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Gaming PCs: R5-2600 | 2080 Super [Base Spec]: $1299 / R5-3500X | 2080 Super [16/B350/480]: $1499 + $29 Delivery @ Techfast


Some more great offers. Enjoy :)

Ryzen 5 2600 | RTX 2080 Super Gaming PC : Code: 2600-2080S-BD

Ryzen 5 2600
Galax RTX 2080 Super 8GB (MSI Ventus + $39)
Biostar A320 motherboard
8GB 2666 RAM (16G 2666 Upgrade $69)
Allied 750W PSU (Gigabyte G750H 80+ Gold Upgrade $69)
Leaper Pro RGB Case (Deepcool Tesseract SW and Matrexx 55 upgrades available)

Ryzen 5 3500X | RTX 2080 Super Gaming PC [Boxing Day Deal Re-Spec] Code: 3500X-2080S-BD

Up-specced version of the Boxing Day replacing the 3500X/2080S system from this deal, now with double SSD and guaranteed MSI Ventus 2080 Super, so $89 listed value for $30.

Ryzen 5 3500X
MSI Ventus RTX 2080 Super
16GB 2666MHz RAM (3200MHz upgrade $29)
480GB 2.5" SSD
Biostar B45M2 B350 Motherboard
Allied 750W Power Supply (Gigabyte G750H 80+ Gold Upgrade $69)
Leaper Pro RGB Case with 2 intake fans (Deepcool Tesseract SW and Matrexx 55 upgrades available)

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    Thanks again BA! The first system is obviously a base spec with last gen processor, but was one of our biggest sellers from last year. Pricing on R5-2600 is pretty good right now, so we can hit the price point we offered last year with the quad-core 2300X with this 6-core/thread CPU instead. Plenty of room for upgrades if customers want, or a great bargain to snag and upgrade yourself if so desired.

    Plenty of other R5, R7 and R9 deals on our account page, all expiring end of year at this stage.

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      Luke, could you please response my PM. Thank you

      • +2 votes

        Yep, all sorted thanks

        EDIT for yall haters, I just sorted a refund for this customer.


          Hi Luke, sent you a couple of emails about my recently purchased PC you able to provide some help? Thanks!


            @Lummii: Sure, I'm working through a large number of emails from the Christmas period to today at the moment so will reply as soon as I can.

            Braces for negs

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            @Lummii: Recently made a purchase for the 2080 super system with 3500x cpu, (thanks for getting it to me before Christmas greatly appreciate that) . But currently the pc would randomly restart without any warning black screening and automatically restarting. I've swapped out the ram to a new set and issue still occurs. Cranked up the fans to max speed, same issue still occurs. Temps for CPU max out at 80 and GPU temps are stable. Not quite sure what other things I can do. Thanks heaps!


              @Lummii: From the way this message reads I think I've found your email and replied about 10 mins ago. One of the support team will be in touch as soon as possible.


              @Lummii: Go into bios and change the pcie16 to Gen 3.

              In windows setting change your performance to maxed out. DO NOT EVER EVER EVER run msi afterburner, ryzen master or any other gpu cpu checks while you're playing a game. It will bugg the (profanity) out cause of the gpu xrmp. Should be goods now


                @Garroshs: Will give that shot, just wondering what exactly would it do by changing the pcie16 to gen 3?


                  @Lummii: There were a lot of problems with the 5700's "downgrading" to different pcie gens to save power. The dumbest thing i've ever seen especially on a gpu. A lot of peoples problems were caused by this. So set it to gen 3, not gen 4 as it's full of bugs too.


          Jedis currently +2 vs Dark Side

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    I couldn't decide between this 3500x with 2080 super and the Ryzen 5 3500X with RX 5700 XT, which one is better bang for the bucks? Thanks

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      Roughly 25% effective performance boost plus added features like Ray Tracing with the 2080 Super, but quite a price difference because our XT pricing just got so good. I think it depends on your budget and platform preference (AMD vs NVIDIA) - the AMD card probably offers better bang for buck overall though, but the 2080 is pretty hard to pass up at the price as well.


      5700 is better bang for buck, but top end Nvidia cards aren't designed for that, they are designed to be the best. If you want performance go 2080. Factoring the price the 2080s is a great deal imo.


    Hey do you guys take PayPal through your website orders? Looking to order one of the sales but couldn't see the option.


    my friend is looking to getting a set up for music production, would one of these systems be good or would it be better to wait for another thread killer system


    do you have builds with a 3700x? or is 3500x the standard that everybody goes for.


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    just going to give props to techfast. ordered in November and while there was a bit of a wait and a DOA motherboard, support helped me out and made sure I got the replacement before Xmas. thanks heaps guys just maybe consider avoiding startrack. useless!


    Luke, just ordered the original 3500x 2080s Boxing Day deal this morning. Could I grab this revised BD respec??

    Cheers, sitting-duck.

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