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Telstra Prepaid 12 Month SIM $229 (150GB Data, Unlimited Calls/Text, Intl Calls to 20 Countries) @ Telstra ($217.55 OW PM)


This deal is back but costs $10 more than last time.

Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit
Includes $300 recharge on your chosen Pre-Paid plan
3 in 1 SIM fits all phones
Transfer your number from another provider or get a new number
Recharge any amount in future

Also discounted -

  • $150 sim kit (60Gb data, 6 months expiry) - $99
  • $40 sim kit (35Gb data, 35 days expiry) - $19

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  • Was that $200 before?

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    If you are getting this primarily for international calls, note that "Destinations included may change". I got this plan the last time but 300+ days left on my plan, they removed some countries.

    • They have recently removed Nepal and Philippines from the list. Was advised that any recharges or contract before 12.12.2019 won't be affected however that's not happening.

      • So if I recharge before 12.12 I should still receive free calls to those countries for 12 months?

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          That's my understanding. But it's not happening. They have been deducting from my extra credit balance. I have lodged a complain and awaiting reply from them.

          • @NPB: Good man.

            Hopefully Boost still provide free calls for their similar deal.

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              @Bamboozle: HI….
              As per information we got here. The changes will commence 13 decemver 2019.
              If you recharged ahead of 13 dec 2019 and for 365 days you will still enjoy unlimited to nepal and Philippines. and moving forward new charges will be applied.

              This is what i received from the case manager on 10th , however they are still deducting from my extra credit. I have emailed them and awaiting their reply.

              • @NPB: Can you keep us updated. I've had similar issue for calls to Nepal. Cheers

  • Any idea if you could transfer a number from a previous Telstra prepaid to this?

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      Best to port out then port back

  • My wife and I are currently OOC on a Telstra postpaid plan ($49 discounted to $39 for 30GB, but realistically we use maybe 5-10GB/mo as we live/work under a nice blanket of WiFi).

    Telstra’s “simplified product range” now has the cheapest postpaid plan at $50 for 15Gb (ie half the data for +$11/mo from my current plan).

    I’m seriously considering switching to prepaid. Are there any catches in taking up this offer I need to be aware of?

    1. Can we port our numbers from Telstra post to Telstra prepaid?
    2. Can we keep the Telstra One Numbers for apple watches on prepaid?
    3. Any other catches?
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      1. Yes
      2. No
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        The missing number for Apple Watch is a bit annoying. Telcos tend to treat prepaid as second class citizens, but it’s funny when you think about it, because on these 12 month expiry deals you’re actually having to stump up the cash for a years worth of service fees. But they probably figure why do drug addicts and criminals need One Number for Apple watches.

      • I just chatted to Telstra to confirm if it was possible to port my Telstra postpaid number across to a new Telstra prepaid sim. They said "You can't port from Telstra to Telstra". Is this right?

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          Try a different rep :P
          Edit: or port out and port back to avoid the hassle

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      We did the 6 month one and we managed to move from post paid, to pre paid, but it did take some mucking around. The gave us a free SIM and then double ported.
      I have no idea on the apple watch component, you would need to ask.

      We haven't had any catches, so far, but it might get interesting when the time runs out.

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      I successfully changed from Telstra post to prepaid but it did take 2 days to resolve! They had to create a new prepaid number first and then internally switch out my postpaid number into this. A little bit of a hassle but the resolution from the Telstra pre-paid and post paid customer service was good.

      Only other change I noticed was that I lost my iPhone Visual Voicemail service after the change to prepaid. I checked every messagebank setting in prepaid and in my iPhone but cannot seem to get back this function in my iPhone.

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        Yes the iPhone MessageBank is only for postpaid

        • In the critical summary it states the availability of MessageBank? Am I reading this incorrectly then?

      • Okay that's good to know - definitely a catch I was wanting to look out for.
        So in summary, you CAN port POST to PRE, BUT:
        - No Apple Watch One Number support
        - You lose access to Visual Voicemail on iPhone.

        So really it just sucks for Apple users (like me!).

        Thanks everyone for your help in understanding the catches.

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    My Kogan expires in Feb. Anyone know what the expiry period is before activation?

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      On previous post, like over a year

  • Can we use this to port from Boost prepaid?

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    I'm planing to buy this one as my current Telstra postpaid contract is expiring by end of next month but have couple of questions -

    1) Can I buy this now but only activate it by end of Jan? will the expiry of 1 year starts from date of activation?
    2) Is 300$ included recharge on top of 150GB data and unlimited calls for 1 year?

  • I bought this only because there was unlimited calls to Nepal and they took it out. Its of no use for me anymore. Will I get refund?

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      Sounds like bait and switch to me, which is a breach of consumer law.

    • If the terms and conditions said that they reserve the right I don't see how this would be considered as a difference, particularly as this would be considered a minor part of the services. But ring up Telstra and see whethere they are open to a refund for unused portion.

    • You can get a refund. File a complaint with Telstra.

    • Was going to buy this sim but hadnt realized Nepal have been removed.
      Thanks for you the heads up

      • Din't realize so many people call Nepal. Philippines yes.

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    It's not 200GB

    • Clearly states "150GB"

      • exactly my point; you ought to be smarter by negotiating with Telstra rep for an additional 50GB just like last year.

        • This deal is Prepaid, so No Negotiating with any Telstra Rep here.

          Take it or leave it. Decent deal for people wanting the Telstra experience with 150gb for a year.

          • @ozhunter68:

            This deal is Prepaid, so No Negotiating with any Telstra Rep here.

            you must be new here

            • @tempura: Going by your "user profile" not as new as you.

              • @ozhunter68: but seriously, how do you not know about it? especially being in the same ozbargain age

                • @tempura: Well,….so easy to miss things as there is soooo much info on here and heaps of other things to do.

                  Please elaborate on this deal if you may.

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    Darn. Just moved to boost 12 month plan.

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    12 months of free NRL/AFL/AFLW/Netball/Soccer and data free!!

    • free? Where?

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        Half way down this page link it states that
        Telstra mobile customers Download the AFL/AFLW/NRL/Netball/Football Official Apps and follow the prompts to stream sport live, fast and data-free.
        To confirm that you’re a Telstra mobile customer make sure you’re using the mobile network, and disconnect from Wi-Fi.
        Available on all Telstra mobile plans and Pre-Paid services that maintain an active recharge.

        • so its comes with your paid plan

        • Does this still work with Boost services?

  • How's this compare with the boost yearly?

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      Depends on how much data you want to use

  • This or stick to my kogan 243 GB for ($254 without any specials)…

    Pros: Telstra coverage

    Cons: having to find the special each year

    anything else?

    • Yeah but a years a fair chunk of time to be set for. Kogan doesn’t use the Telstra network as far as I’m aware. Presumably if you activate now you’ll be looking to renew when the deals come again for Christmas 2020.
      Boost $300 which is NOT on special does have more data.

      PRO: you can use Telstra rewards (or thanks - I forget the member benefit term) where various tickets including event cinemas I think

  • What are the 20 countries included in the plan?


  • I am alrready on this plan from last sale. Can you use this for recharge (eg add another 12 months)?

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      no, you cant. but buy this one, port out and port in.

  • What's the expiry on this?

    • Mine was APR 2020

      • Wow, that's a short time.

      • My existing Kogan expires mid March 2020 cutting it a bit close.

  • Got One. Thanks OP

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    Just be wary of buying more than one of these per day. I bought two earlier this month when on sale … one after the other for myself and my wife giving our separate names and details, each paid for individually by PayPal. Got individual eMail confirmations and Order Nos / Invoices from Telstra for the purchases. Subsequently, only my SIM (the first purchased) turned up. Did an online chat enquiry and were told the second order had become a 'missing order' due to the Telstra accounts system being unable to handle two payments from the same source, on the same day (LOL !!!!!!). Not so funny though is that the rep could offer no solution other than a refund, and the sale had already finished. He approved a refund request on the spot however, two weeks later and despite a lengthy phone follow-up from me, still no actual refund yet in sight. I expect this may take a long, long time to resolve. So … buyer beware … seems Telstra still well deserves some of the flack that has been directed at it over the years. In the meantime, found a cheaper Optus offer that suits my wife.

    • same thing happened to me.
      only way i ever got it resolved was by opening a complain with the telecommunications ombudsman

      • Thank you for the tip … though of course I hope it won’t come to that 😟

  • Can anyone assist how to port from Telstra post paid to prepaid

    • It's straight forward go through Telstra Chat 'prepaid'. Have your Telstra account details handy. Takes about 10 minutes.

  • Last time bought for 208 with OW after PM

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    Newbie here.. what does this mean?? “$217.55 OW PM”

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      OfficeWorks Price Match. See their site for the fine print. Will beat a price by 5%. Their acronym is PBG i.e. Price Beat Guarantee.

  • Has anyone been able to get this price matched in office works?

  • Just to confirm. How does this works?
    Do we need to pay for anything after we purchase this Pre-paid starter kit, i.e. $30 monthly plan.

  • Whats the expiry date?

  • I think the advantage of this over boost deal is free sport (if what’s included to is what you are interested in)
    In terms of coverage, Boost has the exact same coverage as Telstra (unlike ALDI or Belong)
    If don’t have a use for the $100 international/roaming credit or those sports, then boost is a better deal for the data

  • This has $100 Extra Credit roaming, Boost doesn't

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