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Boozebud - $50 Credit for $10 (Min Spend $100), $30 Credit for $5 (Min Spend $60) @ Groupon (New Boozebud Customers Only)


Hi everyone.

Groupon have a BoozeBud deal on at the moment. Two options are available:

  • $30 credit for $5 (minimum spend is $60) - effectively becoming at best, spend $35 for $60 value.

  • $50 credit for $10 (minimum spend is $100) - effectively becoming at best, spend $60 for $100 value.

Please note that that delivery fees apply but can be included in the minimum spend (my delivery fee was $6.89).

There doesn't appear to be any restriction on what products can be purchased from what I can see. I myself bought two bottles of spiced rum for $56.87. From a cursory glance, their range is fairly good.

Groupon's Fine Print:

  • Limit of 1 voucher per person
  • Purchase up to 1 additional as a gift
  • Not valid for Advent calendars
  • Maximum 1 voucher code per person to be used on first purchase only
  • New customers only
  • Minimum spend applies: $60 min spend for $30 credit option and $100 min spend for $50 credit option
  • You must be aged 18 or over to purchase this deal
  • Merchant delivers Australia wide and all orders are generally dispatched within 1 business day
  • No delivery to dry zones
  • Merchant licence number: 51408578
  • FAQs
  • All purchases are subject to BoozeBud Terms & Conditions
  • Standard fine print for all deal
  • Redeem within: 60 days from initial voucher purchase

Enjoy and drink responsibly :)

Pro Tip: I tried to put in the expired SALE30 code and they offered me 10% off, so I ended up getting the $10 voucher for $9.

Also, for those that will point it out, I realise that the $5 deal is technically better value than the $10 deal but for what I wanted, with delivery, it didn't quite work out to be as neat with the $5 voucher.

Referral Links

Referral: random (1111)

Referrer will receive $10 credit after referee makes first purchase of $10 or more within 72 hours.

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  • New Boozebud customer only…

  • Use “GOOD10” on Groupon for 10% off.

    • I'm waiting for a better discount code!
      Bought from Groupon with code before at 50% off😊

      Sometimes discount deals & free delivery at BB - as long as you don't have to enter a code.
      BB Codes don't stack with Groupon code!
      60 days to redeem Groupon code @BB.

      Don't forget Cashback!

  • Thanks op got one!

  • you're a legend ssd - grabbed 2 litres of Johnnie Walker for $72.67 delivered

  • Boozebud will spam you if you leave anything in the cart and their unsubscribe doesnt work

    • Customer service is near non-existent too.

      • I've had fantastic experience with their customer service. Had damaged packaging on an order and within 2 days of contacting customer service over the peak Christmas period they gave me a full refund and let me keep the bottle. This was after several back and forth emails within those 2 days.

        • I had the same, had an issue with short dated beer and was refunded in full. Customer service was prompt and well received.

        • While the outcome is usually good, the frequency with which good are delivered damaged or incorrectly is astounding. Not worth the effort IMO.

        • I have had great experiences. One, pertaining to it automatically using account credit (I didn't want this as it screwed with my Amex offer by making the order value too low) which they sorted out. Two, wrong item sent (got to keep it).

          Always prompt and friendly.

  • Thanks for this. Used this and stacked with the Groupon code GOOD10 for another $1 off. For a couple of bottles of spirits it basically makes one free.

    I read some reviews about their service and it isn't exactly glowing so we'll see how it goes lol.

  • Groupon had an up to 30% off code yesterday. I'm sure I received a code via email and I saw this deal on the same email. Code was SALE30

  • Any idea how long this goes?

    • I don't know how long the promotion is for, but if it helps my voucher would have expired in March 2020.

  • Was good until delivery cost more than the booze!

    • $6 for me

      • Guess your in metro area?
        It was going to cost me $54 to buy 3 boxes of beer that werent any cheaper than the local bottleo
        Thats over a box!

        Not sure why I was down voted. They even offered me a free shipping deal but it doesnt apply to rural areas. 🙄

        • +1 vote

          Try ordering spirits instead? Less weight.

  • Anyone know where else to get Kirin Ichiban beer for cheaper?

    $10 for $50 voucher

    $166.29 including delivery for two cases.

    $126.29 total for two cases..
    I’ve done it before but just seeing if ozbargainers have seen it better.

  • Cheers OP. Got couple of single malts delivered for $103 after Groupon Credit and Cashback.

  • Shipping is included in reaching the $100 which is nice. Thanks :)

  • Thought this is a long standing offer on Groupon

    • It occasionally disappears.
      Previous offers often involved buying certain products that quickly went out of stock. So Deals were marked expired.

      Same as adding current 10% discount code to this Deal will result in it expiring soon.

  • This has been offered many times before.
    Current offer has been available for a while.

    Put in a complaint about a previous order to Groupon, so have $10 credit to spend…

    Been waiting for a better discount.
    Last week's Groupon 10% discount + 15% @ShopBack deal was slightly better than today's code & cashback.
    Yesterday's up to 30% code could have been better.

    These offers are usually available for a while, so to get best out of them use a good discount code & cashback on voucher & maybe cashback on order😉

    Prices of stock can vary - so look out for price drops!

  • This 'deal' is almost always on and has been getting worse

  • Got our order cancelled/refunded when my gf placed an order on a different account and couldn't redeem the groupon voucher again as it was redeemed already. So $10 down. Even typed in the address slightly different/manually. Oh well.. worth it for the first order

    • Maybe you might be able to talk to Groupon and have the voucher refunded? I've had some bad experiences with some Groupons and had let Groupon know after my experience - they would offer to refund the voucher.

    • Groupon should give you credit thay you can use on another deal like movie tickets or a local cafe

  • Bought the $10 for $50 credit voucher.
    Tried to use it on some cider (24 x 2) which has a promo of 10% off when purchasing cases ($18). When I applied my voucher it only reduced it by a further $32 so total discount was only $50.. Losing $18 worth from the Groupon voucher.
    Anyone know if I had applied a $30 credit voucher on cider would it reduce my total by $30 or my total discount would be only $30? :)

    • Anyone know if I had applied a $30 credit voucher on cider would it reduce my total by $30 or my total discount would be only $30? :)

      From what you said, sounds like you'd only get a $12 discount for a $30 voucher.

  • 3rd discount code thanks

  • That joyous feeling when you hit buy now, only to realise with dread that I forgot cashrewards… Oh well the wine will help fix that memory…
    Thanks OP.

  • How come they don't restock Asahi Super Dry beer? Both bottles and cans are out of stock for more than 6 weeks.

  • +2 votes

    BoozeBud is good for new customers only.
    Existing customers - don’t exists for BoozeBud !!

  • Does anyone know if Groupon voucher stacks with the referral Boozebud code? If it does, you can get 15% off, free shipping and also use Groupon.
    EDIT: I found the answer "Only one promotion code can be used per order."

  • make new account set the delivery address to another address under your name and then just redirect it back to your main address thru Auspost website once it's shipped out, you're welcome folks

    • They use a courier service also, unable to redirect that. You can get around their new customer only policy by entering your address manually using the pop up form, don't select the pre-populated address when typing in your address. Add a false email and then you're done.

  • Anyone know if this works with Price Match?

    • It does, I just got them to match the Glenfarclas 25yo to $190 (First Choice). Rather than price match they refund the difference once purchased which they have. The $260 dram ended up costing me $149! (inc $9 Groupon)

      • So they refund the original price, pre-groupon?
        So if its $200, price match $160, and groupon is $50 so the total is $150. They would refund $200-160=$40, and not $150-160?