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Castrol Edge Synthetic Engine Oil 5W-30 10 Litre $75 @ Repco


Superior thermal stability
Reduces engine deposits
Helps engines run cooler
Engineered to minimise oil consumption
Exceptional flow characteristics in low ambient temperatures
Excellent light duty diesel engine performance, suits modern direct injection engines without DPF

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  • Price in title please

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      this is for 10 litres, not the usual 5 litres

      • Yep, thumbnail throws people off. I was looking at it thinking no way this is a bargain.
        For 10L of full synthetic Castrol Edge… not bad.

        • the thumbnail is correct bottle size

    • it is 10L my bad, looked like 5 coz the 10L oils usually comes in a square bottle

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    $37.50 per 5L

  • Why do people seam to like this oil. It has an API of SL, whereas, similar oils usually have a higher ranking API of SN. Is this oil not or a poorer quality to SN oil?

    • It's recommended on most makes I guess. IT suits my dad's 2011 Honda Civic, my 2010 Audi A3 and my brother's EVO 8 MR. Been using it for many years and no problems. Not sure about quality though.

    • this is a great oil and always goes on sale. The reason its not API SN is because of Phosphorous limits in API SN testing. The old SDS for this oil used to have a quote in it.

      "Passes all engine test performance requirements of API SN and SM but exceeds Phosphorus limits of those classifications"

      • Thanks for the replies. Am I right to assume if this isn't a recommended oil for my car, then the phosphorus will end up buggering my catalytic converter?

        • if your car requires API SN, SN plus. then i would recommend not using this oil, this oil has higher ZDDP which will have negative effects on catalytic converters.

  • extra discount with RAC card?