This was posted 2 years 1 month 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[VIC] Bosch WAW28620AU 9kg Front Load Washer $1133.60 Delivered Same Day (Melbourne) @ E&S


Washing machine with good reviews at a fantastic price - appears to be lowest price ever on OzB

Free Same Day delivery to my home in Melbourne, YMMV

Update: just got mine delivered. Took exactly 3 hours

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2019

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      • Damn, just bought one last week

    • 8 series! I am looking for this model too can I price match in JB hi-fi?

  • its a good price.

    i have paid $1330 for WAW28640AU

  • this is made in german.

  • Yea, good price. I purchased for $1138 a couple months ago and absolutely love it.

    • Hi, could you feedback on the time required for the Speedperfect Cotton setting 5kg? Couldn't find the duration in the manual, thanks!

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  • Don't forget the $300 cashback if buying with a series 8 dryer.

    Fine print:

    • Yep, good deal with the cashback when buying a heat pump dryer. The best part is if you have the dryer in the garage there is no condensation anywhere. The dream!
      We also got this machine and it's awesome.

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        Damn, this is awesome. I got $100 cashback in august. I’d have so much if I’d waited a couple more months.

        But don’t regret it, the washer and dryer are amazing. Saved so much in electricity for me already.

    • is that $300 cashback when you buy both, or is it $300for each appliance when you buy both?

      this is in the terms:

      1. Definitions: Bonus means $300 for each purchase of both a Washing Machine Eligible Product and a Heat Pump Dryer Eligible Product in the same transaction during the Promotion Period.

      I read that as $300 x2 = $600 ?

      • "for each purchase of both" = 1x$300.

        You'd be making one purchase of both units.

        Clearly stated on homepage
        "Get $300 Cashback when you purchase a Bosch HomeProfessional or Series 8 washing machine together with a selected Bosch heat pump dryer."

  • I bought the 8kg version and it is a great washing machine. Quiet, quick and does a really good job!

    • We recently bought the 9kg made in Germany one. After going around testing different front loaders (doors, trays, pressing the top etc) I must conclude that nearly every manufacturer has started using cheaper builds. The only ones I liked were the Miele and Askos but they cost the earth.

      I don't like the Bosch's dispenser. It's really thin, leaves water. I also don't like how it pools water into the door seal. I've had a look after the cycle and it seems to magically drop more water from the top unit the seal.

      Never had these problems with a 10 Simpson. I wonder if this is the new norm

      • Strange. No pool of water on mine. Had it for almost 2 years.

        • That's interesting. I've opened the door after each cycle and there's been water in the seals.

          I've close the door and seen water literally pour from the top left.

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    You won't go wrong with Bosch.

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      except for their overpriced servicing if it breaks…

      • Generally yes, have had issues with both washer and dryer. Both were fixed. Generally works well

        • can I ask how much it cost you to fix a broken washing machine plz?

          • @chk: From memory they covered it, just outside there warranty. Other was within there warranty.
            Do remember the quotes weren't cheap but not many are for in home service.

            • @taoz: ah i see, mine was just outside warranty and it costs as much as a new one to fix, the most concerning part was the technician (sent by Bosch) wasn't entirely sure what was wrong and wanted to change parts hoping the machine would work again.

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                @chk: That's a new norm for technicians these days. They don't have a clue when it comes to repairs. It's a long forgotten job - repairing anything, not just washing machines. We live in a throwaway society.

                • @vrsac: :( in fact come to think of it, the machine was under warranty but the technician said it was an old model ……thanks bosch

  • How are you getting free delivery is this in-store only? When I click through online it is coming up with $60 delivery.

    • Are you not in Melbourne?

      • Two e&s stores quoted $60 delivery to Richmond for me too.

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    Top quality washing machine. Highly recommended.

  • I purchased this machine from appliances online, item already despatched so cannot cancel.
    I ordered when the cash back didnt mention purchasing a washer and dryer, only purchase a selected product which I did (Just the washing machine).
    A few hours later they updated the T&C to mention you have to buy both, i have screenshots of both.
    Any idea how I can get them to honor the cash back with the original T&Cs considering they were in effect when i purchased?

    • I thought it was too good to be true so called to verify the T&C, he pointed out that clicking through to the full T&C's showed the washer+dryer combo requirement. Very misleading.

      • The full T&Cs on the appliances online website never mentioned washer and dryer, i have a ss to verify.
        I did place my order at 12:30am.
        I will give them a push to honor the original t&C not the amended version which changed 12hrs after my purchase

        • This has happened to me to after a purchase yesterday. I made sure to read everything thoroughly, only to go back in today after receiving the machine to claim, and for the wording now to include the reference to the dryer. Wondering if you can please send me your screenshots as evidence as well? How have you got on with them so far?

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            @troyf: After lodging a complaint via phone they offered a $300 refund on the purchase price.
            They were great and friendly to deal with and were really helpful.

            The original t&cs and promotion

            You will see the original promotion said purchase A selected product, not washer and dryer combo.
            Hopefully this helps anyone else who purchased while the original t&cs were in effect

  • Why does this machine cost so much?? Does it dry and fold the clothes as well?
    I've had an Aldi Stirling machine for over 10 years now and it's still going strong.

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      Stirlings are terrible, they ruin shirts. Had one, worth getting a decent washing machine given how much we pay for clothing and how often we use it.

      • Damn how did your shirts get ruined? It just tumbles like any other front loader… I found that they are rebadged Hotpoint machines, which is a decent brand in the UK

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      Purchase price is all you've compared.

      • True, but other than washing clothes, what other features are there? Or is this a Ferrari?

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    Thanks just price matched with appliance online with free delivery and installation

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      ^ This

      Unfortunately, E&S don't have stock so would have to wait until next week and our washing machine broke 2 days ago (amazing timing!)

      Called Appliances Online, price matched, delivery tomorrow. The $300 cashback is excellent timing too..

      • unfortunately you have to buy selected Bosch heat pump dryer for cashback
        when you purchase a Bosch HomeProfessional or Series 8 washing machine together with a selected Bosch heat pump dryer

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          Bugger… Still great price and getting it delivered tomorrow.

    • Any chance you can send your receipt so I can price match with them also? They wont price match for me as I'm not in Melbourne… I'm hoping to find a way around that.

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    why try and price match , just get it thru E&S

  • Ok need deal for heat pump dryer now ;) haven't seen any deals for one. Wasn't going to buy one but tempted with the cash back offer

    • Damn… AO no longer price matching. They said had to be in stock to match. And there's a $60 delivery fee now.

      • Good guys will charge $1207 for delivery and install… not sure if that's a good enough price… sigh.

        • Is that a quote? I'd take it if you have it on paper :)

          • @infra: Called up GG Chadstone and spoke to Geehan? From whitegoods. Said e&s had it at this price he can match it but has to charge extra $74 for install and delivery. Straight delivery is $55. They can deliver as soon as Sunday. Good luck let me know if u buy it. I may have to resort to it.

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            @infra: If u call up winning appliances they said they will match e&s

            • @lainey13: Thanks. I'll give it a shot. Edit: said no. Best price he would do is $1300. Cost price he reckons is $1250.
              This is WA prices so not sure if that makes any difference.

            • @lainey13: Do you have a receipt for them? Maybe I can get Appliance Online to price match then?

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              @lainey13: thanks, lainey - got one from winning appliances.
              james (winning appliances) was a pleasure to deal with. 5min, done.
              he did wonder why e&s would be selling it so cheaply.
              1134, free delivery to sydney, installation, removal of old appliance.
              this will go nicely with the s8 heat pump i got a year ago (and paid too much for… but great product).

  • Anyone have a receipt from AO? Or price matched from anywhere else?

  • I’m after the 8kg version, has anyone seen discounts on these?

  • Is it true this doesn't have a hot water inlet?

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    • Interesting question.
      I read-up a bit on this recently. Its said that hot water straight-up can lock in stains.

      Since I FINALLY got a skin prick (allergies) test, the Dr said I can make the biggest difference by-far simply washing everything 60deg. Yup, 95% difference. We have gas boosted solar hws. So it's a freeby in hot weather. But our old machine doesn't like more than one cycle connected to the hot tap. Leaks in several places.

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    Ok I finally caved and bought this from E&S despite the extra $60 delivery on top of this. Thanks OP!! I can finally be in laundry heaven again after not doing any for over 2 weeks!
    Also E&S have stock and will sell me a WTW87564AU heat pump dryer for $1218 which is the best price I can find so far. Thinking I might just add it onto my order and save myself a separate delivery fee. It's not on their website but the 20% big brand sale E&S are running will apply so that's the price I've been quoted. Plus $300 cash back… worth it I think?

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