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[Switch] Screencheat $8.81 (-51%), Roombo: First Blood $6 (-20%), Feather $9.45 (-30%) @ Nintendo eShop


Hey OzBargain!

I'm from Samurai Punk, a small Aussie indie studio from Melbourne and a bunch of our games are discounted for Christmas Festivus!

A big thanks to the OzBargain community for supporting us in our last sale and other local indie devs recently! Also thanks to MrTruffle from SMG Studio for starting the OzBargain outreach. <3

Here's what we've got on sale!

Screencheat: Unplugged

For those of you who remember the ol days of Goldeneye 64 / Halo, Screencheat is a splitscreen multiplayer shooter but all the characters are invisible, so you HAVE to look at each others screens! Supports up to 4 players (plus bots) and works with single Joy-Con too!
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxVOWW1ZHYs
Link: https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000013579
Price: $8.81 (51% off)


A relaxing zen bird flight game, where you can chill out on a vast island with other birds online, enjoy gorgeous scenery and a soothing soundtrack.
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaaaHuZ3Pno
Link: https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000017544
Price: $9.45 (30% off)

Roombo: First Blood

A game about a robot vacuum cleaner defending its house from burglars, Home Alone style! This game just came out TODAY, and is actually based on my own experience of having my house robbed, with only the robo vacuum left at home. :,D
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DahPwrsGQM
Link: https://ec.nintendo.com/AU/en/titles/70010000024090
Price: $6.00 (20% off)

As always, we really appreciate the support we get from the local scene. <3

If you have any questions about the games, our studio, my favourite color, or anything else, please ask away!

(Also to those of you I met at PAX Australia, it was great to meet you!)


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    What does Unplugged mean?

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      It's the subtitle for the Switch exclusive remastered version, noting that it's for a portable console and no longer has the online feature (that people weren't using much anyway). The trade-off for no online is a fully revamped art-style, new soundtrack, streamlined user experience and lots of under the hood improvements!

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        I see. Are these improvements going to come to PC?

        Also, is it hard to get PlayStation's controller button icons on PC when using a PS4 controller? Is it a licensing thing or are developers lazy and only use Xbox?

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          We're unsure if we'll release Unplugged on PC, as it'd be a decent cost for us to port it back over, and we're not sure if it would do well in today's climate on Steam. Very competitive and it's tough for local multiplayer games to succeed..

          As for PlayStation icons, there's no licensing required, it's extra effort required on the developer's part. Haha it's not so much that people are lazy, but we have to pick and choose what features to put in carefully, as budgets / time are really tight for indies. For what it's worth, most of our PC games support PlayStation icons haha

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          As of last year on Steam alone, there were 27.2 million users using an Xbox360 control. PS4 then next best with 12.2 million, and third best XBONE with 11.5 million with PS3 controls coming in 4th with 4.1 million.

          Calling the devs lazy because they have catered to over 38 million users as opposed to 16 million users is arrogant.

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            @TrafalgarSean: Nice stats. Do you realise that everyone is emulating Xbox 360 controller because of this?

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    Aussie devs love OzBargain! Great games here go get em

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    How would you say the experience with screen cheat is on a GameCube controller? Need those four players for maximum shenanigans.

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      I've played with game cube controllers since I didn't have enough (controllers)

      Need some small changes to player settings like turning off gyro, remap a key or two. It's pretty quick and works well. Do note that instructions on screen do show the 4 abxy (button lit up) relatively on a standard control and that's a completely different configuration to gc. So let your friends know which to press to change weapons and so on. Would highly recommend

      Edit: just loaded my game up. There is no need to remap. I used the standard scheme. Just turn off gyro. Weapon load out is X which is in a strange spot relatively to the stand pro or joy con position. Can get pretty hectic during the 5s of respawn to try a different weapon

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        Thanks for the reply! Gonna give it a purchase, support Aussie Devs.

  • Sorry to hear about your house being robbed, it's a bad experience to have. All the best!

    • Thanks, I appreciate the thought! :)

  • Roombo sounds and looks interesting

    Is it Hotline Miami inspired in terms of gameplay by chance?

    • Thanks! The key inspirations for the gameplay were Metal Gear Solid and Watch Dogs, but I do love Hotline Miami so it probably crept in there unconsciously haha.

  • How did Roombo end up as a Humble Original game? Did you approach them, or they asked you?

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      We've had a good relationship with Humble Bundle ever since Screencheat was in a few bundles, so we've been talking with them for a few years to do a Humble Original. It just so happened that for our month, another developer pulled out, so they gave us a chance to make our game!

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    Hi Samurai Pink!

    I got screencheat couple of months ago and I love it. Amazing concept and my friends and I had heaps of fun playing it. Just wanted to say thanks.

    • Thank you, glad you liked it! :)

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    If you like Goldeneye, Screencheat is amazing fun!!!

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