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Logitech Harmony One Advanced Univ. $119 (RRP $299.95) [Soldout]


Logitech Harmony One Advanced Univ. Remote
Don't pay $299.95 - today only $119!
The only remote you may ever need!
Controls up to 15 devices including TV, DVD, sound system, air cons and more!
With control of up to 15 devices and one-touch activity controls, this is the only remote you may ever need. Say you just want to watch a movie. You’re digging through a drawer with a pile of remotes in it, and when you do find the remotes it’s going to take (usually at least three), it takes you another few minutes to press the right buttons in the right order. And if you make a mistake — or have to explain it to your parents or your babysitter — well, then you’re waiting even longer. One-touch activity-based control is the answer. It's one remote, and one touch. That’s all it takes to watch a DVD, listen to the radio, watch TV, or play a game. With a Harmony remote with one-touch activity-based controls, your whole family (and the babysitter) can easily turn on the entertainment they want—without any help.
Logitech Harmony One universal remote
Controls up to 15 devices
One touch activity controls
Full colour touch screen
Sculpted backlit buttons
Ergonomic design
Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Guided online setup with Logitech - you're not left to just figure it out!
Works with over 225,000 products!
12 month warranty

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