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30% off Blu-Ray, 4K & DVDs and 20% off CDs & Vinyl @ JB Hi-Fi


Excludes Boxed Sets Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promotion on Movies & TV Shows, pre orders, factory scoop, devices & blank media.

Oh, and there's a Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Movie & TV Show Box Sets promotion as well (just in case you hadn't worked that out).

Found the JB "End of Year Madness" catalogue in my letterbox today.
Starts Boxing Day (in store) and ends New Years Day.

Catalogue online now

Edit 24/12 5pm: Deals are live now online (2 days early).

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2019

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        Equals or equals indeed!

  • Any deals on games?

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    Can you post the photos of the catalog pages please?

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      This would be amazing if possible OP

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      Well, I wasn't really planning to put that much effort in, but seeing as you asked so nicely…

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      This is the Boxing Day Catalogue for 2018. Check back to browse the Boxing Day 2019 Sale from JB Hi-Fi, which will be released in December.

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        Well spotted!

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        This is true, date of printing was 11/12/2018.

        I'm now very confused. Is this fake?

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    Common JB make a buy one get one free on boxing day

    • What's so common about this?

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        I think he meant

        Come on Jb

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          Where in straya.


    • They did have a buy one get one free deal once a year recently (last few years). I usually wait for this deal.

      • Yep, and it's not Boxing day.

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    I have some last minute shopping to do tomorrow. JB are pretty good at giving you a discounted price to match an upcoming sale. This will help.

  • No TV on sale?

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      Yes TV on sale.

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        Can you confirm the model of the LG 65 OLED on page 2 please :)

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          Nevermind, I could make out the JB item number. It’s the B9 :(

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  • Does the 2 for $40 deal stack with the 30% off deal?

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      If it doesn't, then 30% only won't be worth it.
      Some of the new titles are $40!

      • I was about to jump in and say 'Sanity is a better deal on stand alone 4K movies and when compared to 20% off' Didnt notice the 30% in the title.

        Thats new.

    • +2

      They do usually stack, hopefully this one will too.

    • +1

      They always do

  • I wonder if Amazon will have any 4ks on special

    • They already do. Plenty between $8-$12. Newish releases at $20.

  • No C9 :/

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      You were never going to get a C9 on boxing day. The distributor is sold out and stores all sold out black friday.

      On black friday I paid $1712 for 55" C9 OLED from JB. Boxing day JB wants $1790 for B9.

  • "buy one get one free on movie and TV show box sets"
    - so complete game of thrones Blu Ray for $94.50 (if you can find a mate).

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    Any LaPtop Deal under $700 with Intel Processor?

    Also what about deals on good smart speakers?

  • 65 inch samsung for only 988 is that the lowest its been?

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    30% off is live now.

  • Looking for smarts to make the house party for Nye a bit interesting.
    The Lifx beam at $150 is a decent deal if it's longer than 2 Meters of led strip. But looking at the specs makes it look like the same length?
    Slightly confusing they don't show Lifx amongst the other brands doing 20% off smarts lights.

  • 30% off doesn't apply to the buy 1 get 1 free boxsets unfortunately.

  • Gee - I want that Batman 4k -
    anyone want to go halvies in South east Melbs?

  • Thanks OP. Completed some sets…

  • The Simpsons season 19 just released box set - very cheap @ $18.89

  • have so many blurays….

  • Cheers OP, went for the 2 for 1 4k packs, and got harry potter and mission impossible for $160.
    Payed an average of $11 per disc so good value :)