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Yamaha HTR-2071 AV Receiver $195 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman



Offering pure enjoyment for the home entertainment enthusiast, the Yamaha HTR-2071 5.1 Channel AV Receiver features high-fidelity sound, 4K Ultra HD support, and Virtual CINEMA FRONT to help you hear and see your favourite multimedia content from abroad, new horizon.

Key Features

5-channel speaker setup outputs superb audio backed by thumping bass and crisp lows
Dialogue Level Adjustment for proper sound balance with dialogue and vocals
ECO mode operation facilitates up to 20% less power consumption
Multi-language colour OSD with cover art display

What's In The Box?

1x Main Unit
1x FM Antenna
1x Remote Control
2x Batteries (AAA, R03, UM-4)
1x CD-ROM (Owner's Manual)
1x Quick Start Guide

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2019

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  • Can someone please help me compare this to my old (~2008) Pioneer?


    • Similar. The Yamaha has newer HDMI features.
      What problems do you have with your old one? Do you want HDMI-ARC for a smart-TV?
      Missing surround sound from Netflix? (DD+)

      Unless you have a problem that bothers you, there is no point replacing it.

      • Very true

      • My pioneer has an annoying subwoofer cut out with a super loud relay that you can hear clicking when it is cycled on and off. Have no idea why it even has this feature?

        All of a sudden mid movie …click ….10x amount of base…1 min later…click…base gone.

        • Is it the amp or the subwoofer turning on/off? Some subs (yamaha for example) have a auto shutdown feature, has never worked well for me so I just disable it (little switch on the sub)

        • My Pioneer 5.1 that I got from jb a few years back for $200 or something developed a loud pop during power cycle which I think came from the sub. Super annoying and couldn't work out why. Eventually sold it, not because of that but because it lacked proper 4k support with only pass through

          Had a sound bar and then upgraded to this 5.1 a week ago when on sale. Really good apart from a soldered power plug, no front usb or Bluetooth

      • Thanks for the advice. Kind of thinking about a new one because the input or output for the HDMI is broken and will randomly flicker (sometimes multiple times a night, other times it can go days without doing it).

        My current workaround is HDMI switch -> TV -> SPDIF.

        Works fine for now, I guess.

  • is this the same amp that was sold with the 5.1 speaker system a few weeks ago for 235 or so? that one also lacked bluetooth

    • From the Yamaha website

      Not Available for Individual Sale"

      So I dunno what Harvey Norman are doing lol..

      Also, very bare bones codecs..

      • So shouldn't this be coming with 5 speakers? it would be the cheapest price if so… personally you could add bluetooth to save money.

        also how do the codecs affect the use of the system? I thought that the decoding happened at the source/player (e.g. bluray) players side?

        • Decoding will occur at the receiving end of a digital signal. If the source is outputting an analogue signal, then there is nothing to decode. Fairly uncommon to be outputting analogue sound straight from the source these days, as it's usually over HDMI or optical.

          Newer audio codecs such as DTS-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD are lossless and are significantly better. =

  • I got a bit excited but unfortunately no DTS-HD MA or DD TrueHD on this. Doesn't have Bluetooth either.

  • Cheap if you just need an amp

  • Hi guys, need some expert advice here, i am an audio noob. I have been given a used karaoke machine, I was told I will need to buy an amp to drive it and a set of good speaker and microphones. Will this Yamaha receiver works as an amp? Do I need anything else?

  • I have one, it's very good but you also need a good quality speakers. I miss the Chromecast builtin to use with Google assistant

    • Can you suggest some speakers?

    • I too want to setup a karaoke set that can hook up to my tv for sing along karaoke from YouTube. Hook up existing speakers I got. And get some wireless or wired mics (2) to sing along. Will this unit be good for such use please? Can someone kindly please please advise?

  • No eARC no deal

  • complete noob to audio question:

    can I use it with the Pro-ject the classic TT and passive speakers or do I need separate pre-amp? thanks

  • Can’t see any aux in on the pics and specs. No bluetooth but will a Chromecast audio work with this?

  • This is a good deal for me, will pick this up.
    I currently have a Yamaha RX V-471, pretty entry level but has been great for me for years.
    It has a laptop plugged in permanently as a media player so I have no need for built in wifi, bluetooth etc.
    This amp also does not have the input for the auto 5.1 set up mic, but again, I set it up manually anyway based on how i'm feeling.
    Turntable has it's own amp and speakers so no need for phono in.
    I already have nice Whatmough speakers so don't need theatre in a box.
    Upgrade is for the 4k addition. No way around that other than a new purchase, and this is a good price for that.
    So that's my story, I hope that helps someone else make a decision for or against.

  • Would this amp drive 4ohm speakers? The manual is kind of unclear, although references Dynamic Power (IHF) at 4Ω but all other references are at 6Ω.

    I need to replace my ageing/dying Onkyo but I'm severely financially limited :D

  • I had an earlier version of this receiver, they have made a new one each year ever since as a cheap surround sound bundle.

    The units use a cheap output stage optimsed for 6 ohm loads, to get high power ratings, which is why they bundle it with 6ohm speakers, which are non-standard.

    I think they do it to compete unfairly with other systems using 8 ohm speakers that have to be bigger/more expensive to be claim the same power ratings.

    But 6 ohm speakers are less efficient, so it's a hoax that works well on the salesfloor.

    Worse however, when someone takes a unit designed to work with 6 ohm speakers and sells it to people who are going to use it with something else. This won't compete with a heavier Yamaha, or many other comparable products, sound-wise. But it will be cheapest!

    I reckon anyone buying one will be looking for 6 ohm speakers (in vain?) in very short order

    • Question: I have the Wharfedale Diamon 220 - would those work well with this AVR?

      • I'd expect this to work fine with them, while they won't sound as good as a better amplifier, I doubt it'd make a enormous difference.

        The reduced power into 8ohms will not affect it, as they are only small so I assume you won't be expecting high SPLs/wanting to turn it up very loud anyhow.

        But you need to actually test them to know if I'm correct- I'm only generalising!

  • This appeared on pricehipster today, still same price, seems in stock too.