for telling everyone about the AOC 24G2 I am also aware of this one and I am considering purchasing 1 of these(though unfortunately the AOC 24G2 keep selling out at retail stores I follow).

      I put the comparison on the AOC 27G2 because I was comparing a 27 inch to another comparable 27 inch screen for those who like FHD 27 inch screens or bigger screen in generally and for those people who just want the cheapest 144hz screen with the plus of being IPS that they can get that has reasonable amount of stock available.

      • It is budget IPS though in terms of what's available today.

        It seems Philips also use both Panda panels, with the 242M8 being a thing.

  • no reviews yet it seems, i see no info concerning input lag, some random info lying around:


    "It features a 1ms MPRT spec, implying that a blur reduction backlight mode will be available. "


    "they are all 7.5ms G2G supposedly. using the PANDA LC238LF1F panel."

    seems pixel response is still higher than TF panel, but they're probably using strobing to reduce blur, at this price tho seems decent

  • Irrelevant comment but it’s single L.

    • LOL not irrelevant but funny that Officeworks misspell the brand name on their own product page.

      Phillips 27" Gaming Monitor Black 144Hz 272M8

      • Yeah thanks for pointing that out can't believe I wrote the correct Philips in the post but lazy copying and pasting of title from Officeworks caught me out. Though this is typical experience at Officeworks employees always commenting on errors on internal documents and tickets having misspelling on names and spec sheets written by us having wrong information.

  • Bit low res for 27", but for the price good budget monitor

    • To be fair if you're after a higher resolution 144Hz monitor then a budget monitor is probably not worth considering. For the price this is a good monitor.

  • Only comes with a HDMI cable works over 144hz and Freesync (Nvidia GPU need to provide your own Displayport to use adaptive sync).

    I don't follow this. Does it come with a displayport on it or not?

  • +1 for effort

  • Thanks for the post mate.

    Waiting for Dell ultrasharp. Biggest selling point for me is the usb-c power and usb hub. Guess will have to wait for a bit longer!

  • damn just bought an AOC27G2 last week for $300

    • Isnt that a better monitor??

    • The AOC27G2 is still a good monitor it is better than the Philips because the stand is better and I believe it also includes HDMI and Displayport cables. Due to these monitors having low availability and are very recent there are not many reviews on them based just on their brand name AOC has the better gaming brand name for monitors though Philips has done a good job on their recent entrance into producing gaming monitors.

      Also do not forget to claim your $30 E-gift card from AOC they are offering for purchasing selected AOC monitors.

  • AOC 27G2 how does that compair at $300??

    Same specs as this


  • I'll pick this up very soon I think. I have an nvidia card so worried it won't support the adaptive sync but oh well.

    • +1 vote

      It will support adaptive sync on Nvidia cards if they are 1000 series or above I was just pointing out that Nvidia cards only have adaptive sync over Displayport or certain HDMI 2.1 devices. You need to either own a Displayport cable or in a true Ozbargain spirit buy the cheapest Displayport cable from another store unfortunately Officeworks Displayport cables are probably too expensive for Ozbargainers buy them only if you too lazy to get a cheaper one.

  • If you only want 1920x1080 but need colour accuracy for photo/video editing as well I can recommend the ASUS VG279Q. Not as cheap though.

  • Looking at the colour accuracy I calibrated both to sRGB using my X-Rite i1 Display Pro colour performance both look very good displaying colours though even though I calibrated both to the same brightest and colour space (sRGB) there is some minor colour differences between the two displays.

    You will never get the two monitors to show the same colours no matter how much you calibrate because the Acer is a 8-bit panel whereas the Philips is 6-bit + FRC.

    it is generally not suitable for colour critical work

    Not generally but absolutely unsuitable. But it is marketed as a gaming monitor where colour accuracy is unimportant.

    • I have an Acer 144hz 1ms TN gaming monitor panel is 8bit and the colours look pretty good. It was $600 when it came out though. I paid $320 on sale

  • I bought the Aldi 27" 144hz 1440p monitor for $269 yesterday. It's exceeded my expectations so far, such an improvement over 1080p.

  • Another con for these 'budget' monitors should be the power solution. Those non standard IEC-C13 power cables make for less common power cabling, and they're usually a lot shorter and harder to power if you need a longer distance to the outlet.

    • Thanks for reminding me about the non standard IEC-C13 power cables forgot to put this in my cons for the monitor (when I was writing them I thought there was something missing) because I personally dislike external power supplies for monitors because the brick usually has a short/annoying cable or has to sit on the desk.

    • just get a power extension cable

  • Thanks for detailed review

  • 1080p 27". yea nah yea nah. nah.

  • How would motion blur be on this?

    Would motion blur/ghosting be better on the Aldi version?

    • +1 vote

      Just based on some observations I have done on the monitor I think the motion blur on this monitor is similar or better than the Acer Nitro VG271 which I believed Rtings review on Acer VG271 showed the response times on the fastest overdrive to be around an average 7.5 G2G. If you want lowest motion blur/ghosting for FHD IPS 144hz display than you should wait until the AUO 24.5 inch FHD IPS 144hz panels come out I saw someone write a small review on reddit about them that showed that the AUO FHD IPS 144hz panel 24.5 Inch was faster than Panda 23.8 inch FHD IPS 144hz Panels and had G2G that was better than AUO 1440p IPS 144hz panels.

      As for the Aldi monitor I do not believe it is PLS panel it mostly likely a Samsung VA panel because it is impossible to make an IPS panel with 3000:1 contrast ratio without using a very expensive panel or through the use of FALD or mini/micro Led because IPS are unable of getting very deep blacks unless there is sufficient back light dimming. The PCgamer review on the Aldi monitor obviously got the specs wrong there is also the fact that Samsung does not make 1440p 144hz PLS panels and that curved monitors generally indicate VA or TN and generally IPS curved monitors are ultra wide monitors.

      So based on a comparison between VA 144hz to a IPS 144hz monitors generally IPS monitors have lower motion blur compared to VA monitors.

      • We now have 240Hz IPS although the response only keeps up to about 180Hz … goddamn though, you can throw together a 144Hz triple screen setup for under $750.

      • What Monitor do you suggest if you're buying a 1440p 144Hz screen right now on a budget? I kind of want to get away from my Dell U2410 (1920 x 1200 resolution Monitors) and Samsung 2433BW, but since I've been using 1200p for 7 or 8 years, I'm thinking I need to go to at least 1440p? I am assuming 1080p is going to be a downgrade for me, or would it be the same as 1200p, just having less screen real estate/dimensions?

        I was looking at the LG UltraGear 27GL850, but it's a bit over my price range (also, if I were to spend about $750, should I wait? Are there going to be better Monitors coming out in the next 6 months in that price range?).

  • Thanks for the post!

    I bought one of these yesterday. G-Sync seems to be working really nicely with my 1070. I was getting tearing on my non-free/g-sync monitor, and I can't see any now.

    $150+ cheaper than the other LG unit I was looking at previously. Working fine so far :)

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