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Pirate Life Brewing IPA Cans 355ml 4-Pack. 2 for $33 @ BWS


Was looking for a good hoppy beer for the new years eve. Found this at BWS. Ended up buying four 4-packs for $66.

Plus 5.2% Cashback up from 1.7% @ Cashrewards. Plus you can also buy 5% e-gift cards but I couldn't do that as the link on Woolies website doesn't seem to work

A good drop @ 6.8% ABV

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    Must be good?
    At 16 cans for $66 I count this as expensive.

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      It's a good price per four pack. A case is only like $71 at Dans, so it's pretty average if you are buying more than two of them.

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        OK thanks.
        I must be out of touch with boutique beer prices (though this brewery is owned by the biggest beer maker in the world, Anheuser-Busch InBev).
        Their costs must be very high financing their plant expansion.

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          That's not how pricing works.

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            @jjcf: Actually, you are correct.
            Marketing says charge as much as you can get away with.
            Accounting says let's make a healthy profit to subsidise other brands.

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          Pirate Life is a small boutique brewery that has only recently been acquired by Anheuser-Busch. It still operates with the same staff in the same premises with the same equipment brewing the same way as it has from the start.

          Not sure why you think a change in ownership means it should drop its price?

          If you based all your wine, spirits and beer purchasing decisions on whose name is on the balance sheet you'd lead a very boring life.

          Great beer at a great price regardless.

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            @FitzChivalry Farseer:

            Not sure why you think a change in ownership means it should drop its price?

            Because inputs, administration and logistical costs should fall once fully integrated. As well as getting a better bang for buck marketing wise because AB InBev have such a massive purchasing power.

            But companies like AB InBev are really in the business of stripping costs and keeping the beer price exactly where it is (thus making a bigger margin on sales).

            Rinse and repeat for as many boutique brewers you can buy.

            • @serpserpserp: Thanks @serpserpserp Could not have said it better myself.
              Although I would also add that prices won't drop, margins will rise. Simples.
              Expensive beer.

              • @wetwork:

                Although I would also add that prices won't drop, margins will rise. Simples.

                I said that.

          • @FitzChivalry Farseer: Hopefully but more likely What will happen is they increase volume, which changes the beer. Still keep the prices high hoping no one notices. Case in point Little Creatures predominantly brewed in Victoria with a increase in volume of 10 million litres a year. James Squire as well and pretty much any other boutique brand acquired by the multi nationals. These guys are not buying to maintain volume and quality.

            • @tomfool: James Squire was never acquired by a multi-national, it has been a Lion brand since day 1.

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            @FitzChivalry Farseer: I don't think they're in the same premises. Their original brewery was in Hindmarsh. New one is at Port Adelaide is a fully automated brewery – twice the capacity of its Hindmarsh predecessor – controlled by a handful of brewers in a comparatively tiny control room.

            I think selling out has turbo charged their production. Plus associated costs are probably shared with the rest of the AB InBev family.

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      Damn that expensive for beer and its only a 4 pack

    • +2

      You’re way off - it costs more to make craft beers compared to the backwater swills shoved down our throats by the major brewers, not to mention the economies of scale of volume production for their given market.

      You are being sold half price truffles but want the price of button mushrooms.

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    Was looking for a good hoppy beer for the new years eve.


  • +13

    Hoppy New Year !!

    I drank this, then got the urge to download movies illegally.

    • -1

      is that all pirates do these days?

  • Outrageous price. The IIPA for $6 per can plus cashback and flybuys bonus points was a good deal, wish I got more of them.

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    How they continue to charge these prices (and why people continue to pay them) after being bought out by CUB is beyond me

    • +2

      Yeah, pass. Would rather spend that money on non-sellouts

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      Last time I checked, CUB still had to pay alcohol excise

      • +1

        Economy of scale in business operations, distribution chains, marketing access etc etc.

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    Member when you could get a 6 pack for 12 bucks. I member.

    • +1

      I'm 45 and can't even remember that. You must be at least 60

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    ABV: 6.800000000000001%

  • +1

    Why didn't you just buy a case at Dans?

    • yeah could have. I was only gonna buy two 4-packs initially but ended up buying four of them :D. Still works out cheaper than Dans I think, after cashbacks & all..

      • $71 @Dans for a 16pk.
        Approx. $64 after 10% cashback.

    • +1

      Price works out at $99/slab… Can pretty much buy any slab you want from Dan's for that budget. Did not upvote.

  • Thanks OP! Picked up a cube

  • -6

    While this is good, I have found James Squire Hop Thief to be almost as hoppy. Really odd given that Hop Thief is a mass-produced beer and shouldn't be anywhere near Pirate Life in terms of taste. Aroma is still better on the Pirate Life though.

    • Hop Thief is good for $13 a 6pk when it goes on special at LL

  • $32 in VIC

    • No can deposit in Vic. But 10 cents x 8 = 80 cents, not $1.
      Ripoff of 20 cents in NSW.

  • +1

    Are there many truepy genuine boutique breweries who are available at dans, first choice etc or do they all just sell out eventually?

    • Couple of local ones for sure on the Sunshine Coast, they are probably not across the entire Dan's network. They wouldn't have the mass production and distribution network available to do that.

    • +1

      If I started a brewery my goal would be to sell out. Nobody starts a business because they want to work more, surely?

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        But would you then drink your own beer or would it be a case a week written into the sale contract?

    • +1

      Yes there are indie beers at Dan's.

      Off the top of my head, during my last visit to Dan's (in regional Victoria), I saw Hawkers, Stomping Ground, Bridge Road Brewers, Stone & Wood, Fixation (S&W sub-brand), Kaiju, Bentspoke and Modus Operandi, to name a few.

      Some people will tell that anyone's for sale for the right price. I don't want to get into that debate, but most of the aforementioned breweries are pretty staunchly independent.

      Look for the indie seal.

      • -2

        Stone and Wood ain't a small boutique brewery no more…

        • Is that a problem? They're still independently owned.

          • @djrxr6: Meaning they would likely have a far bigger supply to suppliers now than some of the smaller breweries going around.

      • Bentspoke is great, I got two cases of theirs at a absolute steal, IPA and Pale Ale, but full price is nuts

    • Whether they're owned by a major or are independent, none of them are consistently cold stored at Dan's

      • Sorry to disappoint but there’s close to no chance they were stored or transported cold to dans either

        • Yes, pretty much what I said

    • +1

      I find independent liquor stores are the best resource for quality micro breweries. Like wineries, the best ones usually avoid Dans and FC like the plague.

      It would be handy if they would all implement a co-op distribution scheme (online store or otherwise). There are many good beers out there not getting drunk.

  • I just grabbed these - Sierra Nevada Torpedo 4 pack, 473ml (so nearly a std 6 pack) and 7.2% abv… $16.88 from Dans and with shopback 10% it's even better.

  • +1

    Love when beer deals come up and I get a couple of slabs to restock the fridge. This isn't it.

    However likely relatively cheap new years eve.

    This is in line with latest marketing trickery of reducing portions.

    • CUB clearance stock on eBay is where it’s at, this stuff will be there for sure soon

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    Thanks OP, please keep me posted for when they start selling single cans of VB for less than $5 a piece, cause that is less than the normal price of a single can.

    • It’s simply where bottle shops make their profit which is wrong

  • +2

    I think the question is: Will 16 beers cover your entire NYE? Or are these just for pre-drinks?

    • I have this. as back-up in the fridge.. but remember they're 6.8% ABV

    • They are like 7% or something so probably yes, you will be plastered. Just make sure you like IPA before you buy 16.

  • OK let's be clear - this is BEER!

    Not membership of a political party or a secret ballot on climate change or some sort of opinion poll on the state of capitalism in the western world.

    It's beer. A good beer at a very good price.

    If you don't like the beer don't buy it.

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