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[VIC] Bosch WAW28460AU 8kg Front Load Washing Machine $783.20 Delivered (Melbourne Metro) @ E&S


All the specs are available at https://www.bosch-home.com.au/productlist/washers-dryers/was...

Despite the listing saying on "order from supplier", I ordered one at 9:15 am this morning and it was installed by 11:30.

They also sell a Siemens IQ700 for $799 which looks like the same machine with some minor cosmetic differences.

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  • Delivery and installation within 2 hours is very impressive…

  • I last bought a washing machine at the end of 2011 and I went for the Siemens IQ700 version mainly because the manufacturer warranty was 5 years at the time. Looks like they have dropped that and now have aligned with the 2 year manufacturer warranty the same as Bosch.

    • Typically in Australia there is a bad practice that retailers take part in - understating the warranty period they are legally bound for. Have a read of this here > https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-10-26/how-long-should-a-...

      It's super difficult to win against a retailer sometimes but the guide says to state that under Australian consumer law we can demand that any factory defects be fixed (warranty) within the reasonable lifespan.

      Thing to note is that these lifespans are all part of common law really so nothing is set in stone until things get tested in court and I am not a lawyer who is familiar with this stuff - maybe someone else has some better commentary about this!

      • I recently had to deal with a Bellini oven door exploding at 3 years old (2 year warranty) and held them to account on it and got a new oven door, though I'll admit Bunnings really came to the table to get them to play ball too.

        I've previously had to deal with Freedom on a bed frame falling apart and having it replaced under Consumer Guarantee.

        The main thing to remember is know your rights, and fight for them. I imagine a lot of people would just walk away and that's where the manufacturers win out.

        • Hey great to hear you had positive outcomes both times you stood your ground with our consumer rights. It's really good to know that Bunnings took your side too.

          Honestly it's the practice of extended warranty extras that really grind my gears. Technically, extended warranty is completely moot under Australian law (unless they offer extension beyond reasonable life span - which is allowed but no retailer genuinely does). I hate seeing people opt in for these warranty extras they don't need to because they are automatically covered for it!!

          • @aaronsd: Oh totally, offering it just adds to the misinformation that's out there particularly with the way sales people push it.
            I'm lucky in that I've got a history of working in telecommunications and from that I know more than your average Joe but it's really just disgraceful. Even the whole we offer a warranty but that warranty doesn't mean your not covered by a guarantee blah blah is SO confusing. They really just need to simplify this is what's warranty, this is what we guarantee regardless and this is what's not covered e.g physical damage

            Was actually pleasantly surprised with how Bunnings (or at least my local Bunnings manager) was onboard. I mean I was ready to fight if it came down to it but as soon as Bellini looked like they were going to be painful Bunnings stepped up and called reps and all sorts. And also said if Bellini weren't going to play nice, at the end of the day we bought the oven off then so they'd sorry it even if it meant they copped the cost of a new one. Was very impressed.

  • Great price. Too bad they have no shops in NSW

  • Does anyone know if these guys deliver to Sydney?

  • Has anyone got a successful price match in nsw

  • I bought the same one at E&S Trading a couple of weeks ago for ~ $960 delivered.

    Do they refund the difference?

    • I doubt it, you’d have to check their website for a price guarantee. Also worth checking your credit card (if you used one to pay) for any price protection.

  • Thanks for my price amended from $810 to $780

  • Thank you for the information. Why when I processed to check out there is additional delivery fee $60 added up on top of the price?

    • Not sure, when I ordered I had three delivery options including free same day, free next business day and $60 same day. It auto selected the $60 option but I just changed to free same day.
      The also took away the old machine

  • Any similar deals in Sidney town?

  • It's actually made in Germany, which is interesting.

    Most entry-level German white goods are usually made in Turkey/China/Thailand or elsewhere. For a Bosch/Miele/Siemens washer, $783 is entry-level.

  • I have the Siemens version. Excellent machine

  • bugger, got this model 2 days ago for just over $900 delivered with old taken away

  • Does anyone know if you can put your existing dryer on top of this? (non Bosch)

  • I can't choose any delivery option other than $60, and this is to inner city Melbourne - maybe the offer has expired?

    • You can pick delivery to a warehouse which is free

      • Thanks for the reply, ended up paying the extra $60 as they will install and take away our old machine. Still a good deal even with the delivery charges!

  • Great! Even with $60 delivery still better than HN and alike…

  • Just got appliances online to price match and got it with afterpay! This post is amazing timing.

  • Appliances online matched from Nsw!!

  • Got it price matched at The Good Guys in Vic.

  • Is anyone aware of sale end date for this machine. When i click on that link, the displayed price is $979