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Logitech G915 Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Linear/Tactile/Clicky) $278 + Del ($0 C&C*) @ Harvey Norman


* C&C only available for the Tactile version.

Kind of a repeat of the earlier December/Black Friday Deals.

This Keyboard is RRP $399. (Insane!)

Been watching out for deals and most stores have it on sale at the moment at around the $279 price point.

Hard to decide but pretty sure I don't want Clicky… decision is between Tactile and Linear now.

Googling, it seems Umart and most other places stocking it have it at similar prices, but I think HN has the lowest by $1.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • I needed a new keyboard as my G910 Orion was getting glitchy and was weary about this one but picked it up over Black Friday and have been using it for about a month.

    Damn it's a good keyboard. I immediately got used to the clickyness of it and my typing has improved dramatically. I got the Tactile and it's fairly quiet, on par with the Orion Spark.

    Only problem is the damn GHub software. Just don't make any gaming profiles and you'll be right, otherwise you're gonna have some major disconnecting problems.

    • I was worried about noise, and think Tactile is the way to go. I'll pull the trigger soon I think.

    • Is this low profile? Is the tactile bump well defined or is it subtle. Are the keys sturdy or mushy? I’ve been wanting this but was reluctant to buy because of the price.

      • Low profile? Yes (I believe, I'm not really a keyboard nerd). It's nice and compact.
        The home bumps (I think that's what you mean by tactile bumps?) are clear and easy to feel. Keys are quite sturdy but have a tiny give to them.

        It's not worth the RRP, but at $250-300 it's perfect. Or if you get the wired version, I would pay $200 for that.

    • Just don't make any gaming profiles

      Oh awesome, just what I'd expect on a $280 gaming keyboard, money well spent.

    • G Hub frustrates me so much. I miss the good old simple LGS.

  • Recently got the Tactile and after about 2 weeks of adaptation I'm starting to really like it. The feel and sound is pretty satisfying. The main things I don't like about it are the macro keys on the left and no backlighting for secondary key functions. I did only pay $135 so can't complain.

  • Umart and most other places stocking it simlar prices to from googling but I think Harvey's has beat by $1

    Umart 1% cashback via Cashrewards and you get to sleep better knowing you didn't put money in Gerry's pocket.

    • I'll be pushing on JB to price match after getting a voucher or two fro Xmas. Just figured if I didn't post the cheapest price it'd get Neg'ed etc.
      Harvey ain't getting any of my coins, old coot always nay saying and such.

  • Hn website says no store pickup, delivery only?

  • Way too much for me even with a decent keyboard.

    Granted I have not used Logi's new switches but their old Romer-G switches were low quality garbage. Most of the keyboard range was plastic which looked cheaper than it was … just what you want in a keyboard that's already not offering good value for money.