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Up to 50% off Super Service Sale @ Supercheap Auto


Xmas has come late for those who wait!

Up to 50% at Supercheap Auto's Super Service Sale.

Chemtech CT18 Superwash 20L
$58.99 (50% off)

Autoglym 500mL Super Resin Polish
$23.99 (40% off)

Meguiar's 450mL Ultimate Liquid Compound
$24.99 (30% off)

55% off Castrol 5L Magnatec 10W-40
and Castrol 5L Edge 5W-30

See catalogue for more deals.

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    Interesting. I was on the lookout for a spray wax and noticed this deal which do not have them on sale. Then in my inbox, they have a 'trade in your old wax bottle for 30% off'. Strange promo.

  • Great!! Wondering if anyone had an experience with Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray - 710mL. How long does the coating last.

    • Much better off using Turtle Seal n Shine for half the price: https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/turtle-wax-turtle-wax-hy...

      Plenty of reviews on youtube raving about the stuff

      • CMX is ceramic coating, apples to oranges.

        • And the Turtle product is still much better than the 'ceramic' CMX

    • I shamefully admit to CMX'ing two of my cars on NYE and NYD. My two month old Z looks like its made of glass now. Merc not so much, but its 5 years old now, should have cut and polished it. I did clay both cars though, the amount of gunk that came off the Merc was mind boggling. Its a very labour intensive job, 4 hours per car, and has to be done in one go. If you are up for the task, its absolutely awesome, the finish you get out of it. I reckon you could do 8 cars with the amount of CMX in the bottle, be sparing, just like wax.For best results do two coats 24 hours apart (takes 24 hours for first coat to cure, shouldnt drive car or leave it uncovered if planning to do second coat). Apply in cross hatch pattern and leave on for 10 mins before buffing off. 1 coat will last 3 years, 2 coats 5.

      • Yeah but how long did it last? Mine went to crap the first drop of rain and wind.

        • Did you wait 24 hours for the coat to cure?

      • 1 coat will last 3 years, 2 coats 5.

        How can you say that? Did you apply it on 2020 NYE?

      • There is NO WAY CMX will last 3 years. Do you mean 3 months

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            @laser: Sorry to burst your bubble but the spray ceramic cmx coating isn't like true ceramic coating . It would be good if it last a year.

            • @suudo: I suppose it also depends on how well you maintain your car. As I stated, I could see the carnauba wax coat I applied to my merc 5 years ago come off during the claying process before applying the CMX.

        • A lot depends on how well you prepare your cars surface. Even the carnauba wax I put on my car 5 years ago lasted till I clayed it off.

    • 2 to 6 months

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    The trolley wheel deal is also back for those who missed out


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      Excellent, i have one that is out of action with a busted wheel. Thanks