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50% off Nano Storewide Water Filter Online + Free Shipping Australia Wide @ Originwater Group


2020 New Year Deal, 50% off storewide water filter products

Bringing healthy water;r to your home every day
Brook Nano Filter (above sink) only $384.5
Brook Nano Filter (under sink) only $234.5

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    Sorry not familiar with these filters, but is the sink tap included or is it just the filter box? Would I need to purchase an additional tap outlet to separate the filtered water from the tap water? Thank you!


      Hi: All our products come with taps. Therefore, you don't need to buy any other taps by yourself. However, to install our under sink water filters, plumber involvement is a must.


    Are the filters using reverse osmosis tech? The removal rate % look kind of low or is that standard? Do you have any comparisons to other filters? Thanks


    We have 2 different types of water filters, one is Nano filter and the otheris Ultra filter.
    Ultrafilters are capable to remove residual chlorine, rust, solids, colloid and bacteria.
    On top of the ultrafilters, the nanofiltration technology which is also called selective filtration technology is using the can selectively remove harmful sustenance from water such as lead and fluorine but retain the beneficial ones such as calcium and magnesium.

    For more detail information, please refer to

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